Rainbow Coin ICO Webinar Recap
November 6, 2017
Presented by: Dan Settgast


As we can see, Carlton is very excited; so am I, and I have a strong feeling, so are you!

So, guys, let’s make it short and sweet, because we are all very, very excited; and I know you are all waiting for your Reflinks, and the new website for our ICO launch to go online. So, let us make it short and sweet, and to the point.

Of course, I will have some exciting info for you. And I’m pretty sure some general info as well, that might help you when talking with people about our Rainbow Currency.

The first and most important info: as of now, we are ON TRACK for launching our ICO in about 4 to 5 hours from now. Before we do that, of course, we need to talk about a few things; so let us start with that.

It is important to understand that Rainbow Currency is NOT an investment into a certain project. When you own Rainbow Currency, you are not holding any partnership, stock, or revenue share rights. You simply hold a smart, new cryptocurrency that has been built to make global and local payment processes safer, cheaper, and easier.

As you might know, after ICO, the currency will be managed, controlled, and represented by the Rainbow Foundation; which is a non-profit foundation to be registered here in the United States. The board of the Rainbow Foundation will consist of seven people, which will be elected by all currency holders from seven different continents and regions. Thus, it is guaranteed that no one will be able to change the rules, or manipulate the currency.

When we’re talking about cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry right now is going viral, or at least it feels like that. In fact, less than 0.2% of all internet users OWN any cryptocurrency; and only about 0.1% of all businesses accept cryptocurrency as a payment. You know that the best known cryptocurrency out there is the bitcoin; and what I’ve learned about the bitcoin so far is, “Well, it is decentralized. It gives the power back to the people; and we don’t need banks anymore, and everything is very easy to handle.”

So, when I dug a little deeper, I was very surprised what kind of facts I found. Generally, cryptocurrencies have some kind of a bad reputation; because criminals use cryptocurrencies for money laundering, and other criminal activities. On top of that, I had to learn that it is not cheap to send a small amount of bitcoins to another person. The fees are definitely higher than what you have to pay, for example, with a credit card, or through services like PayPal. 

Additionally, I had to learn that this transparency, of course, is very nice so that people, and especially governments, are not able to manipulate the currency; but that means that every single transaction and wallet balance can be checked by every person, any time. Of course, that is good, again to keep manipulation out of there; but which consumer really wants that every single transaction can be watched, and followed by every person on this planet? 

Of course, they are creating solutions. I can already hear the tech guys, “Yeah, but then, you just need to install this or install that, to mask or hide your wallet; or to have wallets with many different public keys, or whatever.” But, hey guys, that doesn’t make this system EASIER; and, for sure, that doesn’t make the system more comfortable for users.

With all this talking about “decentralized” and “giving the power back to the people,” and “not having a monopoly” and all that stuff; do you know which fact really shocked me the most? Well, that is the fact that just 4% of all wallet addresses own about 96.5% of all bitcoins. So, that means from the other point of view, that nearly 96% of all wallets put together have about 3.5% of all bitcoins. In other words, for the bitcoin we already have exactly the same structure, or maybe even WORSE than the situation with the regular currencies. So, honestly this was very shocking for me.

Then, of course, I’ve heard about this “mining” thing. Of course, that sounds pretty cool. You just let your computer do some processing, and BLOOP, here we go! You’ve earned a bitcoin, or a fraction of it. Guys, mining is already an industry! You have companies all around the world, and I’ve learned that the leading country here is CHINA.

So, for the mining, it is exactly the same. It might have been a nice idea for the masses to be able to mine some currency; but in the real world (and that’s where we are living), it is again some “big guys” controlling everything. And now, they can even stay anonymous.

So Rainbow Currency has been created to solve these problems.

The number one problem—the maximum bitcoins that will ever exist is just 21,000,000 units. For sure, for a currency that is not enough to be used as a global currency. As a result, you have prices like 0.0000001 bitcoin. How crazy is that? Can you imagine in the supermarket counting the zeros on a price tag? 

That is why we have created our Rainbow Currency with 100 billion coins available. And therefore, of course, our currency compared to bitcoin means that one of our coins is not US$7,000(plus); but if we would be on the same market capitalization, it would be just US$1.20. But hey, that is a price range where people are normally calculating. Most payments are below US$100.

Talking about small payments and high fees with some cryptocurrencies, thanks to a unique, two-wallet solution, that we have created for the Rainbow Currency, we have the whole currency always fully transparent, decentralized and safe in the blockchain; while everyday payments for shopping and services can be made online, and at point of sale (POS)—fast, secure, and without fees. Guys, from OUR point of view that is what money, what a currency, is there for—to use it every day. But right now, it is impossible with other cryptocurrencies.

So, for our Rainbow Currency, now at the start, it is less about fancy, futuristic technical solutions; but it is about the PEOPLE, and about delivering the solution that is suitable for consumers like you and me. And remember, 99.8% of all internet users have ZERO cryptocurrency—and that is what we want to change.

I think I told you on the last webinar that we are already receiving requests from business owners, from social networks, and from manufacturers, if and how they can be a part of the Rainbow Currency.

On top of that, we already have the first cryptocurrency exchange that has confirmed that they will trade the Rainbow Currency starting November 15, 2017. They have already bought 20,000,000 Twinkles, so that they are able to fulfill orders when they start trading. 

Between today and November 15th, there is our ICO, our Initial Coin Offering. Then, we have fixed prices every day, and we have a strictly limited amount of coins available; and we PAY YOU, when you invite someone, and they order Rainbow Currency; of course, if they pay for it. We pay you the commission, and we pay Family Bonuses. Therefore, of course, you need your Reflinks.

And yes, we have a few hours left. What I can tell you is that, of course, the ICO will be handled within our SafeZone. That means whoever wants to order Rainbow Currency, they will need a PerNum, and they will need to have their Master PIN setup. I have read many, many messages that you have literally lined up people; so, my recommendation would be to connect with them NOW, give them a SafeZone Invitation Code, and let them sign up, so that they are ready to order when our website goes live.

Because based on the feedback that I have received, I am confident that we will be sold-out today very, very fast. And when I say today, I mean for the supply that we offer for the next 24 hours. That is just 300,000,000 coins. So whatever happens first−300,000,000 coins sold, or the 24 hours over−exactly 24 hours later, the price will go up. You will find all this information on the website, and I have explained it before, so I won’t repeat it. So, use the time; be prepared.

It really makes sense to WAIT until the website is online; talking about your personal Reflink for rainbowcurrency.com. Because please have in mind that we are launching a brand new website in a couple of hours. If you hand out your Reflink now, and they don’t see this website—they see the placeholder (at present); and, how would you make sure that they will come BACK? And if they do come back, how can you be sure that they would use your Reflink again? Because when we upload a brand new website, the cookies might not work. 

So, talking about the Rainbow Currency Reflinks, you will find them when you log in to the brand new Rainbow Currency website. Again, my recommendation is that you use the next hours to get people signed up in the SafeZone; and then they are in your First Generation, and they have their PerNum and Master PIN setup; so then, they can right away log in and place an order.

So, before I let you go, I would like to answer one more question that I have been asked several times in the last few days; and that is how and why our Rainbow Currency is safer—especially when it is about keeping the bad guys out of there.

I’ve told you before that we have created this unique two-wallet solution, so one is this blockchain wallet—anonymous. Well, there exactly is the challenge: if it is anonymous, it is some kind of “in the dark.” And, of course, we want to USE the blockchain technology—but with our SECOND WALLET. If you want to use your wallet for shopping, or to pay for services, then you transfer an amount to your SECOND wallet. And to be able to use the second wallet, and to make payments by accredited business partners, you have to go through a verification process. You need to identify yourself; and the same goes for accredited business partners. 

Of course, we do not recommend to make any business payments outside the system. And of course, you can still do that, but the way we do it, we make it some kind of difficult and uncomfortable for the bad guys to participate in our system. Hey, no problem—there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there; so they can use those.

So, one more time, here is some important info about payment options. People will be able to pay with bitcoins, with ether, and through bank accounts; so bank wire or direct deposits. We have a bank account in Europe, and we have a bank account in the United States available. Due to all these cheaters and fraudsters, and due to all these stolen and hacked credit cards out there, we decided NOT to accept any credit card payments during the public ICO. Please understand it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to do this for the ICO itself.

(For those with credit card payments that have been placed during our private pre-ICO sale, please see your email for an important update.)

The minimum amount is US$10.00; and, of course, everyone has to decide if it makes sense to send US$10.00 by bank wire. Of course, what you could do is, try to find a place where you could buy some bitcoin immediately, while paying with your credit or debit card, and then to pay OUR balance, for your order, with bitcoins. But, guys be careful! There is obviously so many bad guys out there, trying to steal your bitcoin, or trying to steal your credit card data. I know this will cost us some money, and less coins sold; but guys be CAREFUL with what you do.

So, that’s it for today.

Guys, I see you starting to ask questions, so let’s answer some.

Q: Can we pay through Western Union?

A: No, there is no Western Union available for us, or otherwise I would have mentioned it.

Q: Where can we convert our Twinkles after November 15th?

A: We will see. There are so many cryptocurrency exchanges out there: and I’m pretty sure the higher we climb in the ranking list for cryptocurrency, the more exchanges will list our currency, as well.

Q: Do members have to pay the US$99.00 at SafeZone?

A: Well, if you have an Invitation Code for them, of course, not. On the Rainbow Currency website, of course, the US$99.00 is waived, as well.

Q: How are our payments confirmed, if there are no miners?

A: Well, we have a two-wallet solution. You can do whatever you want within the blockchain, and there you have the fees that you have to pay in the blockchain for the miners doing their services. That’s why we have created the two-wallet solution. One being IN the blockchain, and one OUTSIDE the blockchain—but with OUR safety and security features.

So, you see, there is a solution for everything; and if, for whatever reason, there is no solution yet for a certain challenge; well, thanks to the “Power of We,” we will find a solution.

And yes, after bank wire, within 24 hours after you have placed the order, you will need to confirm the payment by uploading a scan of your payment receipt. That will guarantee the price for you. So, if you order at the last minute, after an offer is there for 23 hours and 59 minutes, and you order by bank wire; you have another 24 hours to confirm your payment. This info will be all on the website.

If we do not receive your payment confirmation within 24 hours, your order will be automatically canceled, and the Twinkles will go back on sale at the CURRENT rate. So, if this happens a day later, the Twinkles are back on the market; but for the current price; not for the old price—that would be chaos, and everyone would wait for cheaper Twinkles to come in.

So, now you should know everything you need to make other people excited; but, of course, like with any other ICO or special offer, you will need to read the websites. You will have to learn all of that stuff. We cannot do training for weeks, until the last person says, “Well, now I’ve got it.” It is like it is, like it is, like it is. So make the best out of it.

So thank you, guys! Let me go back and join the TEAM to finalize everything; so we can push the button and make the website live, as soon as possible. Cross your fingers that everything works well.

It is all new for me. It is all new for all of us. Remember, less than 0.2% of ALL internet users own cryptocurrencies, so that’s why it is a brand new market—but with a bright future; and, that is why we do all this!

So thank you guys for listening. WAAAAAZZZZZUUUUUBBB! Be proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH.

Let’s see if Carlton is still excited.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team


Additional Info from Support:

Log in to the SafeZone for members: www.safe.zone, our new Perfect URL! Please note that www.safezonepass.com will now forward to www.safe.zone so either way is perfect to log in or join SafeZone.

Live Chat Support is available via the following link.


The Rainbow Currency website is available at




(As of 10/28/2017) There is a project out there using the name "SparkleCoin" for their currency. Even if their project is not launched yet, they have communicated the name of their coins first time in September on their public website.

Of course, we respect their creativity, so we will change the name of our smallest coin to Twinkle.

Please, from now on, only use the name Twinkle. Thank you!


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