Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
November 23, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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1. YEMBids updates

2. Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC) updates

3. Mega Deals Week updates

4. NBPlus YEM Days Weekend Sales Event



Waaazzzuuubbb Everyone!


Today we have a few exciting topics to talk about, so let’s get started. About 2 weeks ago we opened the YEMBids and Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC) websites and we have a few updates. Let’s go through YEMBids first.





As we mentioned, YEMBids is the way you can buy and sell all kinds of items, both new and used for YEM. We updated the landing page so now it focuses more on the free shopping benefits, as you can see in the image.




Now is a great time for buyers and sellers on YEMBids; there is a huge demand from buyers, so it’s a great time to earn some YEM providing great products and services through YEMBids for sellers.


Various other improvements have been made on the YEMBids platform to security/KYC/AML procedures also. You might have seen a few new messages displaying depending on your profile status.


To be clear, in order to bid on YEMBids, buyers must have both their YEMBids profile filled and have their SafeZonePass.com account updated, including the ACTIVATE WALLET hexagon before they can place a bid.


Sellers must also have their YEMBids profile complete, and also their SafeZonePass.com account updated including the LIFT LIMITS hexagon (POI/POA uploaded) before they can sell an item.



Also, if you did not see, withdrawals to your YEMBids account have been fixed and you can now withdraw YEM from YEMBids as you want. Do understand if you sell something, there is a hold period of 30 days or until the buyer marks they have received the item, whichever happens first. So buyers, when you have received the item, be sure to mark it received in your YEMbids account so the seller can receive their YEM. Of course, be sure you have received the item first before marking it received.



For those Sellers who were wondering if the buyer pays in free YEM, what happens?

You receive regular YEM.


Do understand though, if we catch people trying to scam or use the system improperly, you will lose your account, as our teams are actively checking all auctions. So don’t risk it, simply follow the rules, terms, and respect one another.


Sellers, if you have questions on what type of products are allowed or not allowed, please see the Additional Terms for Shobbit Merchants in the full Unicorn Network Terms (Shobbit Merchant terms are the last additional terms in the current terms version, just for your info).



Couple quality notes… Sellers, for the first image (the auction main image) make sure that first image is square shaped for the highest image quality.


Also be sure if you are selling something that is used or a replica, be sure it is clearly marked in the title, description, and short description. Especially when you want to use terms that have very specific meanings, like gold, silver, other precious metals and stones, etc., be mindful of how you describe things if they are replicas. Our teams are actively checking all auctions and any sellers doing things outside the rules will be notified to their YEMbids account, so if you have messages, be sure to read them.


The first auctions have already closed on YEMBids; congrats to the first buyers and sellers on YEMBids. Good luck everyone on getting your favorite auctions!


Now let’s talk about the Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC).



On November 14, 2020, we opened the Twnkl.Gold website for everyone to start ordering their digitized gold. Let’s make this clear: TGC is not a cryptocurrency, it’s not a digital currency, it is literally digitized gold. It is 100% backed by real physical gold from a gold mine in Arizona, USA and later if you want to exchange your TGC for physical gold, you can do that. There will be a process of course and we’ll share more on that later. The point is that when you buy TGC, you are buying gold, simple as that. With the integration of blockchain through the YEMChain, and the security, privacy, and quality standards of the SafeZone through the PerNum Wallet (which is soon to be a Multi-function Wallet) and authority friendly aspects with your SafeZone Pass, we have made owning gold more accessible and owner friendly. With TGC, your gold is accessible wherever you are, all you need is power and an internet connection.


Now one cool thing, especially for those who are thinking, “Well what about the times when I don’t have power or an internet connection?” The Twnkl Gold Coin has got you covered there too with an official certificate that can be printed and stored offline on demand, that has a date stamp from the date you download it.





The certificate is available after your order is marked paid. To view and download it, visit your My orders page (this is the same page you visit after you order to view your order or upload your proof of payment which helps to process your payment faster), there you will see the link, “Download certificate”.





As the image states above,

This Certificate is to confirm that

[your name will be here]

is the legal owner of 100% gold backed

[your TGC amount will be here] TGC*

Each TGC (TWNKL GOLD COIN) is backed by 1 gram of physical pure gold and can be traded as such. TGC is publicly managed on the YEMCHAIN, thus, transactions cannot be manipulated.


The physical gold is stored 100% safe at a place, which for maximum security won’t be revealed. The legal owner can convert TGC at any time into physical Gold when the basic requirements are met.


TGC can only be traded on the YEMCHAIN. This Certificate is just a confirmation of the asset at a certain date and time. This Certificate is NOT an asset.


[date downloaded]


[signed by] Dan Settgast 

UAC Group of Companies


* as of [date/time downloaded] UTC


So this certificate is great and gives you some peace of mind being able to have a paper record of your assets available at any time and officially date/stamped and signed for authenticity. Remember, as it states on the certificate itself, the certificate is not an asset and cannot be traded as an asset; it is there just as a confirmation for you, so keep that in mind.


One thing to clarify, the minimum purchase of TGC is 1 TGC, and you are able to order as much as you want to buy over that minimum amount. So even if you have some money you want to spend but not enough for 2 TGC, or whatever the case may be, you can get as much as you choose above the minimum of 1 TGC.


Keep in mind there is no mark up from the gold price to buy TGC, so you can buy gold for the spot price. That is the value of TGC, it is the official gold market rate. Be aware too, as the value of TGC is the value of gold, it is normal and natural for the price to fluctuate often and you can see this happen live with the value on the Twnkl.Gold website too.


Remember that the 3% discount is only available on the first 5kg of gold purchased and then it is gone. Also, the maximum of 10% cashback paid in YEM for all orders paid 100% in fiat currency will be reduced in the future, so keep that in mind if you want the best deals.


And a reminder: do not place an order unless you intend to pay for it in the next 5 days, otherwise, if it is unpaid after 5 days, the order will be automatically canceled and you will be charged a cancellation fee for non-payment. So be smart when you order, thank you.



Some more good news about TGC too!

Commissions are paid on all TGC orders.

  • The commissions are in total 10%, which is split based on WSS rules = 2.5% passive/2.5% active, etc.
  • There is still a 30-day hold time before it can be withdrawn.
  • Of course, verification requirements must also be met to withdraw.


Happy golden 20’s all!





On to holiday shopping updates!

Remember to check out new deals on MegaDealsWeek, new items are added often and more items with International shipping will be added as available too!




If you want to start your special limited-edition branded product collection, there are still some of the limited edition SafeZone Christmas Bauble sets available. These are available with worldwide shipping, you can order just a single 4-pack of ornaments, or a whole case to share with your friends and family this holiday season. Be sure to check them out, there is still time for them to arrive before Christmas depending on your location and shipping times. Once they are sold out, that is it, they are gone.


So don’t delay, check out Mega Deals Week today!






More great holiday shopping news!

Our friends at NBPlus have set up a very special Black Friday deal they are calling YEM Days!



  • This is available for all YEM holders worldwide!
  • If you are interested in the BOB HOME Tea Time automatic tea machine and the NBPlus functional tea deal, well now is the time to buy.
  • For 3 days, November 27-29, 2020, NBPlus is offering this special promotion that can be paid 50% with YEM!
  • Shipment cost may be as low as 4.95 EUR worldwide.
  • Do be aware the website is only in German to start, the English version is planned for 2021.
  • They will be selling more products internationally very soon too, so be sure to check back regularly.


Check out the NBPlus YEM Days at MyNBPlus.com




Other quick updates:

Thanksgiving in the USA is Thursday, November 26, 2020. Cate shared a special note in WazzUb and the team is taking a long weekend of much needed rest and personal family time between November 26-29, 2020, so please do understand and be sure to check the other Announcements for further updates as needed. Check the message in WazzUb for more details here:



Please note, for those SDF reservation holders who may have had challenges depositing into Swiss Digital Funds, please try again, all errors have been reported fixed. If you have questions, see the Announcement and Support areas in WazzUb.




That’s all the updates for today, thank you everyone for joining us, Waaazzzuuubbbbb, and all the best everyone!



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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