Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
November 30, 2019
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

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Topics to be discussed:

1. SOLARIO Updates

2. Fresh Spices Limited/Exclusive Product Offer


WAAAZZZZUUUB! Welcome! Thank you everyone for being here today. Dan and the Founders send their greetings and they have been working hard doing some fantastic things that we are going to hear about today, so we thank them for everything they do for all of us, and we together, create amazing success to share. We have many cool things to share with you, and I am so excited to be sharing them with you all today. 


So, let’s get started. We have some very cool projects to share that I have been talking about recently, but I will let the video explain it to you.

(Cate plays the SOLARIO teaser video found on https://www.solario.online/)





That’s right, we’re talking about SOLARIO! As it shows in that intro video, SOLARIO is multifaceted, so let’s learn more about that together.





Our Vision

The SOLARIO Project is one of the pacemakers for the so-called Energy Revolution. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, connecting them to establish local Micro Power Grids, and at the same time, lowering the costs for energy dramatically.

Imagine a world where energy is available when you need it, where you need it, without polluting our beautiful planet. This is your chance to make a difference - support the Energy Revolution!


This next short video (available on the website when launched as shown in the mockup above), is from Jeremy Rifkin about the energy revolution. Now, I do want to point out, that we are not affiliated with Jeremy Rifkin (or anyone else associated with the video) in any way; he just created this amazing video that explains it so beautifully, (so do check it out later when available on the site).





So, what is SOLARIO’s mission all about?


Our Mission

At SOLARIO, we strive for 100% clean, renewable energy all around the world. Thanks to our unique SOLARIO Technology, which is up to 3x more effective than regular photovoltaic systems, we have the power to make it happen.

Join our movement now, and we are able to install Micro Power Grids in every country, every city, every neighborhood. Together, we can change the world by bringing cheap or even FREE green energy to every household.


And now, I have another quick video that puts this all together as well(available on the website when launched as shown in the mockup above); it’s from Greenpeace also showing us about the Energy Revolution, and again, we are not affiliated with Greenpeace(or anyone else associated with the video), they have just created another beautiful video that describes it so well too(so do check it out later when available on the site).





So, how is SOLARIO making this Green Energy technology possible?


Our Technology

At SOLARIO we are combining the best of nano technology, solar technology, and blockchain technology. Thus, we are planning to establish micro grids, serving households and businesses all around the world with cheap and clean energy.

Starting Q3 / 2021, SOLARIO Technology will be installed in more and more countries, and from 2022, we will start delivering SOLARIO Energy to private households.

The SOLARIO Technology is based on a unique nano technology, coating a durable material with ultra-thin layers of multi-patented solar-energy blends.


In the picture (in the mockup above), you can see one prototype that was created through this process, but I do want to point out, that this prototype was specifically a prototype to test the technology itself; it is not an image of the final technology that will be available for the public. Now, the great news is, that this technology has passed the prototype stage, and now they are on to the next stage.





As a result, our high-efficient solar modules produce up to 3x more electricity than regular photovoltaic systems, and at the same time, we are lowering production costs by at least 25% due to a much faster production cycle without the use of any expensive silicon.

Based on the same technology, SOLARIO Tiles can be designed with multiple functions like lighting, heating, cooking, and storing energy. Imagine a building where outside the roof and the facade are producing and storing clean energy, while inside our technology is used for lighting, heating, and cooking.


You can see (in the mockup above) an image of a Multifunction Prototype that grabs energy, turns it into light and stores that energy, all at the same time. This is because the layers are so thin, that they can be combined for multiple uses all on the same device. For example, imagine you have a store using Neon lights. The difference is, instead of having an external power supply, you could make those lights actually collect the energy during the day and store that energy, so then at night, you can use that energy to create/switch on your light! And, this is just one of the many uses – this is quite amazing, and definitely, REVOLUTIONARY!





SOLARIO Technology Highlights:

  • Up to 3x more effective than regular photovoltaic systems.
  • At least 25% cheaper than comparable photovoltaic systems (using same output); let’s say, for example, that you have a photovoltaic system that generates 5 kilowatt hours of energy at a time, and then you have the same level of system for SOLARIO technology generating that same 5 kilowatts of energy, well it’s going to do that too, but, 25% cheaper with the SOLARIO technology!.
  • Produces 100% clean, green energy
  • Easy installation process
  • Multifunctional – collect energy, generate light, heating or cooking etc., and can store that energy all in the same device.
  • 100% performance from -50 to +150 degrees Celsius (essentially, -60 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Silicon-free (cost effective plus other benefits)
  • Needs NO direct sunlight – could work when it’s raining, snowing, overcast, and when the sunlight is not directly facing the SOLARIO technology modules such as, a north-facing wall for example.





SOLARIO Timeline:

  • Q4 / 2019        SOLARIO Website Relaunch (late in the day Tuesday, December 3 USA Pacific Time).
  • Q1 / 2020         Contracts signed for the first manufactory in Europe – it will take approximately 1 year for everything to be set up with that manufactory in Europe before production can even begin.
  • Q1 / 2021         Start of production – of course, when you start production that doesn’t mean you are producing 5 million units at once; the products need to be tested, quality control checks need to be done etc., so its anticipated in Q2 / 2021, that more manufactories will be set up in several other parts of the world.
  • Q2 / 2021         Additional manufactories in Africa, Asia, America, India, Australia, different continents all around the world will be starting to open up step by step.
  • Q3 / 2021         First SOLARIO installations – again, testing the product and proving the concept, making sure all the bugs are ironed out and so on.
  • Q1 / 2022         SOLARIO Vouchers can be redeemed for electricity or equipment.


As you see, everything is moving forward with excellent timing.





SOLARIO Vouchers (SOLR Tokens):

  • 50 Million available in total
  • 14 Million+ already sold
  • Price of remaining vouchers will start at US$2.50 (can be paid in fiat currency (USD, Euro etc.) or YEM)
  • + US$0.10 (incrementally added) every month
  • Until sold out or December 31, 2021 (whichever happens first).


Value of vouchers:

  • = 100 kilowatt hours of SOLARIO Energy


  • US$10 discount on SOLARIO Equipment – for example, you want to purchase the SOLARIO equipment, it could be completely possible that you have enough SOLARIO vouchers which could cover the cost of the retail price of that equipment (any taxes, delivery or installation fees will need to be paid by you in fiat currency with the purchase of that equipment). So, you could get a US$10 discount with a single voucher or spend multiple vouchers and get as much of a discount as possible (maybe, the whole NET amount) on that equipment.


  • 16% WSS (We Share Success) Commission on purchase of SOLARIO Vouchers – this means, the total Commission, it will be split based on the WSS rules; 16% total WSS Commission = 4% Active Commission, 4% Passive Commission, and so on for the other parts of that Commission model (including Family Bonuses to 5 generation levels deep).


Again, this will be opening up late in the day (after 11pm) on Tuesday, December 3, Company Time (USA Pacific Time).


Now, I have some more exciting things to share with you today, but first, a little song to get us in the mood, Mr Bling Bling and ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’.

(Cate plays Mr. Bling Bling’s ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’song)


And now, a big welcome to Richard who is the audience today, thank you Richard for joining us, and I have a little presentation to share; this is a brand new, very special and limited offer for our members just in time for the holidays. This is thanks to a very special partnership between Unicorn Network and a great company called, Diretk vom Feld (German to English means, “Straight from Fields) – thank you so much Richard for joining us today, and for your very special partnership, and this very special offering exclusivelyfor our members.


And do understand everyone, this is a first step, based on the feedback received from this offer, we will see in the future what other offers we will have, so very cool!





Fresh Spices

Think of the taste of a beautiful ripe and homegrown tomato! What great red color and wow, the fruity and sweet taste – it is completely different from the quality they sell in the supermarket, right? With spices it is exactly the same. Our spices are famous for:

Direct Trade
We know our farmers personally and visit them on their fields.
You get your spices straight from farm to table.

100% Organic
We source only from organic growers out of organic & sustainable agriculture.

You always get the latest harvest from this year and highest quality only.

As a result, you receive the finest and freshest spices for your kitchen. Order today and taste the difference!


This offer is strictly limited; only 1 purchase per account, and there are strictly limited quantities, but more on that shortly – first, let’s learn a bit more about Direct vom Feld





"Direkt vom Feld“ (directly from the field) is a young organic spice manufactory, based in Chemnitz, East Germany. Richard, the Founder, canceled his career as a mechanical engineer to follow his passion - food and traveling. He wanted to know where his food and spices come from, so, he visited a lot of farmers. From the pepper farmers in the jungle of India, to Iranian saffron producers to herbal farmers in the mountains of Greece. He found high quality spices with much more aroma than anything he experienced before. With his company, he’s working together with these premium spice farmers. They source directly from them, it’s all organic quality, and always, fresh from the harvest.






The special offer:


There are 2 different packages; the Home Cooking Basics, and the Gourmet Cooking Add-on. Now, this is very important – the Gourmet Cooking Add-on includes the Home Cooking Basics, so, you either have the Home Cooking Basics, or in addition, with the Home Cooking Basics, you also get a bundle with the Gourmet Cooking Add-on.


Home Cooking Basics:


The perfect set of spices for starting a whole new cooking experience. Pamper your taste buds with some of the finest fresh spices. The ‘Home Cooking Basics Set’ includes:


50g organic Black Jungle Pepper

includes the spice mill (ceramic grinder)

from Wayanad, India


100g organic Black Jungle Pepper

from Wayanad, India - Refill pack


120g Himalayan Crystal Salt

incl. spice mill (ceramic grinder)

from Salt Range, Pakistan


500g Himalayan Crystal Salt

from Salt Range, Pakistan - Refill pack


50g organic Sweet Red Pepper

from Mallorca, Spain


50g organic Turmeric

from Wayanad, India


50g Piment d’Espelette (chili)

from Basque, France


40g organic Ceylon Cinnamon

from Sri Lanka


40g organic Mountain Oregano

from Astros, Greece


Booklet "Spice Discovery"

with the story of these spices


5 delicious and easy recipes

for daily cooking at home


Cost = 799 YEM



Gourmet Cooking Add-on:


For the gourmets who want the full Fresh Spices’ Experience; we have hand picked some of the finest high-quality fresh spices in the world. And because FRESH is in our name, you will receive two deliveries - the Home Cooking Basics Set will be shipped to you on December 16 (just in time for the holidays), and the Gourmet Cooking Add-on will be shipped in March, 2020, straight from the fields of our exclusive farmers – the Gourmet Cooking Add-on includes:


15g Himalayan Pink Crystal Pyramids

Salt flakes from Salt Range, Pakistan


10g organic gourmet Vanilla Sticks

from Mexico*


35g organic Green Cardamom

from Colombia


0.75g organic Red Gold Saffron

from Iran*


50g TGSEB Pepper

(Tellicherry Garbeld Special Extra Bold)

from Wayanad India


15g biodynamic Beetroot Powder

(vacuum dried)

from Saxony, Germany


5 delicious gourmet recipes

for special occasion cooking at home




The Home Cooking Basics Set

as described above including 7 spices,

booklet, and 5 recipes


*organic but not certified


COST = 1199 YEM



As mentioned, you can get either one or the other of these packages, so you need to decide which you prefer, the Home Cooking Basics or the Gourmet Cooking Add-on (includes the Home Cooking Basics)


This is an exclusive offer to be paid with Rainbow Currency (YEM) only. All prices include VAT and shipping. Vat and shipping is within the European Union (no external areas) only. Home Cooking Basics Selection will be shipped on Dec 16, 2019, with DHL, so should be received before Christmas. The Gourmet Cooking Add-on will be shipped separately in March, 2020.


Fulfillment by ‘Direkt vom Feld’ Richard Friedrich www.direktvomfeld.eu


If you live outside the EU, then you can contact a friend who lives in the EU and arrange with them to collect your choice of package for you, but then it’s up to you how that package is sent to you from your friend, of course, you would have to pay for any of those VAT and shipping expenses.


Again, thank you so much Richard for your fantastic offer, and just in time for the holidays, so that we can create some very delicious foods for our family and friends. (Remember, this is a first step with Fresh Spices and based on the feedback we will see what other great offers will come in the future.)


And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the website for this special offer – you can go right now to www.freshspices.shop to make your selection and complete your purchase.

(Please note: This offer went live with the webinar and it was announced in WazzUb right after the webinar. The offer was so popular it sold out in a matter of hours and is no longer available (at the time of this recap). As soon as future offers are available we will keep everyone posted.)


Thank you all so much for joining me today and sharing all our great news – definitely, we will keep everyone posted on Tuesday/Wednesday about SOLARIO, so do check out our WazzUb Community for updates.


Couple quick reminders before we go, for those who are participating in TwnklShop and theethtt TwnkShop Wishlist, if you have not done so already, definitely do check out the recent updates over the last couple of months to the Rules and Terms – you are now limited to only 3 items that you can suggest at one time (talking about UNLISTED suggestions only, once a suggestion is listed it does not count towards your suggestion limits), and as each item is listed on TwnklShop, then you can of course suggest a new item. Also remember only 1 vote per suggestion (if you suggested it, that is your vote), and remember when you are in WazzUb (including the Wishlist) to only promote your suggestions via your signature (set up from your PROFILE in WazzUb/Wishlist). If you are outside these limits, be sure to do the needful before the team finds it and you face the consequences otherwise.


There are also new listing times for products and properties respectively going live on the TwnklShop and TwnklEstate websites, so now, products and properties will be listed at any time between 9pm USA Pacific Time to 10am USA Pacific Time(most common posting times are between 9pm -12am and 7-10am Pacific Time but it can happen at any time and may vary day to day), so this way, more people around the world can participate especially with TwnklEstate.


Thank you very much everyone for joining me today, have a wonderful rest of your day or night and we will see you again next time, Wazzzuuubbb, and all the best. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






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