Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
January 15, 2020
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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Topics to be discussed:

1. Introducing YEMCoins


Cate welcomes everyone with a big hello and Waaazzzuuubbb! She thanks everyone for joining her today and says she has some very, very exciting new-development news to share!


Cate explains that as soon as there is some great and important new information to share, they try to do so as quickly as possible, which was why this webinar was announced and held on short notice.


Well, today’s exciting news was talked about briefly in the last week’s Golden 20’s Kick-off webinar – the recap of which, is in progress, but because it was such a very long one, it’s taking a bit of extra time, so please be a little more patient.


At the last SafeZone Radio Show (Jan 9), Cate talked about the Webinar’s highlights, so we can go into the SafeZone (under RADIO SHOWS hexagon) and listen to that to find out more, and tomorrow (Thursday, Jan 16) will be another show to listen into and find out even more.


However, this exciting information Cate is about to share with us, will be strictly limited!


This is a very important and exciting milestone achieved in our 8th year (this past November) together as the Unicorn Network family; a great step forward in the development and celebration of what we have and can achieve – a combination of our core values, our positive and pro-active mindsets…and the Power of We!


We are now heading in the direction of one of our most exciting developments ever, a huge milestone in one of our many important ones, and we have so much to be very, very proud of together.


What Cate is about to share with us is brand new and incredibly special, and she is very excited about sharing this goal that we have worked towards achieving together.




Our theme for this year and also this next decade is the Golden 20’s, and even if what we’re sharing today is not quite gold, it’s still super valuable, and that is….SILVER!


The Silver YEM Coin:




Last week, in the Golden 20’s Kick-off Webinar, it was announced that at some time, we would be creating our very own very special limited edition of a Rainbow Currency REAL silver collectible coin, and how we can get our very own special limited edition coin.


Now, these are very, very special coins, because not only are they made from pure silver, but they are also guaranteed through the Rainbow Currency Foundation for 100 YEM each.


Now today, YEM is worth about US$0.38 (38 cents) per YEM. So, that means, right out of the gate, these collectible coins are worth US$38.00 in YEM each! And, as the value of the YEM rises, these collectible coins could be worth a small fortune.


Most importantly, as they are commemorative coins, they will also have a collectible value for collectors since they are only to be released in strictly limited quantities – only 10,000 collectible coins minted per quarter each year, which is actually far less than some other commemorative coins released, making them even more rare right from the start.


The coins’ value of 100 YEM, and the year of release, 2020, will be included in the design on each coin when minted.


In addition, the back of each collectible coin for each (2020) quarter will display a special design representing milestone developments and achievements we have achieved together with the Power of We.



  • The coin for Q1’s design commemorates the YEM, representing our Rainbow Currency coin, and also, the Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF) to honor all the amazing hard work they have done for our network in promoting and managing Rainbow Currency. As we know, Rainbow Currency is managed and represented by the RCF, not the Unicorn Network company.



  • The coin for Q2’s design celebrates Unicorn Networkand our Unicorn Network family, the Power of Wewithout which none of this would be possible.




  • The coin for Q3’s design celebrates our first property (an apartment in this building located in Meerene, Germany), which was purchased with Rainbow Currency, making it also the first property to be purchased with ANY cryptocrurrency in Germany.



  • The coin for Q4’s design celebrates our very first vehicle, the Hyundai i10 car, purchased with Rainbow Currency on TwnklBids. Another important milestone to celebrate.


So what is the most exciting news today?



Cate informs us that this plan has become realized, introducing our newest website





 – here we see a GO TO SHOP button where we can make our very special purchases of limited-edition, pure silver collectable coins – more about this in more detail later.


On YEMCoins, we will see images of, ”Some of the most valuable Collectors’ coins available.” These are very special limitededition coins; they are quite unique, not because of the fact that they are pure silver coins, but also because they are tied to a YEM value at the same time. So, we have the value of the coin in YEM, the value of the coin in silver, and also, the collector’s value.


It’s up to us how we decide to manage our coins – selling them  or holding on to them. Cate suggests that she personally would keep a hold of them, and not sell them too early, as in time to come, they could be very valuable.


Collectors are very attracted to and find a lot of value in certain milestone cycles of collectibles within production, for example, this will be our VERY FIRST YEAR of releasing our coins (each year, a new set of coins will be released). And, collectors are very attracted to the time (production year in which coins are minted) and the number order in which they’re minted (each coin receives a number beginning with 010001 in the order they are minted, more about this later), the lower the number the better in some cases. Also, collector’s coins are considered more valuable WHEN exactly they are minted, for example, the 1st year of production is particularly valuable compared to subsequent years. So, it’s important to consider this if interested in acquiring any, so we need to think seriously about this now; our 1st year, and 1stcoin!


”For the first time ever, there is a collectors’ coin made from 0.999 pure silver that is backed by the value of a digital currency. Every three months there will be a new coin released, strictly limited to 10,000 units.


Each coin is to be minted from the purest 0.999 silver, capsuled, certified, and shipped to your door internationally. Pre-order your coins at a special introductory rate for a limited time!”


Capsuled means the coin comes in a special plastic container covering the coins to protect it from dust and handling damage, as for those who are unaware even the oils, dust, and grit on your fingers can mar the finish if handled directly, which can diminish the value of the coin.


There will be a special, pre-order introductory rate for those ordering during this introductory time; the final details as to where these beautiful coins will be minted in the USA (in negotiations now), will be revealed at a later date. In the meantime, you have the opportunity now to secure one (or more) of these strictly limited, collectible pure silver YEMCoins by pre-ordering right away



”Each limited-edition coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is guaranteed for 100 YEM through the Rainbow Currency Foundation, making YEM Coins valuable collectibles for discerning collectors or enthusiasts alike. Collect them all!”


Note: It is important to keep these Certificates of Authenticity with your coins and to produce them when selling a coin or having a coin valued.


On these certificates you will see they share some important details:


  • The process if you wish to transfer your coins to someone else.
  • If you wish to exchange it for YEM instead of the coin; obviously, you would have to forego your coin if you chose to do that.
  • Each coin is specifically numbered (as mentioned above) – each coin numbered will begin 010001; this will be the very first number of the first coin ordered.



Here is an important notice that everyone should understand:


”Payment by international bank wire only! No refunds!

(Very important to think carefully before we place any orders.)


There is a flat shipping fee of $15 per shipping.

(Do be aware, that if we book the 4 coins for all 4 (2020) quarters, that will mean 4 separate shipping orders, so a shipping charge of US$60.00 total - $15x4 coins released each quarter.)


Shipping is fully insured.

Depending on your country of residence, there might be taxes, fees, customs, or even limitations regarding the importing of coins (silver or whatever) to your country. Make sure that you clarify before ordering a shipment.


For those who don’t want to have their coin(s) shipped, we offer free fully insured storage in a safe.

(This means if anyone has challenges with your countries importing coins, then you have this fantastic option to store your coins indefinitely, (no time limits) in this free fully insured company safe. Just send a message when you want to have your coins shipped; more about this on the YEMCoins website at a later time.)


Final details of weight, size, and specific Mint will be released at the time of minting, anticipated end of Q1 2020.”


Cate stresses here, that if we are interested in pre-ordering and purchasing coins, not to delay, because once the coins are sold out, then that’s it, no more coins!


YEMCoins also make great gifts for family, friends, collectors you might know, and more!


So, the sooner the better, and remember, that the number of the order in which a coin is minted is written on the Certificate of Authenticity. As Cate mentioned above, the number of when a coin is minted can be very important to a collector (it has nothing to do with the value of YEM or silver); so too, a collector could be interested in a particular number that has some significance, for whatever reason, to them personally, so the order of numbering is an important detail about collectibles.



To compliment your beautiful silver collectible coin, you can purchase a special collector’s box – check the image to see the exquisite blue velvet presentation single-coin box;



…or to house all 4 coins as a full set, there is another very nice box that will hold all 4 coins together with a see-through display lid so you can see your beautiful coin set in the one place.


Do be aware that these images are of sample boxes only, that the boxes may vary slightly in design for logistical reasons depending on the supplier, but rest assured, that the single-coin box will be of a blue velvet material; the 4-coin set box will have a clear display lid, but most importantly, all boxes will always be of a very high-quality standard.


As Cate mentioned earlier, each coin will be encapsulated in a special clear plastic covering; it is very important to keep your coin in the plastic covering to protect it from dust or damage such as scratches or marks from soiled hands – imperfections on a coin could devalue that coin; so better to be safe, than sorry, and keep your coins in the plastic sleeve coverings at all times – the coverings are completely clear, and will allow us to see our coins as clearly as if viewed without the coverings.



As you see in the image, each coin has ‘Real silver, real YEM, real value!’


(It is very important to remember that you must pay for your coin(s)s in fiat currency via bank wire when you pre-order, so  be aware of what you do.)


As you see in the image, the order form is very simple and straight forward:


  • In the right-hand box under Qty (Quantity), put in the number of coins you want to order for whichever coin design – you can type in the number or use the arrows.
  • You will see where you can order the different coins, so you can choose the coin designs you want.
  • Or, if you want to choose a bundle of 4 representing all 4 coins for 2020, then you can enter your quantity in that box.




  • And you can choose either of the accessory boxes – a big box to hold a set of all 4, or a small box for a single coin.
  • You can choose your shipping type in the last box – you will be charged a flat US15.00 rate depending on whether you are ordering for 1 coin or a bundle; also here, by clicking the arrows, you will see where you tick for shipping or tick for storage (of course, if you tick for storage (which is free), you won’t be charged the shipping rate.


Introductory rates:

  • Each single coin costs: US$49.90
  • the bundle of 4 coins: US$199.00
  • the big box to hold 4 coins: US$35.00
  • the small single-coin box: US$8.00


Please note; if you ship a coin with a small box (or the bundle of 4 coins with the big box) together, then the box will be shipped together with your coin(s) and no extra shipping is charged for the box.


As described above, for those who want to take advantage of the free fully insured storage, you will simply choose STORAGE as your preferred shipping type; you will not be charged any shipping costs at all since they are stored in our company safe and not shipped to you.


When you have completed your orders, you will click the checkout button and if shipping (not if storage), fill out the simple Shipping Info form with your personal details for shipping your coins to you.




Please note each coin is specifically numbered according to the order,all payments must have a proof of payment uploaded under MY ORDERSwithin 72 hours of the order placement or it will be automatically deletedand a restocking fee of 25 YEM will be charged to your account.If your unpaid order is deleted, you may place a new order,however understand the certificate number will be different.



Please note:

  • As all payments must have proof of payment uploaded under MY ORDERS within 72 hours of the order placement or it will be automatically deleted, you need to upload ascreenshot of your bank wire transfer receipt and send it to us and we will keep an eye out for your payment so we can match it to your order; the payment doesn’t have to be actually received by us within 72 hours, however you need to confirm that you have sent the payment within the first 72 hours of ordering by uploading your proof of payment. So if you order on Friday night, you need to get to the bank on Monday to send the bank wire(or send online) and send a copy to us of your bank wire transfer receipt.
  • If your order is deleted, a Restocking Fee of 25 YEM will be charged to your account (this is to cover admin costs for time/extra work, and note, it is regular YEM not free YEM that will be deducted for the Restocking Fee). So, before you order, be sure to know that you can make your payments.


  • BEFORE YOU CONFIRM YOUR ORDER, if you decide you want to change your order, there is an EDIT ORDER button at the bottom of this form where you can make any changes to your order before confirming; it will bring you back to the main shop page, resetting your order, and then you can make whatever adjustments. This is a good way to see what costs you are up for. When you are ready, you can confirm your order at the bottom of the page,(after entering your shipping details, if SHIPPING is chosen).
  • Payment details will be shown once you confirm your order form.
  • Payment is by international bank wire only! No refunds! (Think carefully and wisely before making a decision, and note there are several currency/location options for bank wires depending on your location.)
  • Shipping is fully insured.



Finally, some great news: YEMCoins is part of the WeShareSuccess (WSS) Affiliate program and so there are commissions and bonuses!


The YEMCoins Affiliate Campaign is available on the WSS website where you can see the details. YEMCoins affiliate commissions are paid in USD and distributed once successful payments have been confirmed received.


The total WSS affiliate commission: 10%


Passive Commission: 2.5%

Active Commission: 2.5%


Passive Family Bonus: 5 x 0.25%

Active Family Bonus: 5 x 0.25%


Personal Success Pool: 1%

Global Success Pool: 1%




Cate is super excited and she hopes that we are too, and this is another fantastic way to say Welcome to the Golden 20’s!



The YemCoin website: https://yemcoins.com


Cate thanks everyone for joining her today, wishing everyone to have a great rest of their day/night, and she will see you all again next time…WAAAZZZUUUBBB and all the best to everyone.




With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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