Unicorn Network Webinar Highlights
January 8, 2019
Presented by Cate Kozikowski
with special message from
Lora Bilger for the Board of Directors RCF

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Topics in this recap:

  1. 2019 Kick Off - Theme: “Back to the Roots”

  2. The Vision (after 7+ years it still remains the same)

  3. The roles of UAC, UN, RCF

  4. WAZZUB re-launch announcement & preview



Cate opens the webinar with a big WAAAAZZZZZUUUUBBB and Happy New Year to everyone!

Today’s webinar kicks off 2019 and will discuss what we’ve done so far, where we’re at, and where we’re going.


Today’s webinar theme – BACK TO THE ROOTS!


1 – Where we’ve come recently:

In the last quarter of 2017, the SafeZone was launched; 2018, shored up the foundations, for the beginning functions of the network, for Rainbow Currency acceptance, and how YEM is being accepted across the SafeZone; and, at the same time, maintaining our vision.

Our Vision:

Privacy, Security, Quality

We care, We Share

The Power of We


We Share Success



- shared originally by the Founders and it hasn’t changed after more than 7 years!



What roles do each of the 3 main organizations play? (United America Capital Corporation, Unicorn Network, Rainbow Currency Foundation).

  • United America Capital Corporation (UAC) – the holding (or parent) company of our whole network; run by the Founders. In 2011/2012, they shared their vision, which is partly why today’s webinar theme is about ‘back to the roots’.

Their vision was included a Success-sharing phenomenon that involved the people, all its members, us, and how TOGETHER, WE ARE, The Power of We – this vision, all these years later, has not changed, and it will always include the Power of We!

From the beginning following their vision, UAC’s method of operating has always been about a network of sites incorporating Privacy, Quality, and Data Protection – which is exactly what has been done, and will continue to be done.

By activating the Power of “We”, WE, all of us together, are making a difference, a huge difference, and WE will continue to do so.


  • Unicorn Network (UN) – this is our operations company headed by our CEO, Cate. She and the team deal with the day-to-day operations, making sure projects and things are on line, moving forward and becoming a reality.

Unicorn Network has 8 Core Values:

1: Respect – the absolute #1 Core Value across the whole network, or the family, as We are Family – we come together from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, skills, understandings and more; all together we come as one single family, which is united, and why is it united? Because we respect one another; now we may not always agree (which is OK), but, whether we agree or disagree, it is always with RESPECT – and always, we are ONE united family utilizing the Power of WE!

2, 3 and 4: Privacy, Security, Quality – big companies such as Google and Facebook, worth billions, are constantly facing security issues with hackers and other disruptive challenges, but we have our SafeZone, which is fundamentally about providing Privacy, Security (protection) and Quality to its members at all times.

5: Benefits – with Unicorn Network, we are sharing our successes with you. Unlike the big companies mentioned above and most other big companies who share nothing or very little, we actually CARE, and we SHARE! We share (and have always shared) many rewards that can be collected for just doing some little things online that you do every day anyway, and these rewards are FREE, this has never changed.

6: Influence – we listen, we care, and we act when we can to implement things appropriately. Cate clarifies here that she is part of the UN membership family and that she, with all of us, influence and share making the Power of We happen. Influence is also more than just sharing ideas, suggestions, or complaints, it is also about joining forces, working together to achieve our goals, like inviting others, being active in the network, and even using your own skills to bring things to reality.

7: Family – the way in which UN has been built and developed as a family, we are a family business, all contributing and making things happen together. As a family we listen to each other, share with each other, look out for each other, and work and join in together, but, at all times, doing so with respect for each other, which is what a family does. This is something that is very special and unique to UN (its projects and network of companies), and that is, as a family, to make the world a better place to live in, not just for ourselves, but for our families, our friends and neighbors, in fact, for the whole world – this is why we say, “We are magically changing the world”, because we come together as a FAMILY sharing the vision of the Founders in order to create, through the Power of We, these magical changes.

8: Charity – helping those in need who are unable to help themselves, such as the poor and vulnerable, those suffering from unforeseen circumstances due to poverty, sickness, war, terrorism, hunger; places where there is a lack of clean water, proper food and medicines and many other things that many of us take for granted; and all those billions out there who don’t even have a computer or do not have the means to access the internet.

We, as members of UN, often want to know when we will be successful with this or that, but as Cate explains, success is a very big concept, and doesn’t necessarily mean financial gain; success doesn’t always = money. First though, we need success, and then the money comes, but it’s not just about money, there’s the saying, “If you have your health, you have your wealth.” Cate goes on to the say that we are living in amazing times; to be coming together now for the perfect reasons, and all this was started in the perfect time. And now, more than 7 years later, the vision of caring and sharing success has not changed; and with the Power of “We” and our 8 Core Values, all of these things, just keep on getting stronger and stronger than ever before.

So, when we consider all these things and what we’ve accomplished, we can really understand that the vision that the Founders shared way back in 2011/2012, is actually more important now, in fact, more so than it was back then.

We were some of the first to talk about Privacy, Security, Protection, Quality, and the Power of “We”, which was an essential and luring attraction for Cate herself, and also for many others of us joining the Network. And, being on the ground floor creating these things, we sometimes made mistakes (and, being human, will continue to do so); there are humps and bumps along the way from which we need to get back up and dust ourselves off, but that is part of how we learn and grow, and how we figure out what the best methods to implement are, and therefore, part of how we become successful. Success is not a straight road, and with every challenge you overcome, you are that much closer to your goal.


  • Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF) – please be aware: the RCF is a completely separate autonomous company from the rest of UAC and UN; it is its own separate entity. But of course, UN accepts Rainbow Currency, so essentially, UN is a Rainbow Currency user (and supporter), however, UN does not represent or manage the Rainbow Currency, they just find ways of accepting and using it as a currency for goods and services. It is the RCF who represents the currency and manages it; RCF doesn’t necessarily find other businesses for using Rainbow Currency (that’s part of what UN does), RCF moves Rainbow Currency forward in the right ways as it is needed, which Lora from the RCF will explain more.

Lora Bilger, RCF’s President, was unable to present at the webinar today due to some technical difficulties, but provided Cate with the following letter about the RCF’s role:

(Short contribution from RCF during the Webinar on January 8th 2019)

Dear Members, Dear RC Holders, Dear Listeners,

From many comments over time, the directors of the RCF have learned that we need to help you understand the role of the RCF.

And we want to take this opportunity to also update you on some of our past and current activities.

The role of the RCF:

  • Independence

The RCF is and must be independent from UN/SZ. RCF is not involved in any business activities and not reporting on such.


  • Control and protection

The RCF is responsible for controlling and overseeing the Rainbow Currency worldwide and to protect the interests of the constantly growing number of YEM holders.


  • Representation

The RCF represents the RC to the outside world, to governments, to financial regulators, to banks, and other relevant institutions.


  • Education

The RCF is responsible to educate relevant authorities, institutions and organizations about the purpose and function of RC, that it was created as a virtual currency for an international economic environment where currency holders can purchase in an uncomplicated manner goods and services around the world.

In addition, for instance, we inform them how all relevant tax related information is provided within the Blockchain called the TwnklChain, which makes it easy for YEM holders to identify any numbers needed for their tax reporting in their home country.

Update on a few activities:

  • Within a few more days RCF will have completed the huge task to initiate correspondence with all Ministries of Finance - word wide. This was and is a huge chunk of work and we hope to get positive resonance with the help of our information that we presented.


  • Directors of the RCF have already visited cryptocurrency and blockchain related events, gatherings and conferences, and the moment funds for travel are available, will visit more and more such events.


  • (When) given funding allows, RCF directors will start visiting countries where we are invited by members if they wish our support.


  • Directors will soon start to get engaged with charities.


  • Many more activities are being discussed right now or planned and, if followed up, more information will be provided.

This is all for today from our side. Thank you very much for listening.

Lora Bilger for the Board of Directors RCF.


Cate thanks Lora for sharing the RCF information.

So, this clarifies how the 3 different foundation companies have their own separate roles, but also how they interact and collaborate as a whole for the benefit of us all.

And now, what is the role of each individual UN member, (that is us), where and how do we fit into everything as a family?

It is important to realize, that as a family we are at the same time a team, working together as the Power of “We”, so that when we come together in unison where our hearts and minds truly believe (and we take action accordingly), we can achieve virtually anything and everything.

When Cate talks about the “team” what she really means is T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), this is a big thing to understand because all of us together make up the TEAM, our Family.

Everyone is an essential and valuable family member, whether you choose to help build the company more directly, or simply just being an active member, or especially inviting others to join UN through the We Share Success (WSS) program. This can be done through WSS invitation marketing. WSS invitation marketing is something everybody can do easily though our invitation link or the various referral links (see www.wesharesuccess.com) and then invitees can decide what they wish to participate in, and enjoy, step by step as they go.


Now, it’s very important to keep these following points in mind; we are a family, the vision hasn’t changed, and that it is even more powerful today than it was 7+ years ago when the Founders first shared their vision with the world.


We also need to keep in mind a few other things, such as, how the Founders’ vision has materialized over the years; here, we need to remember very importantly the following points: that Privacy and Data Security go hand in hand (which we have in the SafeZone), and how this marriage helps to prevent hackers from finding ways to steal your data. Hacking or the gathering of your data can happen when you share your data online with too many (or the wrong) sites, or you have too easy of a password.

Through UN we’ve created different things such as our PerNum to overcome this, which is one of the most revolutionary commonsense things we have done. All of our data and personal information is stored in ONE HIGHLY SECURE place, so you see, you’re not sharing your data on several different sites as we often feel the need to do, but it is all in ONE SECURE place; so, the risk is minimalized by at least 95% - prevention is 9/10ths of the cure! In other words, your PerNum gives you, not just more privacy and security, but also, gives you more control over your permissions about who can and can’t access your data; in our network, you are the one in control and you say who can, or can’t, contact you or share your data, which is exactly how it should always be.

One of the other solutions with PerNum is for payments – payment organizations such as banks etc. can suddenly change the rules on you, deny you service, use 3rd parties, close down, whatever; but with PerNum Pay and your PerNum Wallet, it is much easier, more reliable and straightforward as you simply use your PerNum and One-time PIN to make a payment, in fact, you don’t even need to have the Internet on your side, because the business you are paying to in person, they will have the Internet on their side as they will have the PerNum functionality, and all you have to do is pay using your PerNum and One-time PIN, which you can memorize; of course, if doing a transaction or payment online, you will need to have the Internet on your side.

So, these are some of the things we are doing to magically change the world – it’s pretty amazing to consider where we will be in 5 years’ time, even in a year’s time from now!

It is important to understand that one of the first messages was, the Power of We, so we need to stick together and work together with RESPECT for each other as a FAMILY; just as most of us do in our own families by pitching in and contributing together, doing the small tasks (or larger ones together as a group) and reaping the benefits and rewards together.


So where did it all begin?



WAZZUB! Way back in 2012, our very first website where we could interact, care, share and communicate with each other, was WAZZUB!



And behind the wall in the image, there were new innovations compared to other sites out there; more security…



more privacy…




more friends…



more freedom and more business.



Cate then announces with great excitement, that WAZZUB is coming back!!! In about 48 hours from the time of the webinar, WAZZUB should go LIVE!



This is a result of many people requesting that they wanted to get back to their roots, wanted to get back to the ‘good old’ WAZZUB days, and have been wanting to for some time now! It’s all about communication. And, listening, so this is why WAZZUB is coming back. It will be better than ever, but as things are always done, step by step.

With WAZZUB, you’ll be able to communicate with each other, get information you need, find support when you want to, and discuss all sorts of topics and subjects in all sorts of areas that interest you. For example, you’ll be able to learn in more detail and with clarification all about the different projects that we offer in the SafeZone and in Unicorn Network; you’ll be able to talk about and share your suggestions in one handy and secure location; and there’ll be a place for reporting issues such as glitches or bugs. So, this is one massive step forward for early 2019 – getting back to our roots, focusing on what is most important to continue filling in our foundation, and really expanding our network from this moment on.

A lot of new features and functions will be included and, of course, there will be continual updates to enhance everything as we proceed.

One of the most exciting things included will be (as with all sorts of other benefits and rewards we offer our members all the time), some extra benefits and rewards with WAZZUB too. So, when you make posts and share different things in WAZZUB, you will be rewarded with FREE YEM! For every post that you create, you will receive zero.one (0.1) YEM per post. But, do understand, you’ll be rewarded for doing what you’d normally do, such as, sharing a funny joke, a picture, instructions on how to do something, knowledge on a certain topic or just joining in with a discussion, that sort of thing – it’s not about saying meaningless things like, “Hi” or “cool” lots of times (Cate laughs). So, you are being rewarded for having fun and enjoying yourself with other members who are also doing the same as you within WAZZUB.

So, now we have our wonderful home WAZZUB coming back to us; to share with and join together in as a family. Check it out at WazzUb.com.


Cate discussed a couple of other small things:

The Christmas and Winter Games, congratulations to the winners – you will receive your reward shortly – and well done to those whose winning scores were 15,000/16,000; this is great as it would have taken some real strategies to do so well at those games!

(Be sure to check the Support notes at the end for a special Winter Game update for all members.)


Cate shared one more thing before signing off from today’s webinar:

For anyone who might think what Cate and the team are doing is easy, well think again, it is definitely not; many different things that UN do are what only big companies usually do, although often they don’t do them that well as some of the big companies often don’t get it right.

One example that we have worked on that required a lot of hard work and ingenuity was our SafeZone Pass, that is, having one Login for several sites without sharing your data, and being secure at the same time; now, only some of the biggest companies such as, Facebook and Google, use these sorts of methods (and not even as thorough and protective as our SafeZone one). Unfortunately, based on expert reports, 600,000-1,000,000 Facebook accounts are hacked on a daily basis and data is stolen. So, you see, given these figures, what WE in SafeZone are doing (with no hacking) is not so easy, but we do it efficiently and persevere with doing it properly, because it is the right thing to do for our members. So, when we say, “We have maximum security”, we mean we are providing you with exactly that; that you can have these features and be protected and at the same time, have all the benefits and rewards, because sharing success is what we’re all about, and it’s the way to go!


Cate finished up saying that exciting things are ahead of us, that we have learned and grown and now, here we are, heading back to our roots, and about to reintroduce an even better WAZZUB!!!


Do please join Cate weekly on Thursdays (9am USA Pacific Time) for the SafeZone Radio Show to learn more and stay updated.


Cate thanks everyone, wishing them all the best, and WAZZZZZUUUUBBB!!!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






Additional Info from Support:


The gift that keeps on giving!

As a gift to all members, please enjoy more of our annual Winter Game.

Send us a screenshot of your best score and the top 3 scores will get a prize of 1,000 YEM for #3, 5,000 YEM for #2, and 10,000 YEM for #1. (Only 1 entry counts per member, top score received will be used.) The last top #1 winning score was over 16,000! Do you have what it takes to beat them?


Email your screenshot before Feb. 11, 2019 at 12pm U.S. Pacific Time to prizes@perfectinter.net

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