Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
December 5, 2018
Presented by Dan Settgast and Cate Kozikowski

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Topic in this recap:

1. Cryptocurrency and CCS updates.


From Dan:


Dear Unicorn Network Members and Rainbow Currency Holders,

This is a public webinar, and what we will share with you today might be very disturbing for some of you, it might be even shocking for most of you, because today we will do a straight and unfiltered analysis of the crypto and blockchain industry.

Guys, for some of you it might be brutal to face the truth, but rest assured that it is best for you and other crypto enthusiasts to wake up now.

Some of you might think right now ‘what the heck is he talking about’, rest assured, in a few minutes you will understand. Okay, here we go!

Bitcoin (BTC) is dead! Well, its heart is still beating, but it is the heart of a slowly dying dinosaur. And most of its babies, thousands of so called cryptocurrencies, are dying as well. Why? Because many of them are scams, initiated by fraudsters who want to make some easy money. Statistics say that bad guys collected billions of dollars thru fake ICOs and they are still gearing up to collect more.

Now what about the honest ICOs? At least there is a little chance for success. But most legal ICOs are nothing else but start-up companies, and as we know, about 99% of all start-ups fail. No matter how good a project or business idea might sound, 99% of them fail.

This is not like I want to wash your brains and give you some fairy tale. Open your favourite search engine and look for how many ICOs did fail and you will see the numbers. Even from the 2017 ICOs, already more than 50%, are gone less than a year later. Open your eyes and understand what’s happening out there. Billions of Dollars destroyed. No matter how good a project may be, it fails.


But hey, the BTC itself is no start-up, it is not a business idea, it has been praised as the future of payment processing, as the new global money for future generations. Well… sounds nice, but what about the reality? Let us check some facts:

When you ask BTC enthusiasts about the advantages of BTC, here is what they tell you:

1) Bitcoin allows 100% anonymous transactions.

That is true, and it makes BTC the most wanted and most used currency for fraudsters, dealers, terrorists, in short words; BTC is the currency of the bad guys. In return, if you buy BTC at any exchange or marketplace and you don’t know who is selling, you are supporting the bad guys. You might help a fraudster to whitewash money that he just stole from your neighbour, or money from selling child porn, or money to build a bomb. Of course, you don’t want that, but just by buying BTC you participate in a system that is supporting crime. Think about it!


But Bitcoin has more ‘advantages’:

2) According to the fans, BTC transactions are fast, secure, cheap, convenient.

Have you heard that before?

Well, I say, BTC transactions are slow, risky, expensive, and totally complicated. Have you ever tried to explain the process of opening a wallet, funding it with some BTC, and making a first payment to an average person? I tried and I failed. There is no secure and convenient solution to make BTC payments, and you must wait up to 2 weeks to have the payment processed. Minimum waiting time is 30 minutes, which feels like a year at the cashier in a restaurant for example, or wherever you want to pay with Bitcoin.

And I know that the BTC fans will say “We have the solution!! What about BTC?” It‘s funny to build another system on the Blockchain to make BTC faster? It makes no sense if you think about it. Be realistic. Collect the facts and think about it.


3) Often you can hear that Bitcoin is the digital gold. And just because supply is limited, and because it is more and more difficult to mine new BTC, the value (therefore) MUST go up!

Really? Let us check on the real gold. What is happening with a gold mine when it is too expensive to dig for gold? I can tell you… they close the mine! And you can see exactly the same happening for the Bitcoin mining industry. Since the BTC price imploded from US$20,000 to US$3,900 (more than 80% decrease in value), more and more professional miners are going bankrupt, closing their businesses, or simply disappearing with all the money they have collected from average Joes.

Don’t believe in fairy tales! Check the facts!


4) With Bitcoin you can make international payments without governments, authorities and banks involved.

Honestly, I don’t see why this is an advantage, especially when you realize that governments around the world won’t allow for the long-term, these kind of transactions. It might be possible now, but what about in 2 years, in 5 years, in 10 years? Do you really think that they will allow a system that is supporting crime, terrorism, money laundering, and tax fraud? THEY are making the laws, and while we are talking, they are working on international laws and rules for cryptocurrencies. Read the news, (don’t just believe me), read the news, and you will find evidence that I am right.


Bitcoin was the first to try to establish a new technology, the blockchain technology. Unfortunately, the first try is very seldom the best try.

(Dan opens the chat so members can answer his questions.)


Do you know the name of the first Internet search engine that has been online? If you know it, type the name, if you don’t know it just type NO. (Members responded.) It’s not AOL. Lycos is another old one, that’s not it. And no, it is not GOOGLE.

Most of them - the market leaders-are not even there anymore. Because building a search engine on the internet was a very good idea and very helpful for all of us, but the first guys did not make it.


Do you know the name of the first on-line social network? Guess what? It is NOT Facebook. It was a great idea to create a social community and social network, but it was not the first guys who made it. (Audience gave the correct answer of MySpace.)

It was a great idea to have a social community, a social network, however it was not the first guys who made it.


Next question: do you know when the first automobile was invented? Not the one who patented it. Those were the German guys, Daimler and Benz. And, they are still there, for sure. Its not FORD, guys! You won’t believe it: It happened in the 1670’s, somewhere in the XVII Century! That was the first automobile, but it was not that handy so it did not make it (Dan closes the chat). The same thing for the first airplane, the first TV. None of the first movers survived. It has been always some smart people who learned from others' failures or who saw the potential of an invention that was made by someone else.


We did not invent digital currencies; we did not invent the blockchain. But we can see the potential, and we are one of a few, if not the only project that is working hard on creating our own economy around a real cryptocurrency that is built to fulfill all legal requirements that might be established in the near future.

Some rules are already in place, but most of the market is simply ignoring them. I can tell you that it is never a good idea to ignore an authority, especially if it is the IRS. By law, you are in charge of every transaction in your name; you are in charge of bookkeeping of the values; you are in charge of reporting to your tax authorities.

But with the given system of most cryptocurrencies, it is very difficult, if not impossible to do so. Do you think the IRS is interested in any excuses? No, they will dig deeper, they will find your transactions, and they will sue you for tax fraud. And if you think you can hide, please have in mind that all blockchain transactions are public and transparent.


The main purpose of a currency is to pay for goods and services. And it is your duty to pay any taxes due. The only digital solution I know is the Rainbow Currency (YEM) in connection with the TwnklChain and a PerNum Wallet.


Back in March, the German Department of Finance informed all national tax authorities about the legal rules for the usage of cryptocurrencies making payments for goods and services within the EU.

Rainbow Currency is fulfilling all requirements and we are proud to be the first who bought real estate with cryptocurrency, and to be the first who sold a car through a dealership in Germany for Rainbow Currency.

By the way, the new owner of the Hyundai i10 will pick up the car next week at the car dealer, and he has already paid in YEM. Besides that, more and more members are confirming the receipt of goods they ordered at TwnklBds winning an auction. And they paid with Rainbow Currency.

And we are reaching the next milestone by registering a ‘limited liability company’, in German GmbH, and paying the liability capital in Rainbow Currency!

Some of you might not understand how big this is - let me tell you that it is like being the first human being on planet Mars. This is bigger, like one million times bigger than having our real estate deal, because for a real estate deal, it’s between two private parties. Registering officially a company means (at least in Germany) that you have to pay in CAPITAL, and the official registry is confirming (through a notary) that the capital is fully paid in, so that even if it is a Limited Liability Company, this limited liability is covered by a value, by capital. And we are using Rainbow Currency for that. This has never ever been done before, but we are doing it! And yes! That will be in the news and that will attract more people to say “What are you doing there? How did you do that? This is impossible to do.” Well this is possible! You need to think it first, and then you just need to do it. But you need to do it right, because we are talking about authorities here. We are talking about handling notaries, lawyers, CPAs, the contents, judges, because in Germany when its about being registered as a company, there is a special court for it.

With all that said, we are not willing to open our currency for anonymous transactions, which would attract the bad guys; we are not willing to open our currency for wild west trading, like all the other cryptocurrencies that are traded; we are not willing to hide from authorities like so many bogus projects out there. We are here to stay, we are here to disrupt industries, and we are here to make history.


Now, let us talk about Rainbow Currency’s exclusive exchange at CryptoCoinStreet (CCS). They are in the process of re-launching their website, and you can already see that all old orders are deleted, and the system is filling up with new orders. Now, together with the re-launch of CCS, come some new rules to protect our currencies. And this is where Cate takes over to tell you a little bit more about these rules.


So thank you for listening. Hopefully that was a bit entertaining and I really hope I have opened some eyes and some of you will think differently about what we are doing here. Once more, you should never just need to believe me. Check it out on the internet, and don’t believe in fairy tales. Check the facts, and you can find the facts and then you will see that we are right at what we do.

Thank you for listening …WAAAZZZZUBB! Bye, bye.



From Cate:

Thank you very much Dan.


Today we have new rules to talk about at CryptoCoinStreet (CCS). There has been so much feedback and so many ideas and suggestions from everyone and everything has been taken into account, so thank you everyone for sharing your influence. As Dan said, we are ready to protect our Rainbow Currency, so it can continue to grow and be a useful and valuable Cryptocurrency which is exactly where we want it to be and that is what we have.


Here are the updated rules our members need to know now that CCS is opening (also, how to trade their YEM on CCS):


1. The minimum Price for YEM of 1 cent, US$0.01, is still in effect and will not change – so do understand, US$0.01 is the bottom price, this will always be our safety net, the minimum price will NEVER go below US$0.01.

Whatever the trading price is, it can go up and down in small increments, which is, 0.0001 (as an example, right now on CCS, YEM is trading at US$0.0307).


2. Every member who is trading on CCS can only have 1 order per trading pair. For example, you can have 1 Sell YEM order and 1 Sell TEC order at a time. We’ll talk further down about how you can have more than one order and do bigger amounts, but it will not be on CCS. On CCS, you’re strictly limited to one order per trading pair at any given time. In addition to this, the order volume is limited for selling YEM to a maximum of 25,000 per one Sell order of YEM. For TEC, you’re limited to 250 TEC per Sell order.


These are the most important things that every Rainbow Currency holder, SafeZone and Unicorn Network member needs to know and understand about CCS.


Dan mentioned many different and very interesting facts and information previously talking about the value of Rainbow Currency. Rainbow Currency is one of the only true Cryptocurrencies that is a genuine true currency. Where it not only fulfills the current legal requirements, but also, is forward looking and already set up to fulfill future legal requirements, because that is what the authorities are doing, you see and hear it all the time in the media. The regulations are definitely on the way. And Rainbow Currency is prepared for that and is more than willing to do what is needed so everything stays above board. Rainbow Currency is NOT trying to hide from the authorities, especially the Rainbow Currency Foundation, which was created to talk with authorities (along with many other things) and we thank them for everything that they’re doing.

In addition, Rainbow Currency is the first cryptocurrency used in Germany for a real estate transaction; and, the first cryptocurrency, that we are aware of, that has been used for a transaction through a car dealership for a new car (at least in Germany it’s the first ever); and now, Dan just shared some very exciting news about a limited liability company being founded in Germany with Rainbow Currency as the assets, the capital, for the company to cover that limited liability. There are a lot of things happening where Rainbow Currency is the first and it won’t be the only transactions of these types with Rainbow Currency.

Many members are working on car deals of their own and we wish them all the best success with those transactions. In fact, there was a motorcycle purchased just a few weeks ago in Africa using RC. So more and more, you will see RC used as Your Everyday Money (YEM) for all those things that you want to buy. That is what it’s there for. So you have to think about these things when you think about the value of your YEM, your Rainbow Currency.


With CCS re-launching, we have already see sales of YEM and these were real transactions. They did their testing prior to their re-launching and yesterday they started opening up with a new back office. The transactions that you see now on CCS (from yesterday, Dec 4 and forward), are real transactions by real people with real money. And we have already seen Rainbow Currency traded at over US$0.03 per YEM, in fact, at US$0.0307, so a little more than 3 cents per YEM, and that’s fantastic! And absolutely going in the right direction.


We talked about when you place your order you can go up and down in that small increment. However, temporarily, while everyone is getting used to things, we are taking the time to explain to our members about these updates in CCS, there has been a temporary barrier that would not allow you to place an order below that last traded price of US$0.0307. However, as of this recap from today’s webinar (where we’ve shared this information with everyone) being published, that barrier is removed and so from now on, you will see free trading happening. So, the price will easily be able to go up and down.


What is most important that I want all of you to understand and keep in mind: last year, mostly the prices on the exchanges, and especially with CCS, have been dictated by a small, very tiny group of people. Really, they represent just about 2% of all YEM holders (a very small percentage). We know that about 98% of all YEM holders are not even trading on any exchange. So, now is the time, for all the rest of us (the 98%) to make our voices heard. Because, as mentioned, we are all limited to one trade on CCS per currency pair. But, for those of you who can or want to list your order on CCS, put the real value that you think. I have seen many comments in our social media rooms between people saying, “10 cents, 50 cents, a dollar, $5, $25.” Whatever the case, what is the real value, that YOU have for YOUR Rainbow Currency?


As it has always been said from the very beginning, “You want to TRADE SMART, and BE SMART about things!” So you as the YEM holder, you are the one who determines the value, because anyone wanting Rainbow Currency (apart from obtaining free YEM), has to get it from Rainbow Currency holders, that’s us, so we need to BE SMART as sellers – so, to repeat, set your Rainbow Currency value to whatever is a real value to you!


As we’ve repeatedly seen in the past year, lowering the YEM price does NOT create any demand, in fact, it creates the exact opposite. We’ve heard so many people with huge amounts of money who are interested in purchasing YEM, however, they see the value staying at just 1 cent and not going up, so they get scared and don’t want to participate, this is what drives them away.


The point is, first, by having a lower selling value, you’re throwing your money away, which you worked hard to receive; it’s yours, so you deserve to have all the awesomeness of it, all the awesomeness in life, we all do. So, be open at doing this and keeping your YEM value at the real value you think it is worth. As we’ve seen from the prices staying low, it’s very clearly not working – if you want things to improve in your life, you have to be prepared to change things, this includes your trades essentially! We can only give you informed ideas and insights, but essentially, it is up to you to make informed decisions, and BE SMART, so, don’t throw away your fortunes you’ve worked hard to get.


Do understand, when new people are coming to purchase YEM, the vast majority will take whatever the available price is, they will have no issue in paying it, as they will have gotten what they wanted which is Rainbow Currency! Keep in mind; do not pre-judge your buyers who are looking to purchase your Rainbow Currency. We saw this when we first began trading, people were purchasing Rainbow Currency at US$0.25 and more, right away, and they’re still willing, and much more. We’ve done so many more things over the course of the last year – more transactions, more real products, more real services have all been delivered and fulfilled.


It is important to understand how CCS works.

  • First, everyone needs to become a CCS member if not already one.

  • Then they need to verify their account.

  • Then they need to fund their (CCS) wallet.

  • In order to fund their wallet, they need to send a bank wire.

  • The bank wire needs to get processed through the bank and then through CCS.


This whole process may take several days for an individual, so especially during these next few days while things are starting to get going, be aware, it could take a bit of time before it all starts to move more rapidly, so have patience and understand the process buyers are having to go through right now to trade and make a purchase. So don’t get concerned as a seller in the next few days or a week, while everyone is getting signed up, funding their wallets and doing all the necessary things - stay strong.


From Dan:


I don’t know who’s listening here, but since we started the webinar, the price of BTC dropped from 3,900 to 3,750. As we said before in a webinar, “We are better than gold!”


About Cate’s last sentence, this is very important; you have to understand that people who want to come on board as investors and big buyers want to see the currency traded. For them it’s not important if it traded at 1 cent or 3 cents, or 30 cents. It’s not important what the number is, but it is very important for us. So now that the price is at US$0.0307, and that’s the point when I am able to connect with these guys who are interested but want to see some trading on board. So now I can show them. But that doesn’t mean they will run to their bank tomorrow. They have to go through a process that may take them several days before their account is verified. Don’t panic if you see there is only a few trades. This is really our second chance.

So Guys: USE IT!!

Please understand, low prices do not create demand. What we’ve achieved with Rainbow Currency, now THAT is creating demand. We will go out to the people, the press, journalists, TV stations. They will be interested in our story, but if they see a CCS flat rate at US$0.01, they will say it’s junk.

So, BE SMART! Let us do the right thing right now and December might make us very happy. It is in YOUR hands. So spread the word about what you have learned at today’s webinar; take the time to read the news; try to find evidence in your language, your country, and you will find it, no matter where you live. I know that you will find evidence, and that evidence regarding whatever we said in this webinar, is absolutely correct.

Then go out and talk to the people. Don’t convince them to do anything. Just tell them about it. The more of us doing that, the faster the media will pick up with this story. Thank you Guys, BE SMAAART!!



From Cate:

Thank you Dan, absolutely. For CCS, and everything you do, BE SMART. If you don’t know something, find others who can help you.


Now you know that on CCS trading is limited. 25,000 is the maximum you can trade with YEM and 250 is the maximum you can trade with TEC.

So how do you sell more in one transaction? The answer is TWNKLBUY. That is the place where you can place your order when you don’t care what the current price is, or you care, but not that much because you can set your minimum value. Right now, by default, on TwnklBuy, the minimum value a Sell YEM order is at, is US$0.01. You can adjust that minimum value, especially when you see trades are happening over 3 cents, (now, US$0.0307). Maybe you want your minimum value to be different; maybe, you want to have it even higher than 3 cents. The choice is up to you.


If you already have a Sell order and want to change the minimum price on TwnklBuy:

  • after login, go to “Your Orders” right at the top,

  • Go to the section where your order is located (either YEM or TEC),

  • click ‘Edit” next to the order you choose,

  • and then set your minimum price.


Be aware. Remember what the trading pair is for each of them. (YEM to USD;TEC to YEM). That means your minimum price on a Sell YEM order is going to be in USD, because that’s what you are trading your YEM for. However, for your minimum price on a Sell offer on TEC, you must put a YEM value.

(Another tip: You see the values of various currencies on the HOME page of TwnklBuy, be aware the values are listed in USD because those coins/tokens are being purchased with fiat through the TwnklBuy BUY service, so that info is there for those customers. If you are setting your minimum price on a SELL offer, BE SMART, remember the trading pair that is appropriate (YEM/USD or TEC/YEM) and set your minimum prices accordingly.)

Be smart and ask questions if you need help. There are so many people willing to help everyday and you know we have a new Support Hexagon in the SafeZone. Our Support Team is fantastic and we do appreciate everything they do to help all of us. Of course you can also ask in our community, in our chat rooms. But if you want the fastest answer, please use the Support Hexagon.

On TwnklBuy, there are no limits as far as the size of the orders that you can do. You can have multiple orders, because TwnklBuy is a MARKETPLACE (not an exchange), so it works a little bit differently than CCS. So we have the best of both worlds between CCS and TwnklBuy. And, as everything is finalized on CCS with these new updates, there are some updates happening also on TwnklBuy in order to make things clearer and easier for everyone to understand everything and be successful in their sales. So, keep all this in mind if you want to sell a larger order and if you’re not so specifically concerned with the price. Remember, TwnklBuy goes by the last trade on CCS.

To summarize, if you want to sell your Rainbow Currency for a specific price, use CCS; if you just want to sell some YEM, and maybe you know the Buyer already, or maybe you don’t, either way, you can do that on TwnklBuy.


But, be aware of your minimum price on TwnklBuy, that is your friend, a very valuable feature for yourself.

For example, to make sure everything was working correctly, I created a TEC order on TwnklBuy, but of course, I don’t want to lose my fee, because, if you delete your order you lose you fee, so I set my minimum price on my TEC order very high, which is how you can do things for yourself. You may have certain things you want to be visible at certain times, so use the minimum price to your advantage, that’s what it’s there for – to protect you, to give you peace of mind, because remember, when you set your minimum price on TwnklBuy, and the price on CCS goes below your minimum price, your order will not be seen on TwnklBuy. And, then when the price on CCS goes back to your minimum price or higher on TwnklBuy, your order will be seen again.


Think of it like a curtain; you have your order out, and when the price is right in your happy zone, then the curtains open and your order is in full view of everyone and they can purchase if they choose. Then, when the CCS price goes below your minimum TwnklBuy price, the curtain closes and your order price is hidden for a temporary time, until the CCS price goes up again into your happy area again and the curtain re-opens.


So keep that in mind: BE SMART always. That is essentially what I have to share today. Thank you all so much. We will of course have this recap out as quickly as possible for everyone. It will be posted in our community as always. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of day or night and we will see you all next time Wazzuuuuub , and all the best!


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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H. Many members have posted marketing material that can be used and shared, graphics and videos that can be shared, and ideas on better marketing practices. Always be mindful to personalize things that you use and be sure to keep information accurate. If you see something that you like that has not been given to share or use, always contact the owner of that material and ask their permission before doing anything with it.


I. If you create your own Pages, Groups, Blogs, etc., be sure you comply with the terms of use of the host. Be sure you comply with our Affiliate Guidelines for Social Media and Internet Activity. You can view them here:






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