TWNKLCHAIN Webinar recap
August 15, 2018
Presented by: Cate Kozikowski and Lora Bilger

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Topics in this recap:

1. TWNKLCHAIN launch.


From Cate:

Dear Unicorn Members and dear Rainbow Currency Holders,

Today we have reached another milestone. Today is the launch of the TWNKLCHAIN. On the TWNKLCHAIN website it says, ‘a new dimension of blockchain technology’. Actually, TWNKLCHAIN is more than a blockchain; it is the best of blockchain technology, combined with all the benefits of our SafeZone. Imagine: fast, secure, transparent, low transactions fees with maximum privacy. Imagine a network so fast that you can make instant payments all around the world; online, as well as, at the point of sale. Imagine a network in compliance with all federal laws, literally leaving no room for the bad guys (who love Bitcoin and Co. because of the anonymity).

Imagine a technology that is perfectly set up; not just for payment transactions, but for all kinds of smart contracts, including, but not limited to, the management of real-estate portfolios and real-estate transactions.

Right from the start, there will be five coins and tokens that can call TWNKLCHAIN their new home. First, and most important, is the Rainbow Currency (trading symbol TWNKL), our global everyday money.


I am happy to introduce our guest for today, Lora Bilger, Vice President of the Rainbow Currency Foundation.

She will share with us some more information from the Rainbow Currency Foundation. Welcome, Lora!


From Lora:

Dear Rainbow Currency Holders, I am Lora Bilger, Director and Vice President of the Rainbow Currency Foundation and I am happy to be here with you on this very special day.

Since the launch of our Rainbow Currency on the Ethereum blockchain, we realized that the public blockchains are not the right environment for our high-quality virtual currency.

Don’t get me wrong, the blockchain technology itself is safe and secure.

But obviously, the public blockchains are slow: a simple transaction can take up to several weeks.

The public blockchains are expensive: fees for a transaction can easily reach 10%, 20% or even more.

Public blockchains are too transparent: 100% transparency leads to a situation where everybody can see your full balances and every single transaction including receiver and amount.

It is like posting your bank statements on a social network.

Public blockchains are not convenient: public keys, private keys, flexible fees, different wallet systems; these are just a few hurdles for the daily usage.

The TWNKLCHAIN is the perfect solution for our Rainbow Currency; fast, cheap, secure transactions, maximum privacy, but no anonymity, no room for fraud, the right amount of transparency—in short words, the perfect environment for your everyday money.

On behalf of the whole board of Directors or the Rainbow Currency Foundation, I want to give thanks to the Founders of Unicorn, all directors, the support personnel, the programmers and our specialists for blockchain technology, for their tremendous work they are accomplishing for all of us.

Additionally, I want to give thanks to the hundreds, if not thousands, of members who are, and have been, very supportive and patient when we faced setbacks, and many who are supporting others wherever they can.

Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you all happiness, great success and well-being.


From Cate:

Thank you very much, Lora!

So, let us have a deeper look at our TWNKLCHAIN. According to the developers, the TWNKLCHAIN is a private blockchain system which is built on a system to hold chains of data, along with balances, confirmation of numbers, and indexes.

What this leads to is, that this speeds up the access to the information, as and when required.

Basically, only our own internal systems can write to it. At the time of this writing, it can be read by our internal systems as well.

Also, it can handle thousands of payment requests in one second with the ability to group a number of transactions together into a block of data. Each block of data contains its own Hash value, which is calculated using the data from the previous block.

In a nutshell, we’re talking about the basics of blockchain technology. Some of you listening maybe understand all this stuff already, and that is great, but others are maybe very new to this. So I want to take an extra moment here, and make sure we all stay on the same page. This part is a bit technical, because we are talking about the TWNKLCHAIN and what this means for us as a Rainbow Currency holder in the SafeZone, and in the Unicorn Network.

What I just talked about there is the basics of how blockchain works. It is a system of gathering data, confirming numbers, balances, indexes, and then grouping that data together in what’s called a block and a chain. That’s why they call it a blockchain.

Once the data is written to a block, it is never updated again and cannot be manipulated.

Any attempt to try and update the blockchain with extra transactions, will result in them being rejected. Every time a block is examined to review transactions, it double checks the Hash values to verify the authenticity.

This particular blockchain has been developed to handle any number of Asset Types.

At the time of transactions, the Fiat currency equivalent is also calculated and recorded, based on the registered and verified country-of-residence of the sending and receiving account holders.

Now, what does this mean for the daily usage for you as a currency holder?

For a consumer, it is important that a payment process is secure, fast, cheap, and convenient. With TWNKLCHAIN we have all of that covered. Your PerNum is your wallet ID; in other words, your account number. Your wallet is secured by our state-of-the-art 2-factor authentication (your password and the One-time PIN).

What this means, is that you have the transparency and the security, as well as the privacy, that you want with TWNKLCHAIN. You have the basics of the blockchain, and then on top of that, you have the security and privacy features of the SafeZone. So you have the best of both worlds. And this is a private blockchain; so of course now, as we’ve talked about, it will be having 5 different coins and tokens on it to begin with. So of course, there is always the possibility of additional coins and tokens being listed on the TWNKLCHAIN; as well, with future developments or partnerships—however it works out.

So, you have all of those great things. You have the 2-factor authentication from the SafeZone that is not dependent on a secondary device. Because the challenge is when you have these other 2-factor authentications where it uses a mobile device and you receive the code there, it is a false sense of security.

I was just reading an article this morning about how a person is suing AT&T in the USA because AT&T, a phone company, allowed a hacker to have a new SIM card for this person’s phone. So then, this hacker got 24 million dollars of cryptocurrency because they were able to get the SIM card duplicated and steal this other gentleman’s data and cryptocurrency!

So, with our 2-factor authentication the way we have it in the SafeZone, if you don’t give that information to someone, they can’t have it. First, because the only person who has your Master PIN is you; and it is encrypted in the database. We can’t see it, and by “we” we mean WE as the administration, or the support team, or anyone who is helping you with any kind of support challenge that you have. We cannot give you that information—because we don’t have it! So, it is only you and the system that have that information. And the system has it encrypted. And that’s it!

So this is revolutionary because it has those security features that we all have come to expect and love in our modern world; however, it is not dependent on the technology as far as you needing a secondary device just to get a code; or someone taking your device, or you forgetting where you put your device.

Of course, you always have to keep your credentials safe. You are always responsible for your own security in that regard. But, you still can’t hack a piece of paper (haha)—and that’s really great!

As much as we keep moving forward with technology, it is also good to understand that sometimes the good old-fashioned way to do something, really is one of the best ways.

So we combine all of that together: technology, old-fashioned common sense, as well as innovative thinking and finding solutions to challenges that we face every day. And that’s what it’s all about.

So with TWNKLCHAIN, you have all the security you want, and the privacy that you want with your PerNum. It is not about being anonymous, it is about being private; it is about keeping your personal data in your control. A lot of these other companies out there, when you sign up, they make the maximum amount of data that you share as default. If you want to restrict anything, you have to go in; and sometimes it is multiple steps, multiple menus, and you don’t even know where to look half the time. They obfuscate things, try and make it very misleading, or make you feel like you’re going to miss out if you don’t give them your data—all of that is wrong!

We do things common sense-wise; simple, clear, easy. In the Unicorn Network and all of the SafeZone you decide what information is shared, how and when it is shared, and who has access to that. And it’s all through your PerNum. We have just launched recently into the beta-testing stage the PERNUM Messenger, which is a simple message system within in order for you to communicate with your First Generation, and the person who invited you.

It is very simple, but it solves a challenge that we have had of not being able to communicate with your Generations. It is very easy to use, you simply use PerNums. And you, as the person who is receiving messages, you decide who can send you messages, and who can’t. You can choose not to get a message from the person who invited you. So, it is up to you. I would not recommend it, just because of how our system is working, you know with everyone helping each other. You know “We share success. We care, and We share.” That’s what this whole thing is all about—a global internet family.

And so, this is one amazing milestone that we are reaching today. I am so happy, excited and proud of all of us, and so thankful for everyone in the teams and everything that they do every day; and everyone in our global family. Honestly, we, all of us together, are the Power of WE, and WE appreciate all of us!


What other currencies are included on the TWNKLCHAIN?

- SOLR, for Solario. This will be listed on the TWNKLCHAIN.

- TEC, TwinkleEstate Coin. That will also be listed on the TWNKLCHAIN.

- CBMD & CBMT (Cashback Marketing Units). CBMD: Dollar-based Units. CBMT: TWNKL-based Units. Both of these will be on the TWNKLCHAIN.

And, we will have a lot of information coming out in the next couple of days. We’re giving you all this information, step by step, so that everyone can

1) understand;

2) verify certain things throughout this process;

3) know the changes and how this effects them;

4) have confidence that you understand what is going on, and what steps are being taken.

Tomorrow we have another webinar where we will speak specifically about each of these other coins and tokens that will be listed on the TWNKLCHAIN. And I do want to clarify something; do understand, these other coins and tokens—not all of them are currencies. We only have two currencies: we have Rainbow Currency, of course; our everyday money. And we have TEC, the TwnklEstate Coin; our everyday money for real estate—it’s really all about real estate.

And the reason that there are two separate ones is because there are legal things, legal requirements that need to be very specific for real estate. This way, it keeps it separated and easy to grow, easy to maintain, easy to see how it all works, and what keeps it together. And we’re going to have a ton of information about that on Friday.

Today’s webinar is a general webinar, introducing all these things to everyone, and answering some basic questions. On tomorrow’s webinar, we’re going to talk about the different coins and tokens that will be on the TWNKLCHAIN. And we will talk more about your PerNum Wallet, which is going through a bit of a re-design process right now; some extra information is going to be included (as standard) in every transaction, everything that happens in your wallet there.

Do come to the webinars this week! We also may have a fourth webinar. We’ll have more information about that when it gets closer—maybe on Saturday or Monday. We will have to see. There is a LOT of information we want to get out to everyone; and we want to make sure that you all have the information that you need, as quickly as possible.

Understand, TWNKLCHAIN is more than just a blockchain. It is a blockchain with our SafeZone and Unicorn Network functions, features, and standards.

Now, once this move is done, we can focus ourselves on the next steps that we want to do.

With everything happening, let’s talk about some of the challenges that we have gone through in these last several months:

With the completion of our move to the TWNKLCHAIN (it’s already happened as far as the steps that we’ve taken to stop the public blockchain usage within the SafeZone), all of the Rainbow Currency that was possible is now in the SafeZone, so it can be “migrated” to the TWNKLCHAIN. You may have seen some of the updates that were posted in our community yesterday. All of the transfer functions have been temporarily disabled; so you cannot (presently) move any TWNKL from your PerNum Wallet to anywhere else right now. It is safe in your PerNum Wallet, not going anywhere, until everything is connected completely.

So, just be aware of that. This also means that places like TWNKLBDS, you cannot move Twinkles to and from that wallet. I believe the bidding is still available to do, because that’s an internal thing; and it doesn’t actually move the Twinkles outside of TWNKLBDS. So, that’s totally fine. But, as far as the transferring out of TWNKLBDS, or in to TWNKLBDS; you have to wait on that right now. And as far as purchasing the Cashback Marketing Units, those are also temporarily disabled—as well as the trading on CryptoCoinStreet; because all of these things are all the moving pieces that are all being updated at the exact same time, right now.

We, of course, will keep everyone updated as everything comes back online; and it definitely will be happening very rapidly. It’s the Team’s goal to get this all done very quickly. In the next couple of days, you’ll see all the different functions coming back online.

Now that this move is done, we can force the remaining exchange to de-list our old token, which has been renamed to MOVED. The fact of the matter is, whatever MOVED tokens are being traded on this other exchange right now—essentially all they’re doing is trading them; and it has no other value besides that. It doesn’t even have a value there; because if all you can do is buy and sell it, why are you even buying and selling it? What point do you have in having it? So, be wary with those things.

The fact of the matter is: they were notified properly, respectfully, the way that business should be done; and they chose to take no action, and to put forward false statements. I saw them doing that yesterday—very unfortunate. So, we will keep everyone posted on what is going on with that.

As far as other folks who may have been victims of fraud or theft, or had other challenges with exchanges; as we’ve talked about, we will have some solutions and we will have more information about that within the next few days. So, please have patience, as we also have been posting in our community: if you were a victim of one of these crimes or challenges, do save your evidence, your verification, your proof; so that way we can verify those claims at that time. So, hold on to that stuff, and keep it handy so you’ll have it when you need it. And, we will keep everyone posted on that.

Of course, as we’ve also talked about, as far as people who wrongly transferred TWNKL to the contact address, again we will have some more information for you in the next couple of days. We will definitely have updates for you there.

Now, with all this, we also have a TON of great news for everyone. A lot of this has to do with everything that we are doing. All the pieces are coming together, folks. We started, in September of last year, with ONE hexagon in the SafeZone! Now we have a bunch of hexagons, and we need to make more hexagons, because we have more projects that are in the SafeZone that are not in hexagons.

So, we’re doing great things, and we’re updating everything step by step; and really we’re at the point now, where we have our solid foundation. We’re just polishing things and putting in the last few pieces, which is fabulous. So, in less than a year, we’ve gotten our solid foundation under us; so this is really amazing with this TWNKLCHAIN milestone that we are reaching today. It’s amazing! I’m really so excited.

Especially for the launch of TEC on Friday. I know LOTS of people are looking forward to purchasing homes, renting homes, buying property, selling property—all kinds of stuff. It’s so exciting.

And, I have even more great news: with this move, we (as in the Rainbow Currency Foundation, as in CryptoCoinStreet, and all the partners involved there) are in contact with CoinMarketCap. Remember we talked about this a while back, about having CryptoCoinStreet listed as an exchange on CoinMarketCap; and, as a second step, to have, not just Rainbow Currency, but also all 5 coins and tokens: so, Rainbow Currency, SOLR, TEC, CBMD, CBMT—all of them to be listed, including CryptoCoinStreet as an exchange, on CoinMarketCap. That’s what’s being worked on right now.

So, rest assured folks, when we tell you something and say, “Hey, this is something we’re working on,” and then a whole bunch of challenges get in the way—don’t worry, we’re still working on the things that we told you we’re working on! So, everything’s fine. Just like in life, things happen and you have to roll with the punches, so to speak. And, we, of course, do that in business life as well.

This is a very open company. We tell you what’s going on. In a lot of other ones, everything is secret, secret, secret; then maybe they “leak” something to get some attention. Then all of a sudden, kaboom, “Here, we have it!” We’re different. We like to get your feedback in the process. So, we tell you about things: “Hey, we’re working on this. We’re doing this.” And we look for your feedback, because INFLUENCE is one of our core values in the Unicorn Network. We really do want to hear from you. We really want to create the thing that we all want, anytime we’re doing a project. Always understand that. So, this is so exciting!

As I mentioned, do understand, that the only virtual currencies that are a part of the SafeZone and Unicorn Network family are the Rainbow Currency and the TwnklEstate Coin. SOLR from Solario, and CBMD and CBMT from Cashback Marketing are definitely not currencies. They are utility tokens. A SOLR represents 100 kWh of solar energy; so, that’s using solar energy. The Marketing Units are about marketing. That’s about marketing budget. So, obviously those are not currencies; so, do just keep that in mind.

On CoinMarketCap most of the things they have listed there are actually tokens, even though they call themselves cryptocurrencies, or whatever. And, we’ve talked about this before, too. So, we do our best to be very specific about what we are, and what we are not. So, that keeps it clear for everyone—whether you’re an authority or not, either way—we want you to understand clearly what’s going on.

So, that’s really awesome. Within the next couple of weeks, we anticipate having things more finalized with CoinMarketCap, and so we will keep you all posted. Very exciting things are happening already in the pipeline.

Now, what else do you need to know? What do you need to prepare for, during this time for the TWNKLCHAIN to be launched? As I mentioned, today’s webinar was just a general overview, making sure we answered your questions, making sure that you understand what’s happening.

Tomorrow, what’s going to happen is the first step (for what you can do) during this TWNKLCHAIN launch; and that is, first, after the launch, you’ll be able to check and confirm all of your balances. This is very important. Everything right now is migrating from the previous ways of being done, with the Ethereum blockchain, and all of that. Everything has been paused—so no transfers, no more balance changes can occur, and it’s all being migrated over to the TWNKLCHAIN.

So, this is the first step and will be done together in the webinar, or shortly thereafter. And everyone will be able to log in and check their balances. Of course, only 4 coins and tokens will be displayed because the TEC, as I’ve mentioned, will be talked about on Friday. So, remember we have a webinar happening on Friday about TEC.

Now, I know that everyone has been so excited. I think we’ve hit records with the TEC. Honestly, throughout this process we were thinking, “Well, if we get 100,000,000 in TEC that will be really cool.” And, then we went past that, and we said, “Ok, if we get 140,000,000, that’ll be really cool,” and then we went past that! So, after some verifications and things have been all settled, the final number will be 166,000,000 TEC! There are some orders that were placed that are just not verified yet. I know if you log in, the number is a bit different, but the final number is (around) 166,000,000 TEC. This is so cool.

That means that 16.6 billion TWNKL are in TEC, which is really fantastic and lots of exciting things are happening with that.

What else do you need to know? As I’ve mentioned: transactions. I’ve mentioned that they are paused right now; and before we can allow any new transactions to happen, we need to be sure that everyone has confirmed their balances. So, that’s why we’re going to have that next step first, and give everyone time to make sure that everything is good. Because as we talked about in the beginning, once everything is all set, to change something later may be very complicated, and may not even be possible, depending on what it is exactly.

So, it’s very important that we’re doing everything we can to make sure this is as smooth of a process as possible for everyone; so, we are having that time. And then transactions are expected to be activated on Friday after the TEC pre-orders have been processed. Remember, for the pre-sale of TEC, your TWNKL are on escrow. That is just that they are held separately—you can’t touch them, we can’t touch them. Nobody touches them until the orders are executed. That will happen on Friday, probably after or during the webinar time. So, you know your pre-order is in the system, and it will be executed on Friday.

The webinar tomorrow will cover more on these topics; about the 5 coins and tokens, and the new design of your PerNum Wallet, so you can understand the extra information that is listed there. We briefly touched on PERNUMPAY, but we will talk more about PERNUMPAY on Friday; so be aware of that.

So, do understand that this is a little bit of a process, but everything is done with perfect timing and with high care from the whole team. Rest assured, that everything is getting done as it should and needs to be. So, that is excellent. And, of course, Friday’s webinar is about TEC; and as I mentioned, we may have another webinar. There’s a lot of information that is coming out, so we will keep you posted in our community for information about that.

Now, as far as any other last-minute updates from my end; I do want to mention that some people, before the deadline, had some challenges. I know some exchanges were holding onto their funds, or making the transactions take a long time, and there were various other things happening; there were some transactions that were processing from the public wallet, like MyEtherWallet (MEW), into the PerNum Wallet. I know that some of them were stuck. The members had done the right thing before the time; everything was correct, but the transaction was just taking a while, due to traffic or what have you.

The good news is that those were cleared before all this TWNKLCHAIN switch happened; so, you should be able to see those (in your balance). For those people who were affected, do check your wallets and your balances. You should see that has been completed. I know the Team worked on that right afterwards, as soon as they were released.

I know a lot of things were processed—like 3 hours later, vroom! It all came in! Hopefully, if you had that challenge, everything is all set for you.

And, definitely I want to say a huge “Thank you!” to all of our Team members. I know they have been working day and night to make sure that for all of our members, as much as possible is handled and taken care of. We appreciate all of you.

As far as updates from my end, that’s about it for today. Thank you so much everyone for joining us. We appreciate all of you. We’ll keep you posted in our upcoming webinars, and our community.

Thank you, everyone! Thank you, Lora, for speaking. We appreciate everyone in the Rainbow Currency Foundation Board of Directors. Thank you very much!

And we’ll play a little tune. How about a funny commercial? This one is one of my favorites. (EEBOOX video shown)

Thanks everybody! Have a great rest of your week, and we will see you next time. WAAAZZZUUUBBB! All the best to everyone. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Lora Bilger, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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