Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
November 21, 2019
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

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Topic to be discussed:

1. Explanation of Smart Contracts

2. Return of Solario




Wazzzuuubbb and welcome everyone!



We have some very cool things to talk about today, first, Dan and the Founders send their greetings. Dan has been super busy with taking care of everything, so definitely we say thank you to him for everything he’s been doing to help move it all forward.



Today, we are going to be talking about topics concerning Smart Contracts; I will keep this straight, simple and easy. I have a picture that explains very briefly the process, as we know, for Smart Contracts and I’m going to talk about each point a little bit further in detail, so that way, we are all on the same page and we all understand exactly what we’re talking about.




At the top you see TwnklChain Smart Contract; it’s important to understand that this is a very simple process.



Steps explaining the Smart Contract process (with diagram):



1. (Offer) As we all know, we make an offer on either TwnklEstate, TwnklShop, TwnklCars, the International Vacation Club or some other site later in the future. This offer could be whether you choose your own vehicle, like on TwnklCars; or someone suggests a product and we list that product on TwnklShop; or, as in the case of the International Vacation Club, there is a certain vacation offered; or, as with TwnklEstate, there’s a certain property offered.



Now, in each of these cases, an offer is being made!



2. (Reservation) Here, you decide whether you would like to take us up on that offer and make a reservation. Now, when you make a reservation, you are essentially accepting that offer and you put the price for that offerin escrow. Putting that price in escrow, is a CLEAR STATEMENT that you are willing to buy whatever it is that is offered.



3. (Activation or Cancellation (end of Smart Contract)) Now of course, with our Smart Contracts, we have certain rules such as, the YEM target value or the timeframe for the Smart Contract. So, if it is fulfilled with the Smart Contract rules regarding the YEM target value within that certain timeframe, then the Smart Contract is activated.



Now, if there is a case where the conditions are not fulfilled on that Smart Contract, as we know, that Smart Contract is then canceled, and you get a 100 percent full refund on whatever price you have in escrow. And, we do know that in some cases, we offer another option where you can choose a NEW Smart Contract for that same product or property or whatever it is, but the same applies; you still have that same option, and if you don’t want that, then you receive a FULL refund from when you cancel the Smart Contract.



That is essentially Steps 1-3 on that Smart Contract.



4. (Fulfillment or cancellation (end of Smart Contract)) Now, if the Smart Contract is activated, it needs to be fulfilled. So, what does this mean when we’re talking about fulfillment?



On one side, it means that we, as the Company, regarding property or products through TwnklShop, cars, vacations or even something else later in the future, when we have a Smart Contract activated, that then is when we go to the different fulfillment vendors and we say, ”Hey, we have this activated Smart Contract for your product, ” or whatever the case is and then we negotiate, and we close the deal with that relevant fulfillment vendor.



On the other side, as we know, those deals might include a part that YOU, as the reservation holder, might need to fulfill.



Now, in the case of TwnklShop, we know that sometimes there are taxes or delivery fees or sometimes installation, and all of these things are paid for in fiat currency, so that is YOUR responsibility to fulfill. Of course, we all know that these charges tobe paid in fiat currency are clearly stated in the Smart Contract.



So, once we have these parts to the fulfillment,we thenhave to confirm both with the buyer (you) that they are willing to fulfill their end of the obligation, and of course, we have our negotiations with the seller, the fulfillment vendor; so, we need both parts of that in order to complete everything, or in case, when either the seller or the buyer fails to fulfill, then again, it would be canceled and a full refund returned to you ofwhatever price you have in escrow.



5. (Execution (end of Smart Contract) So now, in the case of everything being fulfilled in Step 4, then we have the execution, which means, that the Smart Contract ends, and then a contract between the seller and the buyer is created for the fulfillment of whatever it is.



Now, when it comes to TwnklEstate, the seller of the F.O.R. (the Fractional Owner Rights), is TwnklEstate, Inc., so they would be the seller of the F.O.R.; but, in the case of TwnklShop, the seller is the fulfillment vendor of whatever product it is that you’re purchasing. Let’s say for example, that you live in France and we’re talking about an iPhone. So, in that case, the seller would be an official accredited reseller or retailer located in either France or in Europe (in Europe, such as in the European Union Zone, you have the ability to sell across country boundaries with very few issues), so in this situation, you might find something like that, but whatever it is, it would be the local fulfillment vendor in your area that is genuine and authorized to sell you those genuine products.



Very important, do understand, that you are not buying from Unicorn Network and any of our subsidiary companies when we are talking about these sorts of things. As mentioned earlier, the only exception is when you’re purchasing the F.O.R. from TwnklEstate, Inc., that is the only time that you are purchasing from one of Unicorn Network’s subsidiary companies.



Understand, we are really just providing a SERVICE; we are connecting you, the buyer, with the seller and negotiating so that you can pay the NET PRICE (the MSRP, Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) in the cryptocurrency (for example, TSHC), that you pay through our website (like www.twnkl.shop); so, this is very important that you do understand, that you are buying from the seller and not a Unicorn Network subsidiary company.



This is very important for a couple of different reasons:



1. Especially when it comes to products or cars for example; because you are purchasing directly from those local fulfillment vendors and manufacturers, firstly, you are covered by whatever warranty might be on that particular product, whether it’s a car or product warranty, whatever it is, you are covered, because YOU specifically, are buying it from the seller.



2. Now, this also comes into effect for Consumer Rights; so for example, if you purchase a car, and for whatever reason you find out a couple of months later that something is not quite right with the car, then you can take that car back to the seller and you deal with the seller directly to solve any issues. So, that means that through this whole process, you retain and keep your Consumer Rights, because you’re purchasing directly from the seller.



6. (Delivery) Now, also understand that with execution, this does not necessarily mean delivery.



With products from TwnklShop, the earliest date of delivery is the end date of the Smart Contract, however, this could vary slightly when a Smart Contract is activated at the very last minute; remember that activation is only Step 3, so we still need to complete Steps 4 and 5 before we can get to delivery.



So that means, that after the activation, you can feel at peace, at ease knowing that those are variables with how the Smart Contract is activated have already been done, so that part which is kind of up in the air a little bit, is completed, so that is something that you can feel good and confident about and think, “Hey, my Smart Contract is activated, so I’m just ONE step closer to the delivery of my product, “ and that is fantastic!



So, dounderstand, that for those Smart Contracts that area activated, you are now at that activation and getting to that delivery point. However, sometimes it will take time for fulfillment and this could be on both sides (the seller and the buyer), so, maybe you (the buyer) need some time to pay the fees or whatever is needed, which could be a possibility; but with our smart system, that gives you that time. And, especially with the fulfillment vendor or agent, sometimes they may need time, for example, Rolex watches, sometimes they are produced individually, and this could take 6-8 weeks before anything can be delivered. Also, with vehicles, for example, when you’re setting up your reservation for your type of vehicle, when the Smart Contract is activated, we then talk with the local dealerships so that you can have your vehicle fulfilled.



Now, depending on what type of vehicle you chose, there could be some specific circumstances. I will give you a few examples here in the USA, such as, one of the hot cars right now is the 2020 Corvette C8, however, there was an auto-workers’ strike that happened a while back, which meant that all the people that were building those cars, they said, “Hey, we’re not going to work right now because we want the manufacturers to do something for us.”So, that meant that no work was being done to produce those Corvette vehicles, which means, that the delivery time for those new Corvettes is pushed back a little bit because there was a period of time in the middle when things weren’t getting done, because of some other issues happening; these are some of the situations which are outside our control, in fact (as this example has described), can even be outside the manufacture’s control.



So, you need to be understanding that this is the real world that we live in; these things happen, but it doesn’t mean that, “Everything’s out the window, forget it, it can’t be done,” no, it just means everyone has to have a little patience, that’s all.



Another example with vehicles; maybe you want a very special kind of vehicle, such as a Lamborghini or some other luxury vehicle, or you want a lot of specific features on the vehicle that you purchased, for example, maybe that vehicle might need to be built just for you – when it comes to a Lamborghini, hey, sometimes they say it can take up to 2 years to build one. Generally speaking, if you’re not wanting something too exotic or crazy, then the time is much less; for more general vehicles, it is usually about 6-8 weeks, thereabouts, when they’re building a car just for you, so again, there are all kinds of different variables that could occur before the delivery actually gets to you.



But, do understand, that this activation point is definitely something to be celebrated and to feel at ease about, because that means that all those variables that were up in the air are now solved, so that part is done, and now we just go through those next few steps which is the final part of the purchasing process.



Again, do understand, as I was saying, that delivery happens directly from the seller, so there are times when things could happen outside ours or anybody’s control such as, the seller, the manufacturer or whoever.



Also understand, that when it comes to vacations, for example, we have just had 2 vacations listed, although they’re both closed now; so, those vacations will happen in Q2 2021. So, what happens if the Smart Contract is activated in Q1 of 2020? Now, that doesn’t mean that the vacation will suddenly be pushed up; the vacation will still happen when it was planned, so for example, even if at a later time you are booking your own vacation, after that Smart Contract activates, that is when a travel expert is going to contact you and so, you’ll book your vacation after that, which means that sometime after that Smart Contract is activated, then you will be going on vacation. This means that you will have control and make the decisions for your kind of dream vacation, for example.



When it is a pre-planned trip, it happens when the trip has been originally planned, so do understand that.



Now, when it comes to delivery for cars, the earliest day of delivery is the end date of that Smart Contract. Again though, if it is a last-minute activated Smart Contract, it might mean that some more time is needed for its fulfillment depending on the type of car you are getting, or whatever specific features and options that you might want could take a bit of extra time too, so do be aware of those things.



When it comes to the delivery of a product onTwnklShop, the earliest date for delivery is also the end date of the Smart Contract, but again, this is only if enough time has happened between the activation and the end date of a Smart Contract, so that we can take care of the fulfillment part that needs to happen.


Now, Real Estate is the ONLY ONE where the delivery of the F.O.R. (Fractional Owner Rights) might happen BEFORE the end date of the Smart contracts; and this only will happen if we, as our group of companies, if we already have that property under our control; and of course, the Smart Contract is activated. Because, the difference between TwnklEstate and other Smart Contract related sites (TwnklShop, TwnklCars, the International Vacation Club), with TwnklEstate, there are NO additional taxes or fees to be paid before the F.O.R. are activated and delivered, but of course, you have to pay whatever taxes and things on your side (depending on what your country’s policies are), as you know, that is a given.Buthere, we are talking about TwnklEstate and you don’t have to pay any extra taxes or fees before the F.O.R. can be delivered.


So, the GREAT NEWS about this, is that at TwnklEstate, there are already TWO properties that areunder our control!


The first one, is the very first property that was purchased with YEM located in Chemnitz, Saxony, it is actually, the 3rd property that we listed on TwnklEstate; if you look at the very bottom of the Property Page, you will see that the Smart Contract is ending in January, 2020. However, that property is already under our control, and the Smart Contract has been ACTIVATED and EXECUTED!


The 2ndproperty is from Meerane, Saxony, and that was the first property that was auctioned on TwnklBids for YEM. So, both of these 2 properties are already under our control, and the Smart Contract has been ACTIVATED and EXECUTED!


Now, some more GREAT NEWS is, that tomorrow (11/23), you will be seeing updates for those people who have reservations on those 2 properties, and you will see that under both your TwnklEstate’s Reservation and F.O.R. pages, because, now that the Smart Contract is activated, you’re moving from that reservation to the fulfillment, the execution and the delivery.


So, your reservation of that property will disappear from your reservation page, because it will be moving to your F.O.R. page. And of course, you will always find an invoice when something is delivered from the seller. In the case of TwnklEstate, you’llfind that invoice in your TwnklEstate F.O.R. page; in the case of TwnklShop, TwnklCars or the International Vacation Club, the invoice will be from the fulfillment vendor, whether, it’s a car dealership or a product retailer or whatever the case is, it the invoice will be from the seller when something is delivered. So, do keep your eyes on that.


So, great news, lots of great things happening for all of us, and before we close out our webinar for today, I have one more very exciting update to show you – check this out!

(Cate shared a teaser video for Solario, you can see this video on https://solario.online )

That’s right, Solariois coming back online very soon, in fact, about December 1, it will be back online! And, what’s more, it’s EVEN BETTER than before!


Because, as you can see, it will not just be about 1 technology (Solar energy), but now, will be a combination of different green technologies, for example, one combination is Solar technology with Hydrogen storage and Nano technology! So, this is very exciting.


The SOLR token will still be good for 100Kwh of green energy, and of course, as originally stated, to be delivered AFTER January 1, 2022, where available. So, if the energy is NOT available in your area for whatever reason, then you can, if you choose, get that energy to your local area, because each SOLR token is a voucher for a US$10.00 discount on Solario technology. This means, for example, say you have a house, and you want to bring the Solario technology to your house, but it’s not currently available in your area, so then you can use some of your SOLR tokens as discount vouchers for that initial cost of getting that technology to your area, and then, once that technology is there, you would receive that energy for FREE, in addition, you would also be the catalyst that brings that Solario technology to that local area for other people in that area to use as well.


Now, there a couple of important points about this: As with everything else (apart from TwnklEstate F.O.R.), if there are any taxes or fees or installation (in some countries, they don’t allow you to install anything like this yourself – it must be done by a professional authorized installer), so, in those cases, where you have to pay for any shipping, or taxes/fees, or installation costs, or whatever other fees, you will need to pay in fiat currency.But, the NET PRICE, is what you can use your SOLR tokens for the discount on. Now, as I mentioned, once you pay for the technology to come to your location, then that energy you receive from that technology is yours FREE! So, this is fantastic and a great incentive for all of those who can participate to bring green technology to your areas.


Also, if you choose, you will be able to sell your SOLR tokens, more updates will come about this as available at a later date.


Now, do be aware of a couple of things: As I mentioned, the Solario website will be coming back around December 1, and then the SOLR tokens will be available to be purchased. So that you are aware, out of the original 50 million SOLR tokens created, there have been 15 million sold, so still a lot more (around 35 million) SOLR Tokens will be available for purchase. Now, these SOLR tokens will be available for sale once the Solario website is up on December 1; the sale price for the tokens will be starting at US$2.50 each.


And, since we have 25 months until January, 2022, the price will go up US$0.10 (10 cents) each month on the 1st of the month, so for example, December 1, they will be at US$2.50; January 1, they will be at US$2.60; February 1, they will be at US$2.70 cents and so on, so that is how all of those things are going to work with Solario; so very, very exciting times for all of us are happening now!!!


So, for those people who have made reservations at those first properties on TwnklEstate, definitely, do check your accounts.


Thank you very much everybody, have a wonderful rest of your day or night, and we will see you all next time. Wazzzzuuubbb, and all the best.



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






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