Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
December 1, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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- PerNum Multi Wallet updates

- Twnkl Gold updates

- YEMBids updates and new products for USA only

- Other important updates



Cate opens the webinar with a big WAAAZZZUUUBB and welcome to everyone!


Cate says to please understand that all projects we are waiting to hear updates on are in constant progress, processes are being worked on very hard, and we will hear as soon as things are updated and ready to go. So if the updates today are not what you are waiting to hear about, rest assured our teams are working on everything and as soon as we have further updates, we will share them with everyone either though webinars or in WazzUb under News and Announcements.


Today some very exciting updates, first of which, is our very new PerNum Multi Wallet! It will go live in stages.


Please note, as you know, we are not financial or health experts, so before buying anything if you have concerns, be sure to check with your own financial and health experts to make your own informed decisions. You need to make your own decisions and take full responsibility for them.



PerNum Multi Wallet:




As we noted in past webinars, the PerNum Wallet will be updated to a PerNum Multi Wallet, these updates will go live step by step, so keep an eye out for when they go live.


Once the updates are live, you see as in the image, all tokens, currencies, and assets have been separated into sections for clarity and easy reference.


The total value of your whole wallet is shown at bottom of the page in YEM, USD, and your chosen tax country currency.


This mockup example in the image above, shows both currencies in USD at the bottom, but in yours, it will show USD and your particular currency that matches your chosen tax country currency.


Why separate your PerNum multi wallet into sections (YEM WALLET, TOKEN WALLET, FIAT WALLET, ASSET WALLET)?


It makes everything functional, easier to navigate and can be seen at a glance. As well as it keeps the functions easier to understand for each type of currency, token, and asset you may have in your wallet, for example the differences between currencies like YEM and tokens like TEC.





YEM being a digital currency, has its own wallet.


As you see in the image, all your variations are displayed. Along with YEM, they are:


FYEM = Free YEM;

POS = Proof of Stake;

BIDS = YEMBids (YEM that’s deposited in your YEMBids wallet for auctions).  


Under these variations, your YEM WALLET VALUE = your totals of your all your various YEM WALLET VALUES.


Finally, under your YEM WALLET VALUE, is the value of your total YEM in USD on the Left; on the Right, your chosen tax country currency (as mentioned, the example on this image shows USD as the chosen tax country currency).


Please note: As Swiss Digital Funds (SDF) is run by a separate company and held in a totally different wallet, it will not be shown here, you can see your SDF balance in your account at SwissDigitalFunds.com.






All tokens shown here are NOT CURRENCY, they are tokens. Tokens have a special function, such as for smart contracts or for specific products.


In the image, you see:

SOLR = Solario tokens, which are vouchers for 100 KWH of green energy, or discount coupons on equipment produced through the Solario project

TEC = Twnkl Estate Coin, which are tokens for buying real estate Fractional Ownership Rights (FOR) through smart contracts at TwnklEstate

TVC = Twnkl Vacation Coin, which are tokens for buying vacation packages through smart contracts at the International Vacation Club

TMC = Twnkl Mobility Coin, which are tokens for buying vehicles through smart contracts at TwnklCars

TSHC = Twnkl Shopping Coin, which are tokens for buying shopping products through smart contracts at TwnklShop


As with your YEM wallet, displayed at the bottom is your total Token Wallet Value, and under that, your Token wallet value in USD and your chosen tax country currency.


As you know from various webinars (and respective recaps), all these different wallets have lots of different functions whether they be coins or tokens. That is why we are creating this amazing and unique multi-functional PerNum Multi Wallet for you.





As with the other individual wallets and their particular components explained above, you will see things in this particular wallet that relate to fiat currency.


We have a couple of exciting things to show you here, such as EURY and USDY.


EURY and USDY are stable coins.


EURY stands for EUR on our YEMChain blockchain, and USDY stands for USD on our YEMChain blockchain.


Both EURY and USDY have the exact same value as their respective EUR and USD; they are stable coins, 1 EURY = 1 EUR and 1 USDY = 1 USD.


All transactions of these stable coins (EURY/USDY) that happen from your Fiat wallet will be listed on the YEMChain blockchain. This gives you privacy, security, and transparency with your transactions.





As you know, we already have the Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC), but what you will also see very soon in your Asset wallet is very, very exciting.


You will also see more than just gold!


These others are asset tokens that are not available just yet, but they are coming!


Along with our TGC, we will also have later:


TSC = Twnkl Silver Coin for silver

TCC = Twnkl Copper Coin for copper

TLC = Twnkl Lithium Coin for lithium

TPC = Twnkl Platinum Coin for platinum

TOC = Twnkl Oil Coin for oil


Again, at the bottom you see your total Asset wallet balance, as well, your balance in USD and your tax country currency.


You can access your assets anytime with just power and an internet connection, that’s the advantage of digital assets, they are wherever you are.


Additionally, just as we have the official certificates for the Twnkl Gold Coin that you can print out for your personal records, so too, there will be official certificates for all your digital assets that you might want to purchase when they are available.


Recently it is being said that the price of copper is set to rise, and the good thing about copper is that it is a lot less per gram to buy than say gold or silver, however it takes up a ton more space than gold and silver does. For those wishing to buy copper as a wealth protection or expansion strategy, the good news is that with a digital asset, the space is not an issue. Digital assets take up the same amount of space, no matter what their real world volume is, so you don’t need a giant warehouse to hold your assets like copper and gold, they can all be easily stored in your PerNum Multi Wallet.


Some articles about copper and gold for more info:





So, there are some very exciting options ahead for protecting and expanding your wealth.



What does Oil WTI stand for?


WTI stands for Western Texas Intermediate, which is one of the main benchmarks for oil pricing, so this is what the TOC asset token will use for pricing.



What else is happening with your PerNum Multi Wallet?


What is being planned and already being worked on is an IBAN for each wallet holder.


The IBAN will be used to both send and receive wire transfers of fiat currency (USD/EUR) directly to and from your Fiat wallet in your PerNum Multi Wallet. The IBAN will be particularly useful with how you choose to send your fiat commissions.


We’re also planning and working on a virtual debit card that can be used anywhere online where Visa/Master cards are accepted. Also, they can be used with services where Google Pay and Apple Pay are accepted, therefore, providing you with even more flexibility. A lot of physical stores now accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.


Many people now make most of their purchases online, so a Virtual debit card might just be the thing you are looking for!


These updates will be happening in stages, but we’re hopeful that both the virtual debit card and IBAN options will be released in December 2020, that is the goal.


And not only a Virtual debit card, but also, we are planning on having a physical debit card option, hopefully to be implemented around April/May 2021.


With both of these, the IBAN and the Virtual debit card, as well as with the physical debit card, there will be some fees – a full fee list will be posted on the PerNum website once applicable. Obviously, normal YEMChain fees will also apply.


Do understand, there will be fees depending on what you are doing, such as when you are depositing or withdrawing through IBAN, along with some small transaction fees.


The good news: to help offset some of those fees, but for a limited time only, we will be offering ZERO NET FEES. This means, you will receive 100% cashback in YEM depending on what you are purchasing.


Known fees: 

Please note, these might change when the functions are opened. This is what it looks like right now.

Set up fees:

Virtual Debit card + IBAN = 25 USD

Physical debit card = 50 USD


The good news is there will also be some commissions.


Commissions will be paid on set up fees for both the Virtual debit card and IBAN, such as:

Commission on Virtual Debit card + IBAN = 40% with a We Share Success (WSS) split, which would be US$2.50 for Active and Passive commissions.


Commission on a Physical debit card will be higher due to its higher US$50 fee.  

So, a 40% commission on a Physical card with a WSS split would be US$5 for Active and Passive commissions.


Be aware, that fees and commissions may change later, but for now, this is what it looks like. The final fees and commissions will be posted once the functions are available.


Let those people you are thinking about inviting to join us know about all these new projects and incentives, and whatever and whenever they order, you will be earning commissions too.


The cool thing, whatever is bought using fiat currency, the commissions will be in fiat currency too!


Remember: for now, the only fiat currencies that will be available in the new Fiat Wallet of your PerNum Multi Wallet will be USD and EUR.


As mentioned, all this will be going live in stages, step by step. Hopefully, some of these new options will be available shortly, by the end of this month. So, look out for updates during this month of December, obviously we will notify you all as soon as we have any update news.



What else is happening with our projects?


Well, it’s that time of year and there are great products available at Mega Deals Week! 


Definitely, you will want to check out Mega Deals Week in time for the holidays – new products are added all the time so check back often. Available right now for our members in the European region, it looks like there is a cool new watch and a home fitness system for couples.



The beautiful limited edition SafeZone Christmas Ornament set is also still available for a limited time in limited quantities at Mega Deals Week, so act fast to be sure to get yours before they are sold out. Best of all, there is still time to receive it before the holidays depending on where you live, but you must act quick.


Visit Mega Deals Week to get yours today; these products at Mega Deals Week would make very cool gifts for friends and family, but you need to act fast, so go and check them out today!




What else is going on?


Mentioned earlier, the Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC).


For those who have requested an invoice, you can print it from your My Orders page; and once your order is marked “Paid”, you are able to download and print your official certificate to have for your records.


The best part is that there are also commissions on TGC purchases, so share TGC with you friends and buy some TGC for yourself – owning something yourself is one of the best ways to promote it.


  • Right now, we have the best prices for gold out there, especially with the 3% discount available for a limited time until the first 5kg worth (5,000 TGC) is sold, so right now, act quick, and get more gold for less money.
  • Remember you pay just the market price for any gold you purchase with TGC, no markups or middlemen adding extra fees to the price – the minimum purchase is 1 TGC, however, you can purchase as much as you want after that, for example, 1.5 TGC.
  • Fantastic commissions being offered, and since the TGC can only be partially paid with YEM, your commissions are going to be mainly in fiat currency; commissions from new sales coming into your Asset Wallet of your PerNum Multi wallet can be spent directly from your wallet once the virtual debit card and IBAN functions are available, which might be a great way to purchase some TGC or other digital assets for yourself later.
  • Once the first 5kg of TGC are sold, we can always get more gold thanks to our partnership with an Arizona, USA, gold mine.
  • The value of TGC is always the market value of gold.
  • Your digital TGC are stored safely and easily in your PerNum Multi Wallet, so there is no need to worry about space or security for storing your gold.
  • When the various functions are made available, you’ll be able to convert or sell your TGC digitally.


Note, with your virtual debit card and the PerNum Wallet App, you literally can decide from what wallet you wish to deduct funds from and in the case of TGC, if you choose to use that wallet, in that moment, you sell your TGC and convert it to fiat currency for the exact amount of your transaction at that time. Generally gold cannot be directly spent to purchase things, it needs to be converted to fiat currency first, which is easily done via the PerNum Multi Wallet and PerNum App functions once they are available.


There is a well-known wise old saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket (spread them around into several baskets)… maybe you have heard about all the financial chaos going on right now, some of it is due to the global pandemic as we know, and others are issues that have been going on for much longer are caused by various other factors. No matter what though, you can read in the news all the time that experts suggest you keep part of your wealth in precious and semi-precious metals like gold, silver, copper, and more. These are many of the assets we will be able to store in our PerNum Multi Wallet in the Asset Wallet.


Here are a few articles we found to share more info about protecting your wealth, especially in this day and age:





With TGC, you are covered by having some of your wealth stored in gold. The great news with TGC is that your gold is wherever you are, you simply need power and an internet connection to access your wallet, and if you don’t have that for a time, you still have the official certificate showing exactly how much TGC you have at a certain date/time that you can always print out for your peace of mind.


And commissions on TGC are a great way to get your Fiat Wallet filled up so you can use the new Virtual debit card/IBAN functions when they are available.




Now what else is going on to excite you for the holiday season?





  • Lots of great products now listed on YEMBids – right this moment, 115 auctions going on! (By the time the recap is posting there are 140+ auctions!)
  • Products from apparel, purses, electronics, smart phones, collector’s items, handmade jewelry, herbal tea growing kits, and much, much more.
  • New products are added daily so check back often.
  • For those Manchester United fans, there are new products coming soon so keep an eye out for those too!
  • All different kinds of shipping options are available, some within Europe, some USA only, some international and more.
  • The good thing too with YEMBids, is that you can use your FREE YEM for shopping (as well as general YEM), which you can accumulate from participating on our SafeZone Network sites like WazzUb, PROorNO!, winning daily prize draws at PrizeMania, and more to come.
  • Also, with YEMBids, you can collect commissions and family bonuses from your invitees who buy or sell on YEMBids. The commissions are 2% (WSS split) each for both buyers and sellers whom you invited, with family bonuses from your family generations 5-levels deep.


(We Share Success will be updated with specifics under the  CAMPAIGNS area soon, so keep an eye out for that.)


And did you know, as well as actual physical products, you can also sell services on YEMBids too?


When you set up the auction, there are categories for services, such as translating, proofreading, copy writing, graphic artwork, creating pictures, whatever, pick what fits best for your offered service.


  • All members can list auctions on YEMBids.
  • Before you start, check the terms carefully.
  • New and used items are welcome, be sure you describe it appropriately, used items must be marked “Used”.
  • New means it is brand new, never been used/worn, still in original packaging as it would be sold to the consumer from the original manufacturer/seller.
  • Used (or second hand) means everything that’s not brand new, it can be in very good condition, “like almost-new condition” or any other condition it is in, put simply, it must be clearly marked and described appropriately.
  • Use clear authentic photos to help describe your auctioned items.


Remember be honest, be respectful, read the terms, and follow the rules (check the Additional terms for Shobbit Merchants for details, it’s at the bottom of the full Unicorn Network terms) and if you have questions, see the FAQ on YEMBids, check WazzUb, or ask Support.


One last point concerning shipping. Shipping is in YEM, the Seller puts the shipping price in YEM – if you do not want to do this as a Seller (meaning receive YEM for the shipping costs), then do not list your item for auction, to repeat, shipping costs must be in YEM, so the buyer pays for shipping in YEM, this is the purpose with YEMBids – everything is paid in YEM!


Have fun with free shopping and spend your free YEM at YEMBids! More sites to collect free YEM are coming soon, too.



Special new auctions specifically for USA members only!


Previously, we’ve had Europe/UK/Swiss offers only, now it’s time for our USA members to enjoy some exciting offers!


The good thing is, that products can be shipped to a different address than your own, so if you have family/friends in the USA, you can bid on the auctions and if you’re the winner, we can ship to your family/friends in the USA. Even for those who live outside the USA, you can also join in the auctions if you are shipping to a USA address – a nice treat for friends or family you have who live in the USA, even though you reside in a different country.




NeoShake is made by the company Neogenics. We are in beginning negotiations with them to offer more products and this NeoShake is the first offer for everyone.


These auctions are for a whole case of NeoShake mix which comes in both vanilla and chocolate flavors (each sold via separate auctions).


The value of the whole case is US$360 (of course, you bid in YEM); there are 6 jars in each case.


NeoShakes are super high quality with no GMO's, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, added sugar, added salt, artificial colors or preservatives. 


The shakes are sweetened with high quality Stevia Leaf Extract, with 97% Rebaudioside A (this is important as low-quality Stevia Leaf Extract can actually be bad for you, so this is excellent quality with 97% purity of Rebaudioside A).



  • Customers say the NeoShake protein shakes taste great and kids love them too – check out the chocolate flavor shown above!
  • It’s great for meals on the go, or for weight loss as you can replace 2 meals with shakes (it’s low in calories).
  • Or for those who are older and have a hard time cooking (or any age), this is a simple meal they can easily prepare by themselves.
  • It’s easy to mix, you can mix it in a bottle with one of those wire mixing balls at the bottom and just shake it by hand, so no blender or cooking on a hotplate required.
  • Also, it’s good for dietary-sensitive people too, as it has high quality ingredients and is low in sugar with less than 1 gram of sugar per scoop of powdered mix.


The auctions are running on 3-day cycles, so if you missed the first ones, check out the ones live now (links below), and if you miss those, keep an eye out for the next ones being listed to get yours. We have already sold the first 2 cases (4 total by the time this recap is posting), so congratulations to the winners of those auctions!


NeoShake - Vanilla Protein Shake Mix (Case)

NeoShake - Chocolate Protein Shake Mix (Case)

(link below will show the active auctions for both types)



It’s important if you have any health concerns, to check with you doctor first if it is OK for you to consume NeoShake.


We look forward to hearing your feedback if you are a winning bidder of NeoShake.


Cate closes the webinar with a thank-you to those who attended, wishing everyone all the best, with another big hearty WAAAZZZUUUBBB!!!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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