Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
February 18, 2020
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

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Topics to be discussed:

1. Celebration of recent milestones

2. Merger updates

3. Happy Health updates

4. Uganda company registration update

5. FreshCoffee.Shop announcement

6. TwnklEstate ‘teaser’ update



From Cate: ‘Waaazzzhuuubbb everyone and welcome, thank you for joining me today, I have some very cool updates to share with you. Dan and the Founders send their greetings, and as always, are very busy with all their projects to benefit us all.”


Cate starts the webinar by celebrating cool milestones just achieved in the Unicorn Network and the SafeZone:


1. On Sunday, we reached the very super milestone of 1,000,000 PerNum wallets, so that means, at least 1,000,000 Rainbow Currency holders as everyone who joins Unicorn Network receives YEM for free as a welcome bonus!


2. Yesterday (Feb. 17), YEM reached 51 US cents (US$0.51) each! This is another amazing milestone as we started a couple of years ago at just 1/10th of a penny (US$0.001) – and now at $0.51, and this is just the beginning, so this deserves a huge round of applause and a pat of the back for all of us – the Power of We!!! 


There was a meeting today with TCU (the publicly listed merger company): as mentioned in Wazzub Announcements, today’s TCU shareholders’ meeting was mostly concerning their normal business activities. The merger with UAC is still in process, everything’s moving forward, it is just taking time answering questions and doing the needful, but definitely heading in the right direction – TCU links shared about the merger and meetings can be found in Wazzub’s public announcements, so keep checking on that, rest assured, it’s all definitely happening.

Here is the direct link to the post in WazzUb about the merger:

[Aug 5, 2019] HOT NEWS, IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!!!




Happy Health Centers:


We have reached an agreement with Dr Forsythe (still finalizing the finer details), our Happy Health leading doctor, who is a world-renowned stage-4 cancer specialist; he is doing some amazing things through his training and practice. If unaware, generally speaking, the stage-4 cancer survival rate, unfortunately, is still very low if using traditional methods such as full-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which have been used for many years; sadly, the success rate is only about 2.2% of patients who survive stage-4 cancer using these methods. Generally if you have stage-4 cancer, many doctors simply give up and tell you, there is nothing they can do, you will die.

However, with Dr Forsythe’s treatment protocols (looking at his patient studies since 2010), he has a stage-4 cancer success survival rate of 70%, and it keeps getting better and better all the time; the clinic uses all different kinds of ways, including genetic testing, immune system boosting, and low dose chemotherapy, to improve treatment and see patients in remission. So when other doctors say they can’t help you with stage-4 cancer, Dr. Forsythe says, yes we can help you; and many former patients are still alive today! 

We’re very happy to have reached an agreement with Dr Forsythe, not only to take over his existing clinic, but also creating new clinics around the world using his protocols.

You can listen to Dr. Forsythe’s Health Matters radio show, (same radio station as Cate presents on for the SafeZone Radio Show); Dr. Forsythe’s podcasts focus on cancer treatment and health in general.



Dr. Forsythe has also written many books on cancer and a number of other health topics – right now, Cate is reading one of his books, Maverick M.D. and has read several of his other books as well.

You can learn more about Dr. Forsythe and his protocols in the link below (Please remember respect is our #1 core value; please be respectful of Dr. Forsythe and his time, he is a very busy doctor saving lives.):



This is just 1 aspect of the Happy Health brand that we have with Unicorn Network.


Another great thing happening with Happy Health, is that we are opening our first Happy Health Center in Hamburg, Germany. As a consumer, you will be able to find out all sorts of information, participate in classes, consult with specialists, be it chiropractors, physiotherapists, dietitians, fitness trainers, or whatever, a place where you can find out about ‘true’ health, where you can learn about good health, fitness, good diet, well-being, eating organically, drinking pure water, etc. etc. – this is what we mean about happy health, which includes what we wear and use on our skin too.

Remember our skin is the biggest organ in our body; skin is porous, that is, it has holes that can absorb both good and harmful chemicals; even the clothing we wear has an effect on our skin and by extension our bodies, especially from some cheaper clothing fabrics that are treated during the growing and/or manufacturing process, so especially when sweating, or getting wet, these chemicals can enter your system. Likewise, creams and lotions can also enter the pores of your skin.

So, through Happy Health, you can speak with professionals about all sorts of issues or questions relating to your health and well-being that you may have. 

Also, how we feel is very important to enjoying happy health, how happy we are, having fun and laughing – laughter is the best medicine! So, several things matter for a healthy and happy life: what you put into your body, what you put on your body and how you feel within yourself!


This new Happy Health Center in Hamburg (and later other parts of the world), is a place where you’ll be able to educate yourself, have access to professionals and all sorts of health-related information, product and services, participate in healthy activities to improve your health and well-being, plus many other cool things.


This Hamburg Happy Health Center, is putting out the call for healthy-living professionals, who understand what we mean by “Happy Health” to offer their services through our Happy Health Centers. The one caveat is these professionals must accept YEM as payment for their services, which means, we, the YEM holders, will be able to go there and pay in YEM too to use their services. Of course, people will be able to pay in Euros too if they prefer when using the Hamburg clinic. Each Happy Health Center will accept the local fiat currency and YEM for payments.


So, if you are a health professional and wish to offer your products or services through the Happy Health Center, or you know of other qualified health professionals in healthy living-related services, for example, physiotherapists, chiropractors, fitness trainers, dietitians and such, who might be interested in increasing their client base, then please reach out to us and send details in an email to: hhc@perfectinter.net 


To repeat, Happy Health is not just about a healthy body, but also a healthy mind; overall, it’s about healthy living to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle! 


So, for those of you who might be interested in finding out more about how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, apart from healthy-living consultants, there will be readings, presentations, or even group classes such as fitness or weight loss, that might meet periodically, such as once per week at a certain time, where everyone can get support and motivational encouragement to reach their goals. 

And importantly, there may be some fitness classes using SpinX, a device that looks like a dumbbell that uses centrifugal force, so it rotates in circles. The great thing is, SpinX uses low impact but with high results, so it’s ideal for all types; younger and older users, even the elderly and athletes. You will see benefits within a very short amount of time, like only 6 minutes, for a workout.

Some athletes have reported back at how surprised and amazed they are at getting such good workouts in such a short time when using SpinX


Along with health literature, consultations and fitness equipment like SpinX, the Happy Health Centers will also offer Happy Health Nutritional Supplements based on recommendations from Dr. Forsythe, so you know that they will be specifically formulated to get the best health results. 


And, as well, we are excited to say, that the Happy Health Centers will be offering PyraLife™ products. A couple of years ago we tested a great PyraBoost® product, but now they have come up with an even better formula, but not only that, they’ve also come up with a whole line of other great products as well, more on that shortly, first, Cate talks about PyraLife Sciences™, the company behind PyraBoost® and the other PyraLife™ products explained below. 


PyraLife Sciences™, Inc. (or PyraLife™ for short), is an emerging company that is committed to developing and producing high quality products that focus on overall health, mental cognition and natural energy through our three inaugural product lines of: PyraBoost®, PyraTea®, and PyraBites™:


PyraBoost®: PyraBoost® is a unique synergistic blend of proprietary herbs and nootropics in powder form, that supports natural energy and cognitive functions in the dietary supplement market.

PyraBoost® is quite different from a lot of the common energy drinks offered in the market right now, that many people consume thinking they are healthy. However, when checking their ingredients, you will see that they are actually have quite caustic chemicals that are not at all healthy or even safe for us to ingest. 

To drink PyraBoost®, you just place the prescribed amount of powder in a glass of purified water.

2 important points about PyraBoost® compared to other common energy drinks:

  • First, you will notice it has a great flavor, better than most of the other energy drinks out there.
  • Second, with the way the PyraLife™ ingredients are blended, you don't get the energy crash like the common so-called energy drinks tend to give; rather you get a natural energy boost, and with the nootropic herbs used, you get better memory and cognitive functions, so you can think more sharply and clearly at the same time. 


PyraTea®: a ready-to-drink beverage that boosts your immunity, promotes stress reduction, acts as a tonic for the brain to aid in cognitive function and memory, and sustains energy levels.  


So, by consuming both these drinks you’ll do much to enhance your energy levels, your mental cognitive function, your immunity system, and reduce your stress levels, all at the same time. All in all, helping to restore and maintain a healthier body and mind, so, enjoying a happier and healthier lifestyle! 


PyraBites™:  a superfood bite of energy that contains Moringa, Baobab, Cacao, and Carob that satisfies hunger, provides digestive benefits, and sustains energy levels.

The perfect afternoon snack when feeling a bit hungry to keep you going through those afternoon doldrums until evening time, actually, ideal any time of day when you feel the need for something to keep you going and a boost of energy!


Current options on the market are usually laden with sugar, artificial ingredients, flavorings, colored dyes, etc. As consumers become more cognizant of potential harmful ingredients, they tend to seek out healthier, more natural alternatives so that they can still enjoy certain foods or beverages and feel good about it and know that it is good for them.

Well, PyraLife Sciences have found the perfect recipe for natural healthy products that people want and need in order to live a much more natural and healthier life. The PyraLife™ product lines are positioned to capitalize on three key emerging health trends:


Alternative Energy:  Traditional energy drinks are filled with excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, B-vitamins, and artificial ingredients that come with a warning label against over-consumption. Tea on the other hand, with its natural health appeal and comparable caffeine content, is the beneficiary of the expanding alternative energy beverage category. The market for ready-to-drink teas is expected to grow faster than the market for traditional energy drinks. Increased consumer education on the benefits of herbs and nutraceuticals will only accelerate this trend. Tea is increasingly being used as a carrier for the growing roster of functional ingredients, and this is where PyraBoost® and PyraTea® will meet the market demand.  

The superfood blend of ingredients in PyraBites™, also provides a source of alternative energy that is unique in the current market.


All Natural:  Healthy, all-natural ingredients are becoming increasingly important to health-conscious consumers. This can be seen in the re-emergence of farmers’ markets and locally sourced foods. Even large companies are capitalizing on this growing trend by expanding their current product lines to include all-natural, minimally processed or whole, organic, or non-GMO options. Ingredients for all three product lines at PyraLife™ are sourced from non-GMO or organic suppliers without any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or fillers.


Holistic Health and Wellness: The age-old phrase “we are what we eat” does not hold truer than in today’s society where convenience and affordability is more important than the quality. A few recent studies have linked digestive health with several mental and physical illnesses so as consumers look toward a more holistic approach to health and wellness, the demand for functional foods and beverages will only increase. Health-conscious consumers are becoming more aware of the efficacy of natural wellness ingredients such as Matcha, Yerba Mate, Ginseng, Moringa, Baobab, Turmeric, Ginger, raw Cacao, etc.

PyraLife Sciences provides us with all these healthy living alternatives! 

And, another very exciting bit of news: United American Capital (UAC), our holding company, owns a 30% stake in PyraLife Sciences!!! So, that means for all of us Unicorn Members, it’s a family community enterprise. 


Another brief update about our company in Uganda. We are now fully registered which is super exciting; things there are in process and moving forward; it’s all progressing along very nicely.


And now, we will be opening up a new product that can be purchased using YEM!




This will be similar to the Fresh Spices terms that was offered late last year (2019). We will be offering a similar package to the Fresh Spices offer (from a different company), meaning, to qualify for this coffee package, you need to have a shipping address in the European Union.  


First, this coffee company, Nordica, is out of Hamburg. Hamburg is a world-renowned coffee roasting area. The raw coffee beans are shipped into the harbor and sent to various factories for roasting, which of course, includes Nordica’s roasting factory.

Nordica source their coffee beans directly from small coffee farmers across the world who farm ORGANICALLY GROWN (no unhealthy chemical pesticides used) coffee beans, and who carefully handpick their beans, so only the highest quality beans are sold to Nordica – most big companies use machines that don’t select or separate the better riper beans from the green ones; the machines just pick everything in sight, which when blended, tend to produce a more acidic flavor that is considerably inferior to the richer and more subtle flavors that come with coffee roasted from all the same high-quality, carefully handpicked, beans of the Nordica-sourced organic coffee farmers. 


Other important factors that highlight the superiority of Nordica roasted beans compared to the bigger commercial coffee companies: 

  • Washing beans: It is very important to wash the beans after picking, which the big companies often don’t do as they’re in a hurry to get things processed. But, with Nordica, they wash all their beans before they are roasted. This helps to soften and make the beans smoother which enhances coffee flavor and quality.
  • Roasting beans: Unlike big roasting manufacturers who only roast their beans for 3 minutes or so, which is detrimental to the flavor as it doesn’t give the beans enough time to soften and does not give enough time for the acid in the bean to diminish, Nordica, who owns a 70-year old factory and superb roaster, is able to take a much longer time (between 19-26 minutes depending on the type of bean), so the flavor has time to develop properly and it reduces the acid. What is finished up with, is a more natural, virtually acid-free, beautifully flavored coffee.  


You might ask, ”Why is all this important?”

By washing the beans, they become a lot smoother and softer resulting in a much nicer, more subtle coffee flavor. 

By slow roasting the beans, it enhances the flavor and reduces the acid in the coffee, creating a more flavorful cup.

By going direct to the farmers, Nordica is able to offer them a fair trade price, much better than if the farmers went through a coffee broker, which then means, that we, the consumer, can purchase the coffee from Nordica at a cheaper price as being a direct trade, there is no third-party involved. 

A win, win, win for all!!!


With the coffee packages offered to YEM holders mentioned above, Nordica sources 5 different coffee farmers who produce 5 different types of coffee beans, from 5 different coffee-producing countries including Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Kenya. 

With this particular coffee offer, you’ll be able to taste 5 different coffee flavors. As mentioned, just like Fresh Spices, this coffee package is offered throughout the European Union.

The price will be 149 YEM for a package of 5 bags of whole bean coffee, each bag of coffee weighs 250g (8oz), and the YEM price includes shipping and VAT costs within the European Union, BUT, only 150 packages will be available. To be clear, to order, you must have an shipping address within the European Union. The website will be live shortly (Feb. 19), however the ability to order will not go live until Feb. 20, so you will be wanting to check the link periodically for when it goes live:



For those outside the EU, this is just a test, and depending on popularity and interest, it and other products may be offered in the future to all members. 


One last update teaser from Cate about TwnklEstate: 

Expect something very, very exciting from TwnklEstate very soon!!! 


Cate finishes up with saying the Jan. 8 Golden 20s kick-off webinar recap is definitely happening (it’s been delayed for several reasons previously mentioned), but for those interested in learning more, listen to SafeZone Radio Show of Jan. 9 and read the Jan. 15 & 20 webinar recaps in the meantime


Cate thanks everyone for joining her today, wishing everyone to have a great rest of their day/night, and she will see you all again next time…WAAAZZZUUUBBB and all the best to everyone.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




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