Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
November 4, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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1. CCH updates

2. PRO or NO! Quality updates

3. Bridge coin updates

4. Swiss Digital Funds updates

5. Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC) launch announcement

6. YEMBids launch announcement

7. Unicorn Network 9th Anniversary Celebration announced

8. Other updates



Waaaazzzuuubbb Everyone!

Cate greeted everyone, shared well wishes from the Founders, and shared updates. The reason for this webinar today is to share some updates, as you may know we have our Unicorn Network 9th Anniversary Celebration webinar happening on November 11, 2020 at 11:11am USA Pacific Time, and we have so much important info to share during that webinar that we could not fit it all into 1 webinar, so today we will go through some important updates.



CCH updates

- Please understand we are in constant contact with the CCH team, please allow them the time they need to complete their work. Rest assured all coins are safe. Please keep an eye on the CCH website for further updates as available.



Pro or No Quality updates

- Remember do not just discuss about YEM and other SafeZone, Unicorn Network projects… discuss a wide range of topics…business, economy, entertainment, finance, sports, politics, people, science, religion, travel, technology, and much more are great topics for PRO or NO! … have fun with it!

- Think of the statements you make on PRO or NO! like you are at a party having a conversation with people, you make a statement, some people will agree, some will disagree and some will discuss further (i.e. make a comment). So if you are going to quote something in your statement, it needs to be a small part of your statement, not the entire statement. You would not go to a party and just read to people from a book whenever they talked to you, it’s the same at PRO or NO! be original in your statements, say what you want to say in your own words.

- Also about using quotes, as noted you cannot make your whole statement a quote, if you quote a small statement, be sure to use quotation marks around the quote (“ “) and cite the source.

- Be sure to read the Rules and Quality Guidelines before posting, remember statements/comments outside the rules will be reported, and any statement/comment that gets removed is not rewarded… maximize your rewards by following the Rules and Quality Guidelines… an easy way to see the links in the footer is by clicking on any statement, you can see the footer easily from there.

- More updates will be posting in the Quality Guidance, so be sure to keep an eye out for those updates.



Bridge coin updates

- Unfortunately the first coin that was picked turned out to be too risky. While it is your responsibility when you convert YEM to the bridge coin, we care and we do our best to limit potential risk when and where we can…as it notes in the poll at Pernum.com:

Please be advised that when you convert YEM into the bridge coin you are leaving the SafeZone and your bridge coin funds are not protected by our cyber security functions. We are not in control of the exchanges where the bridge coin is traded, nor are we in control of the wallet providers for the bridge coin.

Your bridge coin wallets can be hacked, your bridge coins can be stolen, bridge coin exchanges can be hacked or go bankrupt, the value of the bridge coin can be manipulated and dumped. There is no guarantee that you can trade the bridge coin at your desired rate.

We are not in charge for any losses you might face, and we cannot help you in any way outside the SafeZone.


When looking at the different coins for another option, there are a number of things to be aware of because generally the whole market is some kind of rotten, Cate shared an article from Coin Rivet:



Brad Garlinghouse says 99% of cryptocurrencies will ‘probably go to zero’ 

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse told Bloomberg that the majority of cryptocurrencies may one day be worthless



You can see this for yourself when you go to places like CoinMarketCap (CMC) … there are over 7,000 coins and tokens listed on CMC, and if you look just part way down the list you can see most of these cryptos have zero volume, meaning essentially they are dead.



Even if you look a little farther up, where some volume is showing it is not much better. On top of that as it is commonly known approximately 95% of volume is done through bots playing ping pong back and forth, so you need to be aware of that too.



And even if you find one that might look OK with a bit of volume, like for example this one called Sense (note, this is just an example and has nothing to do with the bridge coin selection, this is just an example of a coin with at least some volume for this example) … however when you look closer, it is showing a downward trend (the price is down 25%).


For those who think, well just pick one of the top coins…please understand it is about picking an honest coin that fits with our goals and projects, and it requires deep negotiations and due diligence to choose the right one. So rest assured, the team is already considering a number of options, they are in deep due diligence with several options right now, and the good news is that once the final decision is made, it will only take about 1 week to finish up the process and have it ready for everyone to use.


Please also understand, the team already has some good options, they do not need any suggestion. While they appreciate everyone looking out, please let them focus on their work. Further updates will hopefully be shared during our November 11, webinar, so be sure to come to the webinar for all the latest info.


Swiss Digital Funds updates

- Swiss Digital Funds is ready to rock, official start on November 12, more info announced on November 11 webinar.

- Business model has been tested, all went smooth and there is high demand for the service with some big customers waiting to begin.

- DO NOT RUSH. Do not move any YEM from Proof of Stake before rewards are distributed or at least wait until you hear the updates on November 11; there will be time to read the final details before you need to move your YEM to participate.

- Good news, final conditions guaranteed to be at least what was previously announced.

- For those with questions regarding KYC/AML requirements to participate, more info will come around November 11 or 12.



Twnkl Gold Coin updates

- As it was announced earlier this year we have been working on a very special project, the Twnkl Gold Coin (trading symbol TGC), and we are happy to share some announcements today.

- The website has been created in preparation for the official launch, which is anticipated for November 12.



From TGC site image above:


The Twnkl Gold Coin (TGC) is 100% backed by physical gold. Thanks to a strategic contract with an Arizona Gold Mine we have direct access to .999 finest gold at the best prices. TGC is by far the cheapest, safest, and smartest way for your gold investment.



- TGC must be purchased with fiat currency, however a deal is being negotiated so that at least some smaller percentage of TGC can be purchased with YEM after making purchases with fiat currency, more details to come on November 11.

- Some might wonder with the recent updates on some projects from “Twnkl” to “YEM” why is the Twnkl Gold Coin named that way, there is no Smart Contract like other “Twnkl” named projects… the answer is in 2 parts, 1) because gold twinkles and 2) because you cannot buy it directly with YEM.

- Don’t underestimate the power of converting physical gold into digital gold…



From TGC site image above:


Physical gold can be confiscated, faked, or stolen. Converting your physical gold into TGC gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Your gold is with you no matter where you are, you can sell your gold at any time, and soon you can even pay in more and more shops with TGC.


- Think about how physical gold is stored, generally in bars…what if you only want to spend part of a gold bar, then you need to find someone to melt it down into smaller bars, or cut it into smaller pieces, this is time consuming and complicated … back in colonial times, they would literally cut coins in half or quarters, or even just smaller chunks to make change… nowadays it is not so easy… so having your physical gold in digital form is cost effective, convenient, and brings peace of mind because your gold is stored digitally in your PerNum Wallet as TGC coins and because they are stored in your PerNum Wallet, you can access them anytime, anywhere in the world.

- One important update happening is that the PerNumPay API is also being upgraded to allow TGC as a payment option. So businesses will be able to accept TGC instantly and TGC holders can spend their TGC any way they choose at more and more participating shops soon.



- Special thanks to Angel for his assistance on some of the images for the TGC website. If you don’t know about Angel’s artwork, he is an active Founding Member (UFM) who has been creating artwork for any member to use, you can find his images in Wazzub, under the Power of We News area.


- Remember more details will come on November 11, please keep your questions until then and wait for more info.


- Website for TGC is a .gold domain (we did not know this domain ending existed either before buying the domain for this project), so that is cool and makes the website easy to remember..





YEMBids updates

- This is a good example of what happens to a website project in our network, the evolutionary process of creation … a few years ago we launched a website TwnklBds, we got feedback (i.e. influence) from our members, then the website went offline for maintenance and was down for quite some time, some people thought it was dead and never to return… and we are happy to say, it is not dead, it was being improved based on your feedback, and now it is coming back at the perfect time in a new evolutionary form as YEMBids, the final version, new and improved based on our members’ feedback, which will remain online forever.

- For those wondering, why did the name change from “TwnklBds” to “YEMBids” … because this is the place where you can spend your YEM, even free YEM, after winning an auction to buy all kinds of products, from electronics, gadgets, jewelry, clothing, home goods, and so much more!

- On YEMBids you’ll find auctions from our business Partners selling new items and even individual members selling new or used items.

- If selling a used item, it must be marked as used and you will need to note the current condition of the item clearly in the description, and of course be honest about it.

- For more info on types of products allowed or not allowed in the meantime, you can check the Additional Terms for Shobbit Merchants in the full Unicorn Network terms for more info.

- With YEMBids you can earn YEM by selling items you have and don’t need anymore.

- More info will come on November 11

- We need 5 Beta Testers, if you are interested, send an email to yembids@safezone.info with your PerNum and Skype ID. You will need to know English, have a computer with internet access and be available for the next few days for testing.



Unicorn Network 9th Anniversary Celebration

Remember to join us for our Unicorn Network 9th Anniversary Celebration webinar happening on November 11, 2020 at 11:11am USA Pacific Time. The webinar is announced in WazzUb and we look forward to seeing you there!




Other updates

- Everything not mentioned is still in the works, when updates are available they will be announced. Always check the News and Announcements in WazzUb.com for the latest info.

- For those who are concerned about delays or additional time needed, delays are part of life, be happy in our case it is not as bad as the German airport in Berlin. This airport was first announced to be completed and open on October 31, 2011 (mind you this was after 20 years of planning and development), however they needed more time, they kept announcing a new grand opening for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and now they just opened 4 days ago during the midst of the covid crisis when no one is flying anymore after a 9 year delay. So delays are a part of life.

- Rest assured for our projects, all is in the making, and it will be ready when it is ready.


- Also the next series of TwnklSoccer games are now posted on the TwnklSoccer website, be sure to pick your winners before the next games start playing on November 14, 2020.  




Thank you everyone for joining us, Waaazzzuuubbbbb, and all the best everyone!



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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