Unicorn Network Webinar Recap
October 17, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski and Dan Settgast

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Topics in this recap:

1. Rainbow Currency/CCS updates

2. TwnklBuy updates

3. TwnklEstate updates

4. International Vacation Club (IVC) 

5. Twnkl Mobility Coin (TMC)

6. Special private limited offer

7. Biggest Talent updates

8. TwnklSoccer updates


Cate (CEO, Unicorn Network) introduces the Webinar and welcomes Dan.


From Dan:

Dear SafeZone Members, Dear Rainbow Currency Holders, Dear Unicorns,

My name is Dan Settgast, and I am one of the founders of our fast-growing network. Today I would like to share with you some exciting updates on our projects as well as on our everyday money, the Rainbow Currency.

As you might know, the Rainbow Currency has been founded by more than 3000 members of our Unicorn Network after we realized that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies would be a great addition to our network. At the same time (back in mid-2017), we realized that the current market of cryptocurrencies is dominated by illegal activities such as fraud, theft, blackmailing, money laundering, scams, just to name a few.

We were shocked, but we decided that the blockchain technology itself is too good to be ignored and thus, we decided to create our ‘own’ cryptocurrency. From the beginning, you can read it in the first webinar recaps about this topic; we focused on creating a real currency, independent and with only one purpose – to pay for goods and services.

A few months later we realized that being on a public blockchain means a loss of privacy for our members, a loss of control about what anonymous people do with our currency, and a by far, the too high risk of losing valuable money to cheaters, fraudsters, scammers, and hackers.

Thus, we decided to create our own blockchain, which launched about 2 months ago under the name TwnklChain. Our blockchain is very special, because it is private, not public, and it is centralized, not decentralized.


From Cate:

What does this mean exactly?

In private blockchains, the owner of the blockchain is a single entity or an enterprise which is in control of the blockchain. That’s why, in its true sense, it is not decentralized, but a centralized form of a distributed ledger or database with cryptography to secure it.

While decentralized, public blockchains support anonymous transactions and full transparency, a private blockchain supports security and privacy. On top of that, in comparison to a public blockchain it is much faster and cheaper because one doesn’t have to spend an enormous amount of energy, time and money to reach a consensus.

The higher security comes from the fact that a private blockchain cannot be edited/written or read by unauthorized parties:

Only accredited members can run a full node and start mining and/or staking.

Only accredited members can create tokens, coins, and smart contracts.

Only accredited members can review/audit the blockchain in a blockchain explorer.

Now, all this has been set up to assure a maximum of privacy and security for our currency holders, and at the same time, delivering the perfect amount of transparency for 100% trust. In short words, we have created the perfect blockchain for our network.

But having a perfect blockchain does not guarantee the success of any currency or token which is set up on this blockchain. Especially for the Rainbow Currency, we need to create demand, and this is nothing new. This is something we talked about and what we have worked on from the beginning.

Actually, we started creating demand even before we created the currency without knowing it, because the business part of our Unicorn Network is the perfect base for a successful cryptocurrency. But of course, we want more, and we need more demand. And at the same time, we need to fulfill all legal requirements in more than 200 different countries to be globally accepted as an official alternative for fiat currencies.

Here comes the Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF) into play. The RCF is totally independent from our Unicorn Network, and is representing the Rainbow Currency at summits, conferences, with authorities and governments on all continents while we, the Unicorn Network, are creating demand by adding more and more products and services that can be paid for with YEM.


From Dan:

Before I share some info about new products and services with you, let us talk about the real value of the Rainbow Currency. As of now, the current price for 1 YEM is 1 Cent or US$0.01, at least when we check where the price is fixed, which is at CryptoCoinStreet (CCS), our official exchange partner.

We can still see about 185,000 U.S. dollars’ worth of YEM for sale at US$0.01, which reflects less than 0.02% of the total supply. Additionally, we have the private market place at TwnklBuy.com, where Rainbow Currency holders can make public and private offers to sell YEM at the current CCS rate. Because the volume at TwnklBuy does not affect the price, there are no limits on the amount of YEM or the number of orders that can be placed by each member. Nevertheless, after a full week, there are just about 0.22% of the total supply listed for sale at TwnklBuy and CCS together. And even if you just count the RC in the hand of members, we are talking about roughly 0.7%. In other words, 99.3% of Rainbow Currency are not for sale at these low prices. It is a fact, that those very few members who listed their YEM for sale at US$0.01 (this magic 1 Cent) right now dictate the price for all of us, and nobody is happy about it.

You can rest assured, that these sellers are no dumpsters, they are simply in the urgent need of money, and some of them might have received their YEM  at a very low rate in return for their activity within our Unicorn Network. Those members with an urgent need for money, they did not choose this US$0.01 price because they like it, but because they have no other choice.

Those members who sell at US$0.01 because they think that it is already a great deal for them, I have bad news for you – you are lying to yourselves without realizing it. The fact is, that you lose a lot of money because the real value of Rainbow Currency is much higher. At the same time, it is YOU who are keeping all of us from seeing and developing the real value.

Well, in this case we can learn from other cryptocurrencies. Did you know that according to experts, 75% of all bitcoin trading is done without the exchanges? This second market is called OTC (over the counter). The OTC market places and platforms are used especially for bigger transactions.

Why? The lack of liquidity even on major exchanges is the big issue. Selling hundreds of millions of dollars of bitcoin on a public exchange in a short period of time could easily crash the market, especially if there are not enough buy orders set in place to liquidate large sell orders.

Now you know that bitcoin is the crypto dinosaur, and the BTC trading volume at exchanges is measured in the billions. But hey, we are exactly in the same situation. At CCS, there are sell orders piling up at bottom price, and there has been not enough liquidity to buy all of them. Additionally, we have had no OTC alternative for those sellers.

The good news is, now we have!

And you all know it already; it is our TwnklBuy MARKETPLACE. Now all these members who are willing to sell at cheap prices can do that at TwnklBuy. But why do we still have these 185k of U.S. dollar-value bottom-price offers? I would guess that many of the sellers simply did not hear about TwnklBuy yet. And yes, for sure, some sellers think to be smart and offer YEM at both places just not to miss out on anything. And again, you are hurting yourself first and all other currency holders, too.

We have discussed this with our experts, we have discussed this with CCS, we have discussed this in our Skype rooms with you, our members. Based on all the feedback – the concerns, the brainstorming, the ideas, we have found the solution that is PERFECT for our situation; not punishing or hurting anyone, but bringing more value, more trading, more benefits, and more opportunities to all of us.

Here is what we will do and what will bring our beautiful Rainbow Currency up in the air and flying high:

We have been informed by CCS that they are in the last 5% stage of creating a totally new user experience with not just a new design, but totally new functions at their online exchange. The current (soon to be old) CCS will go offline sometime next week and the new CCS will be online right after with more coins, more functions, more trading pairs, charts, info, histories for all coins and much, much more. Due to the launch of the new version of CCS, all existing order books will be cleared. Thus, all bottom-priced sell orders will be gone, as well as all higher-priced orders.

We are literally starting at zero when we are talking about the order books, but of course, we will keep our minimum price of US$0.01 as our safety net for Rainbow Currency. But something will be different. We have analyzed thousands of trades on other exchanges and we found out that 99.9% of all trades are below a value of US$1,000, 95% are below US$500, and still 90% are below US$100. Most of the bigger transactions are happening where? Right!  At the OTC markets.

Therefore, we decided to establish a new maximum limit for trades with Rainbow Currency at CCS, which is 25,000 YEM, (which is US$250) at 1 Cent, but $2,500 at 10 Cents. I know that the first new trade after the relaunch of CCS will be for sure a lot above 1 Cent. Please have in mind that we have already seen 25 Cents and more in January, and people who bought at these prices. Please do me a favor and don’t expect 25 Cents (right now), but I personally believe that we will be there sooner rather than later.

As CCS is closing and relaunching, I would suggest anyway to transfer all your YEM and TEC back to your PerNum Wallet as soon as possible and to wait for further announcements. (Just to be totally safe – as you know, the only 100% SafeZone safe place for your cryptocurrencies is your PerNum Wallet.)

And here is another very, very important piece of info. Talking about TwnklBuy, and especially the Buy Service for bigger buyers, from now on, we won’t close any deal at CCS. All Buy orders (through the Twnklbuy service), will be fulfilled at TwnklBuy, not at CCS. Thus, right now, your YEM at CCS are somewhat kind of stuck anyway.

My advice is, if you want or need to sell at bottom price, set up a public Sell order at TwnklBuy, if not, simply keep your YEM safe in your PerNum Wallet.

(Understand, it is optional to move your coins to your PerNum Wallet while CCS is upgraded; the recommendations given are based on the maximum standards that we follow for SafeZone so you have the most info to make your own decisions.)


From Cate:

As a bonus for all of you who have listed YEM between US$0.01 and 0.02 (at the time of the webinar, 11am USA Pacific), the Rainbow Currency Foundation agreed on extending their offer to refund your fees when you are transferring your YEM back to your PerNum Wallet until CCS goes offline. On top of that, all members who have done that so far, as well as all members who are doing this before the new deadline, will receive a reward of 1,000 YEM on top of the refund, and we, the Unicorn Network, decided to give you another 1,000 YEM as well for a total of 2,000 YEM as a reward simply for canceling your sell orders from 1 Cent to 2 Cents at CCS and transferring your YEM to your PerNum Wallet.

Ok, now let us talk about our newest baby, TwnklEstate. We have reached a new milestone by being the first company globally that is offering blockchain-based fractional owner rights (F.O.R.) in real estate literally starting at super-low budgets.

Some of you might have been unsatisfied when reading the info about the properties available. Of course, there will be much more info about each property – more pics, more data, and a calculator for potential benefits. This all based on the feedback from the last 48 hours. Please have in mind, that ‘Influence’ is one of our core values. We listen to our members and we develop projects the way the majority wants it, as long as it is reasonable. So, bad news for the ‘Free Ice Cream For All’ party, that won’t happen (haha).

Back to TwnklEstate! As promised, there will be a cancellation button for the first few properties, just in case you are not happy with your decision after having all info available. We decided anyway, not to add any properties today or tomorrow until we have the full range of info and services available. So, check back on a daily basis, for updates at www.twnkl.estate and please have in mind that this is just the start of an exciting journey. The properties that we have listed are absolutely the average properties. You are missing nothing when you don’t push the button because there are many more properties to be listed – office buildings, vacation homes, hotels and more.

We have seen many statements in our Skype rooms like, “I just bought real estate.” Please have in mind, that actually, you have made a reservation for participation in a smart contract that might or might not be activated in the future. Especially when talking with not-yet members (or prospective members), it is important not to create wrong expectations. But, of course, you are excited because it is exciting. I guess nobody would have expected 10 months ago that we are dealing with real estate versus our cryptocurrency today.

Regarding TwnklBuy: we are completing updates and improvements based on your feedback as well. Check it out and you will, for example, find that the search by YEM amount is now giving a range of results. Additionally, the guiding through the SELL YEM process is much clearer now regarding fees and options.

And let me tell you folks:  this is really happening!  We have already started receiving the first payments through the escrow process. These are bank wire payments. So, it will take time for the payment to be received and processed. Think about it. If you want to go send a bank wire, wherever in the world you are sending it, it’s going to take time. First of all, you have to make it to the bank to send a bank wire, or maybe you are lucky and you can do online banking. Either way, it takes a moment. Then that money has to travel through the network and reach its destination and then be processed by the team; and we all know banks only work from Monday to Friday when it’s not a holiday.  So, have patience when it comes to that.

One thing that you can do now, especially if you have a sell YEM order on TwnklBuy, is make sure your CASHOUT PROFILE is completed.  Because if you have a sell offer, and someone purchases it, and they click the escrow payment option to complete their payment, you need your CASHOUT PROFILE complete so when that payment comes in through the escrow service, the team at CCS can match it up with your account. So, do take care of those things ahead of time, that will make it much faster. And understand, we are going to be adding even more updates and improvements to the TwnklBuy site as a whole.

If you ever have any challenges, the easiest way to get assistance, is to use our new Support hexagon in the SafeZone; just click on the hexagon, fill out the easy form, click your topic (for example, if you have a question on TwnklBuy, then you would select TwnklBuy), write your message and submit. We have a fabulous Support Team, as you all know, who work extremely hard to answering replies, so do use those resources.


From Dan:

Now let us talk about new demand-creating projects in the making. Some of them will be available soon, some of them might need a little time, but all of them are in development.


1) TwnklCar

We will have the first car from an official car dealer at auction next Monday. It will be a Hyundai, and it will be listed at TwnklBds, our auctions platform, with a minimum bid of just 1 YEM. The car is located in Germany, so if you are the winner you will need to pick it up in Germany or arrange and pay for any transport, just to let you know.

And this first car is just the beginning. We are already preparing the next deal, the Twnkl Mobility Club, where members will be able to buy a new car to their liking at highly discounted rates with our brand new Twnkl Mobility Coin or TMC. Exactly like TEC, the Twnkl Estate Coin, you will be able to buy TMC for YEM only, and of course, TMC will be listed at the new CCS after relaunch.

For those of you who don’t want to own a whole car, we will have a blockchain-based car-sharing model, preferably with electric cars. We are even negotiating with an electro bus company about adding public transportation in selected areas to our portfolio.

And all that can be paid for with TMC; one of our group of cryptocurrencies as we need to say now.


2) International Vacation Club (IVC)

As an IVC member you will have the benefit of second-to-none deeply discounted hotel rooms. And you will pay for them – TADAAA! – with the soon-to-be-launched Twnkl Vacation Coin or TVC. Imagine up to 99% discount on hotel rooms; and once more, you pay with cryptocurrency (TVC). The same procedure here (as with TEC and TMC), the TVC will be available only at CCS, and only versus YEM after relaunch.

And for both coins, we will have a very special pre-order offer for all Rainbow Currency holders, so be sure to stay tuned for short-term updates. (See more below.)

And there is more good news: the Twnkl Proof of Stake (PoS) pool will open in a few days as well! That is where you will receive YEM in return for participating in the PoS pool. This means you park some of your YEM in that pool, and in return, we are running 2 nodes for transaction confirmations for TwnklChain; and you will receive your part of the fees that are paid on the TwnklChain for those transactions.

Now, here is one last topic for all those of you who can afford to participate in a very special offer:

We want to support our members who are desperately waiting to sell some YEM to cover urgent needs. Additionally, we want to be prepared just in case, that after CCS relaunch, we still see some members offering YEM at much too low rates. Thus, we decided to offer a special package to you which includes YEM, TMC, and TVC at a discounted rate, but for this special offer, you will have to pay in USD or Euros. The funds will be used to buy some TwnklBuy MARKETPLACE orders, as well, to build a reserve fund for buying cheap YEM offers at CCS after relaunch. Just in case that happens, we want to be prepared. Please check www.safe.zone for a SPECIAL OFFER Hexagon.

That’s all for today folks, we hope you enjoyed the webinar. The recap will be out very soon. Stay tuned, Waaaaaazzzzzzuuuuub, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always happy health!


From Cate:

Some further updates to discuss before we finish:

Round 2 Battle of the Countries phase is happening right now at Biggest Talent. If you have not done so yet, there are still a few days to place your votes as all the battles are still open right now. Vote now by going to www.biggesttalent.com to pick your favorites – this competition is going from 16 artists down to 8 artists, so 8 battles going on right now.

And a final update; TwnklSoccer!

For those of you who do not realize, the 80th game has been played, which means, it is closed for new people to join (so stop any TwnklSoccer promotions if you are doing them); and regarding the soccer matches played for October, those have also ended. The next time you can pick your favorites on TwnklSoccer is next month. We will have updates for you as to when those next games will be put on TwnklSoccer, so keep your eyes open for that.

As I mentioned previously, we have a new Support Hexagon in the SafeZone, so if you have any questions to raise about anything (we have around 13 projects with many more in the wings), this will be the quickest and easiest way to get support. For receiving a reply to your message, check your PerNum Messenger for messages by logging in to www.pernum.com; there will be other updates happening there very soon as well.

That’s it for today, thank you all so much – remember to download your free e-book and vote on the next one at EBOOX, more updates happening there too; keep checking to see if you’ve won a prize at Prize Mania – persistence pays off! (Just as Sasa Kristic.) Thank you all for joining us and all the best, Waaaaaazzzzzzuuuuub!


With your success in mind,


Cate Kozikowski, Dan Settgast, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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