Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
June 29, 2019
Presented by: Dan Settgast and Cate Kozikowski


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Topics to be discussed:

1. General Merger Updates

2. TwnklEstate Updates

3. Solario Updates

4. Exchange Updates

5. TwnklSoccer Updates



From Dan:

Dear Unicorn Members,

Thank you for sharing your precious weekend time with me and us. It is a fantastic Saturday night in Europe and I won’t take much of your time, just like 30 or 40 minutes to update you on the most important topics.


Let us start with our merger in the making, our way of going public with our newly founded German holding company. Last webinar I shared with you that it might take 3 to 4 months until we are finally listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the C-DAX index, today I can tell you that it might take just 2 to 3 months from today until we are listed, which means we are on track. The good news is, that the day after tomorrow, July 1, has been picked as the official effective date for the merger. As you might remember, we have to wait with the public announcement until after that date (the effective date), and that it is our plan to announce it within 30 days after that date. So, in short words, the merger will be announced in July 2019, more likely in mid-July than end of July. About 30 days after the announcement, the public corporation we merge with will have their shareholder meeting where they formally agree to the merger, and another about 30 days later, the merger will be officially done, and we are publicly listed.


Next topic: Twnkl Estate

We are aware that the first 3 smart contracts are ending in July, and at least for the first, and maybe for the second property as well, we won’t meet the 14-day rule for the YEM value. As you know, a smart contract cannot be changed and will automatically expire on the date set. Thus, we decided to offer all members who hold reservations for these properties to select between 2 options:

Option 1: Full refund of TEC on hold as it was originally promised and part of the smart contract.

Option 2: Entering a new smart contract with exactly the same conditions (target value, and value of property, etc.), but with expiration exactly 3 months after the original one.

Just to make it clear we expect the YEM value to meet the target values in July, however we thought that having this additional 3 months would give us a regular future procedure whenever a Smart Contract is not met.


Next topic: Solario

I am very excited to share with you that Solario will be back in July as well. We have been in a difficult situation, because our first partnership did not develop as planned. Thus, we had to look for alternatives. Here is the great news: we already found a solar technology that is able to fulfill all our Solario goals and timeline. To make it clear, it is NOT the original technology we shared with you but we are talking about a different one. The new technology is so top secret, it has not been patented yet, that is why I am not allowed to share any technical details with you as of today. Now, here comes the kicker: this new technology is ready to rock! I have personally seen the prototype fully working, it has all the technical certifications and licenses and whatever is needed, and we are already negotiating regarding the first 2 lots to that we would need to build and establish the first manufactory in Germany. 

There are already plans, and it will be shared with you step by step, to establish right after the first manufactory in Germany, to establish manufactories in other countries.

The Solario website with more details and all options to participate, including our SOLR token, will be back online in July. In 4 days from now, next Wednesday (July 3) there is a meeting scheduled to decide about the infos that can be shared about the technology on the website.  I can tell you, I was absolutely amazed, it is absolutely fantastic!


Dan’s last topic: Exchange or the new way to trade YEM

We are all waiting for our new way and place to convert fiat currency into YEM and vice versa. Last webinar, you might remember, we have been under the impression that our current partner, CCS, would change their rules over night, putting pressure on us to implement a new way of trading. It turned out that they changed their mind and postponed the changes, but of course we are still looking for an additional new partner to buy/sell YEM and of course our other coins and tokens as well. The great news on this topic is that we found a company that is fully licensed for international trading and that is willing and able to follow the Rainbow Currency Foundation’s rules of trading with a minimum price and restricted sales offers. We might have an important update on this topic very soon, so stay tuned and always check the WazzUb Area for exciting news, updates, announcements so that you don’t miss anything.

OK guys, that is all from my side, Cate will take over and share some additional info.

Thank you guys, I have to leave, I have to prepare some stuff, well you know, it is easily said the effective date is July 1, there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done in the background. This morning I had a 3-hour meeting with lawyers as well but it was important for me to talk with you for a little bit.

So thank you guys, Waaazzzuuub, be proud to be a unicorn and always happy health but don’t leave, here is Cate. Thank you Cate for taking over from my side.


From Cate

Thank you so much Dan. Wow, these were definitely exciting updates and well worth the wait for everyone. I just want to touch a little bit on these updates that Dan shared and explain a few things a little bit more in depth so hopefully everyone understands as clear as possible.  We will go in the same order as Dan shared his updates.


Talking about the merger, I know there may be a little bit of confusion about how is the effective date July 1 but it will be publicly announced a few weeks later, wazzub with that?

So please understand we are talking about 2 companies and the public company needs to give a lot of numbers and details about their business for the paperwork that needs to be done for the merger. So they use the figures from right before the merger is actually taking place, so this way everything is clear. Because understand, once the public announcement happens, all of the sudden everyone will be looking at this company and it is natural for their shares price to rise at this time. Understand for the numbers that are needed, we are talking sales numbers, figures, and all of that stuff-business numbers, these have to be from a time before this public announcement happens, so that way it is a clear figure and there is not this sudden price rise and different things happening, we need a clear figure before the public announcement happens (as it would be impossible for a merger to take place with a fluctuating value). So this is why the effective date is July 1, so whatever numbers are released about this public company will be from a time before the public announcement was made.

So do understand that everything is on track, everything is happening exactly as it needs to happen and this effective date has to be in the past from when the public announcement happens simply due to the business figures that are needed to complete this merger. So do understand on that, I just wanted to make that very clear.

So definitely folks, pay attention to the Announcements in WazzUb, we will be posting information there when this public announcement happens for sure.

Remember in WazzUb, it is the best place to stay up-to-date on what is happening. I know WazzUb is a big area and sometimes people are wondering where to look, always pay attention to the News and Announcements areas, because that is where this kind of information will be announced. So keep your eyes on those sections; News, Announcements, and Webinars, those are the main places so that way you always have the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Expanding a little bit on Twnkl Estate, do understand that with this procedure when a Smart Contract is not activated, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Full refund of your TEC on hold, as we have said since the beginning - so nothing has changed on that.

Option 2: If you still want the F.O.R. on that property and if you want to see if further negotiations will work out, then you have Option 2, where you can enter a new smart contract where everything is basically the same (YEM target value, value of property, etc.), but with the expiration date extended exactly 3 months after the original one.

Do understand when this happens (choosing Option 2), if there are people who cancel their reservations for the property, then yes, there will be spots opening up for new people to make reservations of F.O.R. on the property.  

Understand that when someone cancels their reservation, you will have to be checking the TwnklEstate website because it will be all of a sudden that property will be available for however many reservations were canceled, i.e. if there was 1 reservation canceled there will be one spot open, if there were 5 reservations canceled there will be 5 spots open. OK, so you will have to check the TwnklEstate website sometimes everyday and sometimes every hour if you are someone who wants to get a spot for these properties where the Smart Contract is not activated the first time and reservations are canceled. So do understand that. It won’t be announced “reservation canceled” you will need to look at the website, refresh the properties page and see what is available, there is no other way to do it. So keep your eyes open for those who want to get F.O.R. on those properties where the Smart Contract is not activated the first time and reservations are canceled.


Moving forward on to Solario, I wanted to explain a little more about patents when it comes to the topic of Solario. What I am going to say about patents has to do about all patents, so I am not talking just about solar energy here, I am talking specifically about patents.

Understand the process of getting a patent, usually what you do when you apply for a patent, is that you share all the details of your product, whether it is a soda like Coca-Cola, or solar energy like we are talking about for Solario, whatever it is, any kind of product-when you apply for a patent, you have to give the patent office all the details about how it works and how you created this specific product.

Now there is a couple other things you have to understand about patents, this information you give the patent office is released publicly when the patent is approved. So that means when you apply for a patent, 1) you have to give up all your secrets about how that product works, how you created it, and 2) when your patent is accepted and approved, all that information then becomes public. It is just with the caveat that it is protected by the patent so that if someone does copy you that you can go after them for violating your patent.

Here is the thing, and we see this all the time-copycats will happen, for example there is this one product that I really like, it is an expandable garden hose, you hook it up to your water spigot (where you get your water from) and then as the water flows through it, it expands from this compact coil of hose to a regular length 30-foot garden hose as it expands and it’s light weight and all that. There are several different manufacturers who make this type of garden hose, however there is only one who holds the original patent but you have all these different types that are out there that confuses people and take away from the original.

For example, there are many companies who choose NOT to have a patent on their products because they don’t want to give the secret recipes away; Coca-Cola is a perfect example of this. The formula to make the beverage Coca-Cola is not patented, and if you go into your local grocery store, I am sure you will find at least 5 other cola-type drinks however none of them taste like Coca-Cola. This is because Coca-Cola has their recipe kept secret and they have not patented it because they do not want to give away the secret ingredients that make Coca-Cola taste like Coca-Cola.

So bringing it back around to this solar company, they have chosen not to get a patent on their technology because they do not want to give those secrets away. So that is why these things happen sometimes and that is why at this point in time with this partner for Solario, we cannot say any details about this technology. The TEAM at Solario is focused on the targets and have found a perfect partner for that. So be excited everyone, there is a lot of awesome things happening and we are super excited to share them all with you as soon as we can.

Those were the basic things I wanted to share.

Just talking about exchanges for just a little bit, I know there were some challenges happening, the team is working on solving those for those people who had some challenges with that, so do be aware on that, we are working on those. And as Dan mentioned we will have updates as soon as possible. As I always say, keep your eyes on WazzUb in the Announcements and all of that will be shared as soon as possible.


Last topic: TwnklSoccer

Definitely I want to say Congratulations to everyone who is playing TwnklSoccer and doing well, and Congratulations to everyone who is playing TwnklSoccer and just having fun! It’s all good.

I know there are some questions about TwnklSoccer and the Top 10 prizes. Remember this time it is the Top 10, it is not 100, I know there is a little confusion on that, previous games we have done the Top 100, this time it is the Top 10. Do understand this list of the Top 10 will be available after the games are finished.

We have 4 games left in TwnklSoccer and they all happen next week, so you have to wait a little bit longer to see where you stand. Definitely Congratulations to everyone who is doing well, that is fantastic and we will keep you all posted. And again, guess where the announcements will be? Hey, they will be in WazzUb!

I want to keep this short so we can get the recap out to you as quick as possible for everyone. Thank you all so much, we appreciate every one of you, and we will see you all next time. Waaazzzuuub and all the best to everyone, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






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