Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
February 1, 2019
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

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Topics to be discussed:

1. Cashback Marketing (CBM)

2. Solario

3. TwnklBds

4. Rainbow Currency and YEM (main topic):

  • TwnklEstate
  • TwnklBuy – TwnklCar and its Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC); International Vacation Club and its Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC); the new TwnklShop and its TwnklShop Coin (TSHC)

5. Member-based (Unicorn Network) Organization


Cate welcomes everyone and thanks them for joining the webinar


1. CBM:

- Will be ready to re-launch from the new back office next week with new marketing instruments and updates on the Special Marketing Campaigns (SMC).

- Do understand, Marketing Instruments are now based on membership type, that is, only approved business members can advertise with banner ads, radio advertising, etc. And all other members can participate in the SMC, which will be opening up for participation through Feb 28. March 1 will be the start of the waiting period on the SMC and we will have updates from time to time on progress.

- Watch for a special webinar to be announced next week about CBM with more info – check WAZZUB announcements and the usual website webinar hexagons such as in the SafeZone.


2. Solario:

- Rest assured, the project is still happening and the timeline of 2022 to deliver energy to the first homes is still on track.

- The original partner was not as happy that about 95% of crowdfunding thus far was being raised in Rainbow Currency.

- Solario will have even more options for clean, pure-energy choices like solar and wind.

- The new website will explain everything.

- Right now, they are working on an updated landing page.



3. TwnklBds:

- Do understand, TwnklBds is an auction site (not a shopping one) by design. It is a place where those who don’t see the value of YEM themselves can still get high quality products and services, and for those wishing to earn more YEM, they can sell high-quality products and services.

- Related to Shobbit offered products: unfortunately, there have been some challenges with the dropshipping partner; some products have been shipped but not received, shipped without tracking, or have taken many months to arrive. Shobbit is looking for a new dropshipping partner and current-offered items will not be relisted. For those affected by the extended delays, Shobbit is working on solutions; however, in the worst case, they will receive a refund, even if Shobbit has already paid for the items to be shipped.

- A quick solution to this is if others would simply list products on TwnklBds. Then, there would be no need for Shobbit to offer products. For example, during the webinar there were 129 people attending, if everyone just listed 3 items, (look around your home, do you have 3 things in good or like new condition that you no longer need or want?), if the Power of We banned together to list some products on TwnklBds, there would be well over 300 listings already.

- Some members have already made it a business, by buying cheap electronics and other items on places like eBay for example and then selling them on Twnklbds to get more YEM for themselves.


4. Rainbow Currency (RC) and our coin YEM (Your everyday Money) and how we use them:

  • TwnklEstate (TE)

– Right now, there is well over US$11,000,000 (11 million dollars) in real estate listed on TE. Exciting news: UN has just closed off on another deal (with another real estate agency) to contract even more real estate for listing on TE valued at over US$20,000,000!

- Keep checking TE and WAZZUB websites for more announcements on this.

- A new property to be listed on TE within a couple of hours (it was and another was recently listed at the time of this recap).


  • TwnklBuy (TBuy)

- Already 10,000 deals have closed with a volume of over US$11,000,000 since TBuy opened!

- TBuy is where you can sell YEM or TEC (Twnkl Estate Coin) or where to purchase these coins and other coins offered such as, TMC (Twnkl Mobility Coin) and TVC (Twnkl Vacation Coin).


TMC, the coin used for our TwnklCar project:

- Hyundai is the first car dealership that will be working with us; planning to start on March 1st (later into the future, other car manufacturers will be partnered with as well).

- Members will be able to pre-order their custom-made Hyundai car exactly to their chosen specifications; all types of price points on luxury or basic models will be offered.

- How will TwnklCar work? Same as with TwnklEsate, there will be a smart contract; you will decide which type of car you want along with your choice of customizations etc. Also, you will be able to decide the YEM target value you want for your smart contract, and the timeframe (must be within 12-24 months).

- You will be able to get a brand-new car and based on the car value and the price you paid for your YEM/TMC; you leverage the value of your TMC today, then through that smart contract and your nominated period of waiting, you will see your TMC (and YEM in general) increase which allows you to purchase these brand-new cars at a great value, based on the NET price of the car (excluding VAT) and the price you paid for your YEM/TMC.

- This does not include any VAT or extraneous costs such as, taxes, registration fees, delivery costs etc., you will be responsible for these extra costs when ordering your car.

- Germany and Europe will open first, but options are in place to open the same TwnklCar opportunities to serve all our members around the world.


Twnkl Vacation Coin (TVC), the coin used for the International Vacation Club:

- Due to member demand for another exciting project, the International Vacation Club progress has been put on hold for a short while – rest assured though, work is definitely continuing here, and we will keep you posted.

- As a result of the huge interest generated by one of our members Shafi Abeid’s idea of purchasing iPhones, Unicorn Network is now focusing on implementing a new and very exciting project.

- Firstly, Shafi’s idea of testing demand with his iPhone offer, was just an unofficial test only (as you may have seen from the message posted by Unicorn Network Admin on that topic), but Unicorn Network management could see the enormous INFLUENCE (one of Unicorn Network’s Core Values) Shafi’s idea had on many of our members, so, due to the Power of We, Unicorn Network is steaming ahead with our new project, TwnklShop!



- Basically, members will be able to buy high quality products with smart contracts, for example, costly high-quality branded items such as iPhones, using YEM and a new subcoin the Twnkl Shopping Coin (TSHC).

- As with TwnklCar and TwnklEstate, TwnklShop will also leverage the rise of Rainbow Currency, the YEM, by using a smart contract and set timeframes, and therefore, as with the car, there could be great values seen on high-quality products (such as an iPhone) based on the price of the item and how much you paid for your YEM/TSHC.

- TwnklShop will be looking at offering products obtained locally, nationally and internationally.

- TwnklShop is anticipated to launch around February 15th, in a couple of weeks.

- Right now, the TwnklShop website is being created.

- Meantime, on WAZZUB, opening on Monday, a special section called TwnklShop Wishlist will be available for all members to suggest (an expression of interest) and vote on what products they would like to see TwnklShop provide; members sharing their INFLUENCE! So, look out for announcements on WAZZUB about that (they are posted now as of this recap).

- This is about products you want, that you would like to purchase, that could be made available locally, nationally or internationally.

- Members will vote on what they would like to see TwnklShop offer from members’ suggestions.

- Similarly, as with the thread of Shafi’s iPhone idea, members will just be expressing their interest only in what they would like to buy (and no need to state in the voting how many of the item you want, that will only be done when placing your official reservation).

- The products showing the MOST interest (minimum 100 votes of YES in agreement), will be the FIRST products to be offered for sale on the TwnklShop website.  

- Most important: being Unicorn Network, we will only offer products that are legal and appropriate, so no weapons, drugs or prescribed medications and such – our core motto is, we care, and we share; we are a family, so appropriate high-quality retail-type of products is what we are looking for.

- Anyone making inappropriate or illegal suggestions, will have their post removed, or even tougher penalties may ensue.

- Also due to other projects already in the works like TwnklCar and the International Vacation Club, and products that are highly regulated, do not suggest products such as vehicles (like cars, boats, planes, etc.) or travel and vacation type of things, or such products like investments, insurance, services, precious metals, medical related items, banking, personal, sexual, or energy related products. Please see the rules in the TwnklShop Wishlist area for full details before posting.

- As with TwnklEstate, TwnklCar and the International Vacation Club projects, TwnklShop will have its own subcoin, the Twnkl Shopping Coin (TSHC).

- By having a subcoin TSHC, rather than just shopping with YEM, the YEM is essentially leveraged, so like the others (TEC, TMC, TVC), TSHC will be offered at 100 YEM per 1 TSHC.

- As with TEC, you will be able to sell your TSHC (purchased at 100 YEM for each TSHC) at the MarketPlace on CCS or TwnklBuy, and like TEC is right now traded around 200 YEM/TEC, the same might happen with TSHC. As an example: say you bought 1,000,000 (one million) YEM worth of TSHC, that would give you 10,000 TSHC at 100 YEM each. So, similarly to what many members have done with their TEC that they purchased at the initial pre-launch price of 100 YEM per TEC and then sold at 200 YEM per TEC (doubling their initial costs), you could do the same with your 10,000 TSHC; if you would be able to sell 5,000 at 200 YEM each on the MarketPlace, and keep 5,000 for shopping, essentially, you would have your 1,000,000 YEM back (minus fees) and you would still have 5,000 TSHC for shopping. This is not a suggestion, just an example.  

- TwnklShop will be a shopping wonderland, where you can shop on a wide variety of products with great value (even almost for free given the above example) depending on the price of the item and the price you purchased your YEM/TSHC coins for.


The pre-order for TSHC:

- This will also (along with the section on WAZZUB for making quality product suggestions for members’ voting) be available on Monday at TwnklBuy.

- Because of so many products offered for sale, 100,000,000 (100 million) of the TSHC will be available for purchase.

- There will be NO limits on how many TSHC you can purchase, totally your decision while supplies last.

- Also, on Monday, the limit of 5,000 will be removed for the TMC and the TVC, so if you would like to purchase more of those two coins, you can do so on Monday, and still at 100 YEM per coin while supplies last.

- TwnklShop is a win-win-win situation, here is an example: This is one of the smartest and fastest ways to turn your YEM into fiat currency, and promote Rainbow Currency all at the same time, here’s how:

  • Put up your shopping item suggestion on the section that will be allocated for that on WAZZUB
  • Invite more people who you know (friends, family and acquaintances) who you know want the same item you are suggesting on WAZZUB and then have them vote for your suggestion.
  • To purchase this product on TwnklShop (obviously your product will need to win the required number of votes and other criteria to be chosen), they will need some YEM.
  • So, you can offer to sell them some of your YEM through Direct Sell on TwnklBuy for U.S. Dollars.
  • Or, if you want to hold on to all your YEM, then you can send them to CryptoCoin Street (CCS) or TwnklBuy and they can purchase YEM through someone else.
  • Whatever you decide, you are increasing demand and helping Rainbow Currency to grow.

- Remember, the products (family-friendly of course) with the most interest votes, will be the ones to be listed on TwnklShop first.

- All of this helps to build traffic, and by inviting new members, will help to increase demand and increase the value of Rainbow Currency.

Here is further info about why there will be a TwnklShop subcoin:

- To set up TwnklShop and fulfill orders at a later time when smart contracts are activated, the company needs a budget, so this is one way they will be able to obtain sufficient YEM to cover these expenses.

- To summarize, there is a dual purpose with the TwnklShop subcoin (and all Twnkl subcoins):

1. It allows all of us to leverage the power of time and the increase in the value of YEM for what we want to purchase.

2. It allows the company to have a set budget to purchase these items.

- It is important to understand, that (just as with TwnklEstate and TwnklCar) there will be an escrow period, the smart contract waiting time; so, when you place a reservation to purchase an item, your TSHC will be put into escrow and absolutely nobody (not you or anyone) can touch them.

- In the super worst case (just as we have with TwnklEstate TEC and TwnklCar TMC) that the smart contract is not activated, then you will receive a full refund on your TwnklShop TSHC you reserved on escrow that have not been activated.  

- Of course, the best case is that your smart contract is activated, the coins get spent, and you get your product.

 - It may cost a lot less buying items or cars using subcoins rather than buying with straight YEM directly. This is helped with the timeframe delays to use your subcoins because of the smart contracts, but in that time, your YEM may have risen in value and be worth more, so less TEC, TMC, and TSHC may be required.


5. Unicorn Network, a Member-based Organization:

- Cate introduces this topic by saying that first and foremost, she is a Unicorn Network member, just like all other members, not just the CEO.

- With all our existing and new projects, Unicorn Network needs more working members.

- If anyone is interested in helping with our new TwnklShop project (whether in Admin or WAZZUB as a moderator or even more in depth in the project), a section will be opened up in WAZZUB’s TwnklShop Project area where you will be able to put your name down and join the team, say how you’d like to contribute, and so, be actively involved in helping to set up TwnklShop.

- Your contribution, if required, will be rewarded (in YEM), but it will be performance based, so the more expertise you have and the more you do, the better you will be rewarded.


Cate wraps up the webinar by reminding everyone that a new property will be out in the next couple of hours on TwnklEstate, and to keep looking out for announcements on WAZZUB.

She thanks everyone for attending and wishes them all the best and a happy WAAAZZZUUUBBB!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






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