Unicorn Network Webinar recap
September 14, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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Topics to be discussed:

1. The cryptocurrency bridge entry/exit gate updates

2. The Swiss asset management strategy updates

3. New PRO or NO! platform announced


Waaazzzzuuubbb Unicorn Family!


Today we have some very exciting news to share with everyone, but first let’s talk about a few other updates.


In the last webinar we shared some very exciting news, and everyone has been asking a lot of questions and trying to figure things out… so I want to say a few words:


Specifically talking about the special bridge-coin, understand a few key things:


The name of the coin is not “special bridge-coin”. The coin itself is actually already in existence for several years in the BTC world. It is not a coin we have been involved with, we have no control over it, and the only thing we did (we, as Unicorn Network) is pick this coin for the specific reason—to be that bridge between the BTC world and the YEM world. This will be the only coin that will be able to be used as that bridge.


If you are trying to guess which is the name of the coin, you basically have a chance of 1 in 7000+ to guess it (there are over 7000 coins on the market right now). So stop trying to guess it; rest assured it will be announced when it is available. Everything is in preparation, so nothing to worry about.


Do understand that the BTC world is the opposite of the YEM world. And we do not want any control over this coin, or anything like that because it is the opposite of what we are doing with our YEM, and the whole economy that we have created in the SafeZone, and especially with the private blockchain YEMCHAIN. The SafeZone is all about privacy, security and quality, while the BTC world is wide open. As we have said from the beginning the BTC world is like the wild-wild-west.


So this bridge-coin will be totally optional for use. You will be able to use it as an exit gate from our YEMCHAIN to convert some of your YEM, or an entry gate to our YEMCHAIN to purchase YEM with BTC world cryptocurrencies.     


The next thing I want to talk about is the Swiss asset management, that we also discussed in the last webinar. This is also a third-party, just like the bridge-coin. As far as the Swiss asset management strategy goes, the information that is available right now is on the website (http://swissdigitalfunds.com/) and it is in the last webinar recap from August 31. That is the information we have at this time; rest assured, as soon as more information is available it will be published on the website, and I am sure we will announce it.


We announce all updates in Wazzub under the Announcements area. So if you want to know what is the latest from the SafeZone and Unicorn Network, pay attention to that Announcements area in Wazzub. If you do not see something mentioned there, and we are not scheduling a webinar about it, it means that as soon as more information is available, we will share it with everyone.


Today we have some very exciting news to share. With today’s social distancing we don’t go to parties too much right now, however remember back when you would go to parties and get-togethers and you would be having conversations with people saying this or that, some people would agree with your statements and other people would not agree. That’s the fun of conversation, learning other people’s points of view, and you don’t have to agree all the time. In fact, that is sometimes how the best solutions are found, it is when you find the common ground between 2 points of view.


Well in today’s day and age of the Internet, I am happy to share that we can have our own conversations on a variety of topics from business, to economy, finance, health, people, politics, religion, science, sports, technology, and more, with a brand new platform called “PRO or NO!” that is launching very soon!



On the image above you can see a little preview of what it will look like. As you can see there are all kinds of topics like the ones that I just mentioned. And there is a welcome text:


Welcome to PRO or NO!


Welcome to PRO or NO!, your place for respectful free speech on the internet. Share your point of view on any topic as long as it is not cheating, fraud, hate, violence, drugs, crimes, porn or disrespectful. PRO or NO! is the perfect place to make a statement and crowdsource both sides at the same time to make up your own mind. From sports, to politics, religion, science, family, technology, lifestyles and much more, many points of view can be expressed at PRO or NO!. Perhaps by looking at both sides we can all find some common grounds to create the perfect solutions for a better world for everyone and have some fun at the same time.


PRO or NO! is a unique kind of platform where RESPECTFUL free speech is encouraged and our privacy-by-design approach is there right from the start. What do I mean by this?


PRO or NO! is for making statements and seeing how many people agree (PRO) or disagree (NO). You can vote and post comments to each statement to share your own point of view. With our privacy-by-design approach, you have 3 options when you make a statement: you can make a post sharing your full name, your PerNum only, or make it as Anonymous. But please be aware that just because you choose Anonymous does NOT mean that PRO or NO! Admin do not know who you are (so be sure to follow the rules), it simply means the public does not know who made the statement.


There are a few rules that you need to be aware of for this platform. As I said, this platform is about respectful free speech and pure communication.


Just as we have on WazzUb, there is ZERO tolerance for cheating, fraud, hate, violence, drugs, crimes, porn (including sexualization of minors), and disrespect. PRO or NO! Administration (including moderators) will remove any post that does not fit within our terms or rules at any time, with or without notice. Violators will be banned temporarily, and repeated violators will be permanently banned from PRO or NO!. For those who violate, the first ban is for 1 week (changed from 24-48 hours previously as it was at Wazzub), the second ban is for 30 days, and the third ban is forever.


We are using the same 3 step system as we use in WazzUb, except for that small change on the first ban time, which also goes into effect at WazzUb.com today. So be sure to read the rules in full, before posting anything. This same system applies at both WazzUb and now on PRO or NO! and we will go through a few specific things you should be aware of on PRO or NO! today.


So respectful free speech means you cannot disparage people; your statements must be respectful, especially if you disagree with something. (Remember if you have a support issue about something in our network, talk to SafeZone Support via the SUPPORT hexagon at Safe.Zone for assistance; do not bad mouth our network, partners, affiliates, or other members.)


Your statements must be original content. You cannot copy/paste from other websites and sources, and you also cannot include website links/addresses, hashtags, or emojis. This platform is about pure communication, just like the analogy of being at a party; when you are at a party talking to someone you do not give them a link; you talk, you make statements, you agree or disagree with others’ statements and you communicate with your words what you think on the topic; the same applies here at PRO or NO! so keep that in mind.


Remember the Unicorn Network 8 Core Values (Respect, Privacy, Security, Quality, Benefits, Influence, Family, and Charity) and keep your posts in line with that.


So have fun with it, and let’s see what the world really thinks!


Do you think Donald Trump is the best USA President or the worst? Make a statement and see who agrees or disagrees with you and why.


Do you think rain is better than sunshine? Make a statement and see what others think.


Do you think bicycles are better than cars? Make a statement and see how many people think the same or disagree.



As you can see on the image above, there are already a few statements there:


- PRO or NO! is the best way to discuss all kinds of topics.

- Yoga builds flexibility and is good exercise.

- Oceans are better with fish and wildlife living in them.

- Bayern Munich is the best soccer club in the world.


So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree.

As you can see there are very cool things that we can talk about on PRO or NO!.


Now, if you want to vote on a statement and choose PRO or NO, you will have to click on the blue button “read more”. When you do that, this is what you will see for example of the statement with Bayern Munich:



This is just a mockup, so the numbers you see here as votes are just examples. So here is where you vote PRO or NO and then you will be asked if you would like to make a comment. You do not have to make a comment, unless you want to. If you do make a comment, it will show on the side you voted on. If you voted NO, the comment will show there. Or if you voted PRO, your comment will show there.


And if you do decide to make a comment, make it count. Say why you agree or why you do not agree, explain yourself. Of course, there will be restrictions for posting one-word comments like “yes”, or “I agree”, or something similar. If you just agree or disagree, then voting is enough. Comments are there if you would like to explain yourself more.


At the bottom on the image above, you can see “Created by….”, so depending on what the creator of the statement has chosen, it will be their full name, their PerNum, or it will say Anonimus. And then it will show when it was posted and in what category.





So if you are the one making the statement, here is how it will look like when you start creating it (image above):


At the beginning you have to create a title. Then you enter the full text of your statement. Then you select the category that it will go with, and then select how you want your identity to be displayed.


At the end you select your language. This is very cool because you can write in whatever language you want, it does not have to be English only. But of course, you have to follow the rules no matter what language you are talking in. It will be checked, so play by the rules.


So when you post your statement it will be shown on the PRO or NO! platform.



Now, you should know that there are many things that can be done using this platform. This is not just for having conversation, which of course is the primary purpose, but also there are a few other very cool things about this platform.


Something that is very cool is that you will be able to use direct links to any statement as your own personal Reflink to invite others to our network, even if you personally did not make that statement.


This is really super cool and opens up possibilities on so many levels for everyone around the world.


For example, say there is a statement on PRO or NO! that states “Bayern Munich is the best soccer club in the world!” You can make a post on any other social network, make a flyer, or whatever way you want to share it, and simply say something like … “Bayern Munich is the best soccer club in the world! Is this true? What do you think?” … and post a link to the statement with your PerNum included. Then when new people go and check it out, when they join, they are automatically invited by you and join your Unicorn Network Family generations. This is fantastic!


If this was not enough, you are also rewarded for your participation at PRO or NO! with free YEM! Our secret algorithms will reward you when you make a statement, when you vote, and when you post comments on statements.


When you make a statement it is 0.1 free YEM.

When you make a comment it is 0.01 free YEM.

And when you vote it is 0.001 free YEM (1 Dan).


Talking about a few changes that are happening elsewhere, at Wazzub, we have a Proof of Activity reward when you are making comments there. Due to the value of YEM increasing, that amount there will be changing, becoming the same as it is here on PRO or NO! at 0.01 free YEM.


So this is totally awesome and wow, is your mind coming up with unique ways that you can invite others, and different statements you want to make to see what others think? I know I am, and this is super exciting for all of us!


One other thing, we will of course be looking for more team members to be moderators for PRO or NO!, so if you would like to join that team, just send us an email to team[at]safezone.info and let us know your interest (please include your PerNum & Language(s) too), and then the team will follow up with you.


As you can tell, with this platform there are many other possibilities for a variety of things. So if there are journalists out there who would like to publish their articles on PRO or NO!, we will have an opportunity for those professionals to make some money with this content creation. So professional content creators will have the opportunity to make money with their content that is created on PRO or NO!, which is fantastic!This is not available right now, but we will keep everyone posted when it is available.


This PRO or NO! platform is now live in Beta Launch! Check it out now and we will have the official announcement and updates posted in WazzUb.com under the Announcements area.





Thank you all for being here with us today. All the best! Wazzuuuuubbbbb! And see you all next time!



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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