Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
May 22 2019
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, and a special appearance by Alexandra Graf

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1. TwnklShop Wishlist tips & info

2. Merger

3. Unicorn Network Ambassadors – introduction to new Chief of Ambassadors, Alexandra, from Switzerland

4. TwnklEstate properties in Europe

5. International Travel Club

6. TwnklCar Project

7. 2Pay4You (2P4Y) and CryptoCoinStreet (CCS)

8. Introduction to a new open discussion (your feedback requested) regarding behavior outside the SafeZone/Unicorn Network

9. New updates regarding TwnklShop listed products




Waaazzzzuuubbbb everyone, great to see you all joining us today. Now, we have some very cool things to talk about today, but before we get into that, this coming weekend here in the US, it is Memorial Day weekend where we get to remember all the people who helped to defend our country, our first responders and others, so I want to kick it off with a song to remember all those people by – this is Cherokee Blonde singing, Praise All the Brave (linked below).



As we are celebrating Memorial Day this weekend in the USA, we want to say, “Thank you”, and remember all the people around the world who helped to keep all of us safe and protect all of us in all of our different areas because all of us definitely appreciate all of their sacrifices and all of their hard work to keep us all safe. Of course we have our SafeZone, so of course, we want to be safe. So, thank you so much to everyone around the world who is one of our heroes!


Lots of great things happening all over the place; we have a number of things we are going to talk about today, and I’m sure that you will see very shortly, that we will have someone else joining us.


To start with, there are lots of cool things happening recently in the Safezone, so check out our new hexagons, some of which have been up for a couple of weeks (more are added as updates happen), it’s important that everyone knows about that. As well, we have lots of great products in our TwnklShop Wishlist for those of you who are thinking about, “Hey, what would I like in my house, or what would I like for myself?”


The TwnklShop and the TwnklShop Wishlist are a fantastic way to get the things that you want without having to pay huge upfront prices. I definitely recommend that even if you’re not really interested or that you’re unsure if you want to purchase something, but you like it and you want to learn more about it and you want to see it listed on the TwnklShop, then give those products a vote, “Yes” in the Wishlist. Now do remember, all you need to do if you are going to vote, is just simply put the word, “Yes”, and if you don’t want it, then obviously don’t vote on it. We’ll talk some more about TwnklShop and the Wishlist a little bit later on in our webinar today.


Right now, I do want to talk a little bit about our Wishlist and how you can better promote your suggested items in the Wishlist. One of the best ways is to simply create a topic in WazzUb and its general community, that list the different things that you have suggested in the Wishlist. Now, everyone has a signature area, which you get to under your Profile in Wazzub or the Wishlist. There you’ll find a Personality section where you can type in whatever you want such as a quote, something about yourself, or a link to your Wishlist list. And, that is a great way to passively promote your Wishlist suggestions when you are talking about things or taking part in discussions in the WazzUb community.


So, when you’re talking about things in the discussions in WazzUb or voting on things in the Wishlist, it means then, that you don’t have to add your Wishlist suggestions in your actual messages as they are already attached to your signature when you just type the word, “Yes” on your votes (or reply on messages). That keeps things clean and it still allows you to promote your Wishlist to current members and it doesn’t interfere with other things that are been talked about or whatever. So, that is the best way to do that within our community.


It is also important to talk to new people such as your friends, your family, your co-workers, your neighbors about what they might want for their house, maybe a new sofa, TV, computer, there are so many fantastic things that are requested and listed on TwnklShop, so definitely do go and check that out.





(Dan joins and is welcomed by Cate).




Wazzzuuub dear Unicorn members – today’s webinar is to share some exciting news with you.


As you might know we are in an ongoing process of development, so from time to time, we reach a milestone and this is happening right now while we speak!


I am proud and happy to share with you that exactly since May 14, we are in a final agreement with a publicly traded company from Germany about merging our newly founded German holding company into this publicly traded company. What does that mean?


To make a long story short, it means that in about 3 months to a maximum of 4 months from now, we, our holding company, will be publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Of course, that is a big step because we are literally stepping into the footsteps of this already publicly traded company (publicly traded for over 20 years now), and they are not the smallest company to be traded, they are traded in the General Standard for those who know a little about the DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock index)); they are listed in the C-DAX and we will be listed there, and we even have the option to upgrade to Prime Standard, because as you know, we are an international group of companies so it makes sense to report in English (as well as German) to all our then shareholders. I think reports need to be made publicly available per quarter not once per year as a Prime Standard public company; that is like the international champions league for internationally publicly traded companies, which is the opposite of Pink Sheets or companies that are traded over-the-counter (OTC) and not on the exchanges. So, we will be among the top companies in the world regarding being publicly traded so this is a very, very, very exciting step for us.


Of course, this will make the world look at us and ask, “OK, so where do you come from? What do you do? What’s your business?” So that is very, very exciting.


Some of you have been waiting now for years, we shared years ago that it was our plan one day to be a publicly listed company and it is very, very exciting that we are now finally there! So that is one point I wanted to share with you.


Another point is that our team is constantly growing, and now, I would like to introduce to you a new team member, her name is Alexandra - she will be our new Chief of Unicorn Ambassadors. You might know that we are planning to have one Unicorn Ambassador per country representing our network within each country, and on the other side, giving us info on things like legal requirements or how things are done in each particular country, so that we can serve our members in every country the best possible way.


So far, Heiner has been doing this job, and doing a great job. Especially the German community within our network, knows that he is very active there. So, we came to the point where we said it might be best to have someone else focusing on the Unicorn Ambassador part, because especially right now before our big step into the public domain, and it is important to have as many pro-active team members as possible.


Alexandra is here with me to say hello.



Hello everybody, My name is Alexandra Graf and I’m from Switzerland; I am really happy and grateful to be part of this very great Unicorn community, so thank you very much!



Thank you Alexandra.


So, as you can see, things are developing. And now, what have I been doing in the last few weeks?


Some of you might know that I have been on a business trip through Europe - you all know TwnklEstate and that most of the properties we have listed are from Germany, and that’s because we started in Germany.


We are recommended from real estate owner to real estate owner, and so we said, “Hey, if this works in Germany, then it should work in other countries as well. ” I literally did a business trip through Europe, through Austria, through Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Spain. Actually, I am right now in Spain, on Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands (in the Mediterranean). And yes, I am pretty sure we will have at least 1, maybe 2 properties from Mallorca listed on TwnklEstate as well. And the great news is that we will have properties available from several different countries such as Austria, definitely some from Switzerland; I have seen properties in France and Luxembourg as well, so we will see if that works out too. Right now, it looks very, very good.


The total volume of these properties is about 25 Million USD, so that’s definitely very, very exciting.


That now brings me to our next topic, the International Vacation Club (IVC). Some of the properties that I checked and where I negotiated with the owners, of course, there are some additional negotiations that need to be done before we have properties listed at TwnklEstate, and in the second step, we are taking over those properties; we are really talking about some very nice vacation properties, and that of course means, as the new owners, we will offer them within our IVC – which means you will be able to book hotel rooms, apartments, vacation homes with our special Twnkl Vacation Coins (TVC).


That means you need YEM (to purchase TVC) to join our IVC. These properties are really nice properties and when you see them you will understand what I mean; and so we will open a totally new world to you as it’s a totally new way to have a vacation.


Why is it so special?


Again I can tell you; as right now it is in the news againthere are 30 thousand new businesses worldwide accepting Bitcoin (BTC). It has been in the news that some hotels, even 5-star hotels, are accepting BTC now, and so I had the chance to talk with one of these hotel’s financial manager about this and to introduce our cryptocurrency to him.

 - The statement that he made was, “Yeah, we are some kind of accepting BTC now, but we don’t want any BTC.”

 - I said, “Hey, what do you mean?”

 - He replied, “Well the only thing we have now is a payment processor for the people when they check out of our hotel if they want to pay with BTC, then they can do that; and so we pushed the right button in our system so they can pay with BTC through this payment processor; they send the amount of BTC they need to cover their hotel bill with, and then this payment processor will IMMEDIATELY convert the BTC into fiat currency (such as Euros or USD).”


You know, this is not what we mean when we are talking about YEM, about Your Everyday Money.


There is a huge difference when a business is saying, “OK, we accept cryptocurrency, but only if I can convert it IMMEDIATELY into fiat currency.” Or if we have businesses saying, “Yeah, I accept your cryptocurrency, and I accept it because I see the benefits for my business to accept it.”


So, we are definitely heading in the right direction there.


One of our projects where this is a huge factor, is our TwnklCar project.


I know it has been announced to start a little bit earlier, however, we still have to figure out a few things on how to do it exactly with our partner, the Hyundai dealership; then we had to decide when it is the perfect moment to start TwnklCar, and we decided it is when we are publicly sharing the exact details of our merger, and of our going public.


But, you might say, “Hey, you just did that, right?”


No, I just told you that we are in AGREEMENT, and that it is a publicly traded company; of course now the German authorities, the BaFin, need to be informed about the merger, then they need to check it all out and if they agree and say everything is correct, all the documents are fine, and if they give their go ahead, then we are allowed to publicly talk about this. But, the most important part is that we will be able to talk to the existing shareholders of the publicly traded company and to inform them about what we are doing, and then, that is the minute when we really start being in the spotlight and being in the public. So, we thought it would be good to have some extra BANG there and say, “And hey, we just launched TwnklCar!”


So, please bear with us a little bit more, we’re working very hard on that, it’s literally almost done behind the scenes, and yeah, very, very exciting times are ahead.


My next topic: Our partnership so far with 2Pay4You (2P4Y) and CryptoCoinStreet (CCS). We have received many messages from members of several countries that their accounts are closed, or they are not able to open an account because it is not allowed by their (2P4Y/CCS) terms because some things have changed there.


The latest news from 2P4Y is that they are changing their system and that they now have a paid account model, meaning, that now, you have to pay some fees. However, for this, you will receive some extra services; but then on the other side, as you know, we are not a friend of pushing our members into paid services.


We had some discussions with 2P4Y, who said that’s now their way of doing things. As a result, 2P4Y is now closing all accounts as of May 31, 2019 if they are not converted or upgraded into a paid account.


I know June 1 is a Saturday, so let’s say starting (Monday) June 3, we will have another solution for you, for members of all countries. This means, for your accounts with CCS and accounts with 2P4Y, then simply, if you like their services and if you can use them outside the SafeZone, then fine, keep them. If you like the services they offer for the new paid 2P4Y account, then go and upgrade.


However, you need to know that starting June 3, you won’t need a 2P4Y or CCS account to use the services they offer, because we will have another way for you, that means we will have another kind of exchange where people can Buy or Sell YEM. It will be another option for you for getting paid and making payments in fiat currency.


You know we have worked with 2P4Y and CCS for several years now, and of course, we respect their decision to go their way. For them, it is another milestone in their story; we are happy for them, however, on the other side, for our needs and goals, we had to look for other solutions, and that is exactly what we did.


My last topic for today: I think it is a very,very important point and we have never thought about or discussed this before, as so far, there has been no need to have it as a topic for discussion. But, we would love to have your feedback and have you discuss this topic so that we have a SafeZone/Unicorn Network rule or guidance for this topic and in a minute you will understand what I am talking about.


You know that we have very high standards of, respect, privacy, security, quality and we have very, very strict rules within our network and that members need to stick within these rules, such as, being respectful and taking care to only share quality content, and so on.


You know everyone is welcome and we don’t want to change anything in our rules, but I think it is very important, that when we are more public, and more members are joining us who are invited by you (the other members), and you know that social communities and social channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or whatever, that they have really, really massive problems with hate speech, fake news, and not treating other people with respect. We will be in a situation like that as well, and we have our rules with the WazzUb Community bans (the first one for 24/48 hours, the second one for 30 days, then the third ban, a total ban forever). We have these rules in place for those who are not respecting and following our rules, they obviously don’t want to learn, because they keep breaking our rules time and time again.


So, how shall we act if someone from within our (SafeZone/Unicorn) network follows our rules within our network, but outside our network (for example, on the Internet), this member is acting in a way where we might say that we do not want this person as a member of our network? Or perhaps it is revealed that in the past, that something happened where a certain member did something that was not nice. For example, someone could have been in jail for having done some really bad things and now they are back into their normal life, but they still did what they did, or they could be in a very extreme political party, religion, cult or whatever.


I would like to have a very open discussion at WazzUb, and of course, respectfully (like our rules are) about this topic, and how should we handle stuff like this?


Will we simply close our eyes and say, “Well, as long as someone is following our rules within the SafeZone, everything is fine.”


Or what is your idea? What would be your rule?


I think that this is very important that we make this a public discussion in our WazzUb Community for members new or old to give their feedback and to give their opinion, and as a result, maybe we just have a discussion and nothing is changed, or maybe we have an extra rule or common understanding on how WE handle things within the Unicorn Network and the SafeZone.


In a day or two you will find a special area in the WazzUb Community discussing this in the English language, and I am sure there will be areas provided for other languages as well (step-by-step).


Well thank you, that’s all from my side for now, maybe Cate can add a few words here.


Thank you everyone, Waazzzuuub, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always, happy health! Thank you for listening, bye, bye.




Thank you so much Dan, great news and welcome Alexandra! Fantastic to have you with us.



Absolutely Heiner you’ve done a fabulous job, thank you so much.


So, a couple of days sounds appropriate for this new discussion area to be available, preparations for this discussion have already begun, so as soon as everything is all set up, we will let you know.


I think it’s great to have it open after this webinar recap is out, so then, people can have a full context of what we’re talking about when they join in this discussion. So, look for that after the webinar recap is published (linked below).



Such excellent news, I’m so excited about all those great updates, I’m sure you guys are as well. (Cate opens the chatroom for any feedback, everyone is also excited about the news, welcomes Alexandra to the team, and thanks Heiner for his service).


A couple more points I want to bring up are:


First, referring back to TwnklShop and the Wishlist – now I did point out some tips on how best to promote things, I also want to talk about some specific types of products that have been requested, but there are some challenges with these specific products. This concerns things such as designer shoes, handbags, some clothing items, or things like seasonal furniture like outside patio furniture. As you all know, we have a Smart Contract system with TwnklShop where you have 3 options: 8 months, 12 months and 16 months.


Now, when it comes to these kinds of items, like shoes, handbags, clothes, patio furniture and things like that, these items change frequently; sometimes every season, a new style comes out; the season could be just a couple of months, less than the 8 months. So, it is very difficult to list the exact product that is requested, simply because it may not actually be available by the time the Smart Contract is activated. Even so, we still want to list these types of items and give everyone the opportunity to purchase these fantastic items (I’m a lady, I want these fantastic handbags, just as many other ladies do, too!) But, in these particular cases, you also have to have an understanding that what you specifically request, may not actually be available from the manufacturer.


As much as humanly possible, we use direct links to the manufacturer’s website when we list things, or they will be from authorized retailers. We take very good care to ensure that we are only using authorized retailers, because that is part of our guarantee with TwnklShop, that you receive genuine items, and that is not going to change. But, what we will do, is to allow those items to be listed with the understanding you will receive whatever is the closest, most comparable thing available at the time of the Smart Contract being activated. For example, I know that there is a request for a particular flower handbag from a well-known designer label, I’m not exactly sure which one. But, if you go on the respective manufacturer’s website right now, well there is one that is very similar to the one that has been requested, but it is not an exact match.


So, we will be listing those kinds of items, but just understand that if you reserve one of these items that its particular size, shape or design may vary somewhat when it is ordered, so please, do understand that.


This will be our new policy going forward on TwnklShop and the Wishlist; that when it comes to these items that change seasonally, or very rapidly, then you will receive whatever is the closest, most comparable item from what is suggested. That way, for example, you are still getting that awesome designer handbag you ordered even though it might not be the exact item that you thought or suggested at that time.


This new TwnklShop policy will also be written up in the TwnklShop Terms – I did want to take this extra time to share this information with you in this webinar first, so in this way, you have a heads up and know exactly what will be happening.


Secondly, I’ve also noticed a number of people request items that they find on different retailers websites, like they could be from FarFetched, or Amazon, or HomeDepot and all these different type of retailers; and do understand, when you are requesting something on these websites, it may not actually be available from the manufacturer. So, if you want to suggest something, I recommend you use the manufacturer websites. So, this way you can see that at the time you are suggesting it, that it is currently available from the manufacturer, and that will give you a better approximation of what you can receive when that item is listed and the Smart Contract activated.


Now I do want you to also understand that some manufacturer’s websites are specific to a specific country or small region, and of course, we are a global organization. For example, if you have suggested something from a particular manufacturer’s website, and that manufacturer only deals with specific locations, say, from Spain, then we will use a different manufacturer that has a more global presence. This is because for example we have members outside of Spain who may also want to purchase a similar type of item. One example is like the sofa that is listed from La-Z-Boy, La-Z-Boy is a global manufacturer. They can service many different countries whether you are in Asia, Africa, Europe, America or wherever you are, and they have ways to get those products to you in those local areas.


That’s what we want to do, to fulfil as many of these requests as possible, so that is why we use all those well-known manufacturers. So, you might consider looking at those types of sites when you make your suggestions as this will give you a better approximation right away of what is possible in the global market that you can purchase. So just a few points that we will be updating in the TwnklShop Terms and Rules. This should be clear for everybody and you will be able to reference it at a later date. Our intention for doing this, is to provide a shopping service for as many members as possible who want to take part in it – because hey, we all like nice things!


That’s it from my side, again, we’ll have some more updates for everyone in Wazzub with the publishing of the recap.


Thank you all, thank you Dan, thank you Alexandra and Waaazzzuuubb, all the best to everyone.


Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all our brave!


We’ll see you all next time.


And hey, remember to listen to the SafeZone Radio Show tomorrow, it airs every Thursday, from 11am to 12pm USA Pacific time, and if that time is not convenient for you, well, guess what? We also have a recording that is available, and you can find that by logging in to the SafeZone and going to the Radio Shows hexagon.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, Alexandra Graf, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






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