Rainbow Currency Webinar Recap
January 29, 2018
Presented by: Shafi Abeid and Cate Kozikowski

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From Shafi:

Dear Unicorn Network Members,

My name is Shafi. I am the Interim President of the Rainbow Currency Foundation.

Today, I’m going to give you some highlights of what has happened, so that we are all on the same page. We have gathered here today to assess how we fare, thus far, with our Rainbow Currency project.

The major occurrence we have witnessed in the past few days, is the falling of Rainbow Currency market rate from US$0.253 to US$0.0001, to start with. This fall in rates was attributed to the fact that we have now changed the reference website for the purpose of determining Twinkle market price, from CryptoCoinStreet to SouthXchange.

Before we shifted the price reference website from CryptoCoinStreet (CCS) to SouthXchange (SX), the market price at CCS was US$0.253. As you are all aware, it was not possible to sell Twinkles at rates lower than the current ruling market price in CCS. But with SouthXchange, you can sell your Twinkles at any price. This ability to sell at any price in SouthXchange made those who wanted to sell their Twinkles faster, compete to sell at lower prices; which resulted in the first Twinkle price in SouthXchange to be US$0.0001.

As we speak now, the ruling Twinkle price at SouthXchange is US$0.0005, which represents a growth rate of 500% from the starting price of US$0.0001.

Since SouthXchange is an exchange that observes market forces, we have decided to use SouthXchange as a Twinkle price reference website, so that market forces determine Twinkle market prices. 

Now, let us see why Twinkle holders sell so low.

It is because some acquired their Twinkles at negligible cost, compared to the cash they paid for them.

Let us see this example. For those who purchased CBM Units (Cashback Marketing Marketing Units), they got lucrative commissions which made them (the Units) increase their worth about three times compared to the price they paid to purchase them. So, they ended up buying more Twinkles during pre-ICO and ICO, using the commissions they got from CBM deals (for example).

So, even though we all purchased Rainbow Currency at the same rates; there are those who did use cashback, commissions, etc. from our system, to purchase Twinkles, instead of buying them with cash from their pockets. This situation makes them feel that they don’t have anything to lose if they sell their Twinkles cheaply, because they paid mostly for them with money earned from the system.

Of course, there are those who sell them cheap because they need cash urgently to settle their bills; and that is fine. There are also those who sell because they bought them for the purpose of making short-term profit through trading. But, for those who sell their Twinkles cheap (because either they didn’t buy them using their own cash, but cash generated through cashback, commissions, etc.; or because they think there is no future within Unicorn Network), these guys are pretty wrong; and they will soon regret it.

But their moves are a blessing to Rainbow Currency, since they enable those who could not participate during pre-ICO and ICO, and those who could not buy enough (at that time), to be able to buy them even at prices below the ones offered during the pre-ICO and ICO. Their moves further reduce Twinkle concentration, and increase the number of stakeholders that have adequate interest to see the Unicorn Network succeed; so that Twinkle value can grow and benefit them financially. Their moves increase Twinkle volume of trade in the market, which is paramount for any currency to be able to serve as an instrument for storing and exchanging value. Their moves make Twinkle more noticeable, as a result of increase in volume of trade; and hence, avail Rainbow Currency with free marketing. We have started to notice these advantages once Twinkle started to be traded in https://www.southxchange.com/. The more exchanges where Twinkle will be traded, the more Twinkle value will be created. We are in the process of listing Twinkles in multiple exchanges.

With the pace of trading Twinkles that we witness in SouthXchange, and with the SafeZone being activated with the Unicorn Network stars, and lists of businesses that accept Twinkles as a medium of exchange, plus with the discount buyers will get if they buy using Twinkles, the price of Twinkle is likely to skyrocket in the market; and hence enrich all those who participated in buying and holding Twinkles at this stage, when it is still sold cheaply.

A good thing with SouthXchange is that it is listed in www.coinmarketcap.com, which is one step closer for Twinkles to be listed there. All we need is the daily trade volume, and by using the SouthXchange site for your trades, you are helping TWNKL succeed even more.


CryptoCoinStreet has also changed its rules, and you can now sell at any price you wish, as is the case for SouthXchange.

Let us compare these two Twinkle trading platforms we currently have, and see what they have to offer to traders:



You can buy and sell Twinkle in both.

You can set your own price in both.

You can fund or withdraw via bitcoin (BTC) and USD in both platforms.

You can fund and sell Twinkle with other coins or currencies in SouthXchange, but you can’t do it in CryptoCoinStreet.

You can fund or withdraw in SouthXchange with Paypal, but you can’t do that with CryptoCoinStreet.

You can fund or withdraw in CryptoCoinStreet with bank transfer, but you can’t do that with SouthXchange.

You can fund via Euro options with CryptoCoinStreet, but not with SouthXchange.

SouthXchange reports Twinkle trading statistics to CoinMarketCap, but CryptoCoinStreet doesn’t.

Sales volume is, thus far, observed to be higher in SouthXchange, compared to CCS.


Let me conclude this presentation by emphasizing that it is important for you to understand that Rainbow Currency presents us with a unique opportunity of all time. This opportunity is not available in the existing cryptocurrencies out there; it is because of the way Rainbow Currency is designed, and because of the fact that it is the official currency of the Unicorn Network. The Unicorn Network is the biggest project in the world, with plans to connect the offline with the online world, in all aspects of life—both through the creation of their own Unicorn Network companies, and the integration with other companies (not yet in the Unicorn Network family) that are joining the SafeZone open network, on a daily basis.

Rainbow Currency has been designed to enable its users to be able to store it securely in blockchain; and also spend it privately, securely, and instantly, without paying for transaction fees. Twinkle discounts are also offered in the SafeZone open network, where you will find quality businesses owned by the Unicorn Network, as well as those recommended by Unicorn Network members worldwide; which cover both online and offline businesses.

The dual functionality of Rainbow Currency as a currency that has both public and private wallets, distinguishes Rainbow Currency from the rest of cryptocurrencies, and gives it an edge above the rest.

The fact that Rainbow Currency is the official currency of Unicorn Network gives Rainbow Currency still another edge. Since Rainbow Currency is the official currency of all Unicorn Network companies, it gives Rainbow Currency a wide range of products and services (created by the Unicorn Network group of companies) that will always accept Twinkles as a medium of exchange, no matter what (so long as it remains legal to use Rainbow Currency). You rarely find this usability with other cryptocurrencies out there, due to the fact that they are either made to support one product, or a limited range of products or services, and only created by their own companies; or, they depend on third party companies to accept their cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange, with the risk that these other companies may stop the use of their cryptocurrencies anytime, for any reason, and without notice; which may result in their cryptocurrencies being forced out of use.

The fact that the SafeZone is supported by a supercharged, affiliate business model, 5-Generations deep, makes it very easy for Unicorn Network members to make money within the SafeZone. It also makes it easier for the Unicorn Network to build a worldwide membership base within the SafeZone that is willing and able to consume products and services sold therein; due to the fact that members benefit by receiving lucrative affiliate commissions when they invite people and businesses to buy products and services within the SafeZone. This is a big plus for businesses, since SafeZone’s open network benefits them with a demand for their products and services—be it local or international.

To understand the potentials Rainbow Currency has, let us look at the case of Bitcoin. First, unlike Rainbow Currency, Bitcoin does not have its own economy that supports it. It depends on other businesses to accept it; and we have seen lately that some businesses have started to drop bitcoin as a medium of exchange, due to increasing transaction costs when bitcoin changes hands. Second, though bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, it still has a low user base. It is estimated that there are only about 21 million bitcoin users worldwide, measured by the number of Bitcoin wallets created by the end of December, 2017 (as presented by Statista).


This is why there is wide volatility in the value of bitcoin, because of the small number of people who are using it.

You all know that our airdrop campaign is aimed at having at least 100 million members, 1 million businesses, and 500,000 creative artists joining Unicorn Network by the end of 2018. This relatively bigger user base will result in increasing the volume and velocity of transactions settled by Twinkle, and hence will reduce Twinkle price volatility in the market. The low (quantity) user base Bitcoin has is attributed to a high level of concentration of bitcoin owners in few hands. Rainbow Currency has no concentration problem since the beginning, due to the fact that it is owned by more than 7,000 people from more than 157 countries in the world; even before Rainbow Currency started to be traded in the secondary market (CryptoCoinStreet).

Furthermore, 60% of the Rainbow Currency (still undistributed) will be allocated to members, businesses and creative artists within the SafeZone through “Proof of Activity” and through affiliate commissions; hence the allocation will be spread over many hands, rather than being concentrated in just a few. The SafeZone user base has potential to steadily increase, as more and more members, businesses and creative artists join us; which will result in the price of Twinkle going up and up, with an increased number of Twinkle users within the SafeZone open network. This gives Rainbow Currency the potential to become the first cryptocurrency whose price hardly falls, but steadily rises up.

With that said, I hope you can easily see that the Rainbow Currency has the huge potential to become the first “cryptocurrency of choice” for the purposes of both—storing and exchanging of value. For the same reasons, the Rainbow Currency has enormous potential to be the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream.

If you ask me to give my personal assessment (as Shafi), of where the Rainbow Currency will be 5 years from now, then my assessment, based on the Unicorn Network business model and Rainbow Currency design itself, is that it will be at the top—in terms of both market capitalization and price.

So, that is it for today.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day. Let me now give the mic to Cate, so that she can continue with the webinar. Thank you!


From Cate:

Thank you Shafi. It is always great to hear from you.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us today. We have a lot of great things happening, and I want to share quickly a few updates with everyone.

Dan sends his greetings to everyone. Things are going fantastic, and he has decided to stay in Europe for a while longer to work on the Merger; and also meet with some strategic partners we have there. So that is great, and he wishes everyone well.

I also want to assure you that progress is being made… step-by-step.

As Shafi mentioned, there are only 40 billion Twinkles circulating; however when you think about what is listed on the market right now, there’s only about 80 million Twinkles listed for sale at SouthXchange. If you take 40 billion Twinkles circulating, 1% of that is 400 million Twinkles; so that means 80 million Twinkles is really only 0.2% of all Rainbow Currency circulating. So, that means that 99.8% of all Rainbow Currency is not selling or trading right now; which in turn means that roughly 0.2% of Twinkle holders are dictating the market right now, and that’s OK because this is the free market.

Now Shafi talked about a number of ways that we can imagine why people would be selling so low; however something else that came to mind, and was posted in the public chat at SouthXchange, is that there are professional traders who are keeping pressure on the market by buying or selling low with just one Twinkle. They do this because they want the inexperienced sellers to sell their Twinkles low, and these professional traders can buy them up. This is OK, too; you just have to understand what is going on, and SELL SMART; which is why we always say that.

These are the market pressures going on right now; and understand that YOU, as the TWNKL holder, have the power to sell your Twinkles at whatever price you choose. If you want to sell them cheap, that’s fine. If you want to see more value, YOU have to ask for it; and not settle for less. Understand some of the types of people who are buying, and the reasons why they buy, and how they like to buy. (Are they going to resell it right away, or hold it for longer?) There will always be those wanting to buy for less than what the market wants to sell it for, but YOU must decide what price is best for you. If you want the price to be higher, sell at higher prices. Let the low ones sell out, and keep yours higher. The price will naturally rise as demand increases.

I also want to clear up some confusion. I have heard some rumors floating around; so I want to address that, put some things to rest, and give you guys the proper information.

I want to make it clear that the Rainbow Currency Foundation does have Twinkles, but that is for them as a budget, so they can do their work. So, they may trade some of those Twinkles in order to facilitate doing their work, but that is the only purpose that they would be trading Twinkles—just simply so that they can operate as a foundation.

As for the SafeZone and Unicorn Network: they have zero Twinkles. Those two companies have zero Twinkles, and they are not allowed to trade any; so they will not be trading any Twinkles.

This means that what we have on the market is all from private sellers. This is all from Rainbow Currency holders; and remember, if we look at what is circulating of the 40 billion (and that what is actually listed on the market, at least at SouthXchange, is only 80 million), that’s 0.2% of all Rainbow Currency circulating on the market right now—which is such a tiny amount; so really, it is just a few people selling at cheap prices right now.

And if you look at other cryptocurrencies, it is common that when they’re listed on a new currency exchange that the price goes down; and then, all of the sudden when the market realizes the power and the value, the price goes up. This is a normal market fluctuation. So, Rainbow Currency is no different.

Now, talking about updates: I have some great news to share with everyone. I know that everyone has been patiently waiting, and we appreciate all of your patience and support. I’m happy to announce that the function of transferring Twinkles from your public wallet to your private wallet is ready to go!

I want everyone to be able to read these instructions before doing anything, so I will not give you the exact details right now in the webinar. (That is included here in the Recap.) What I will tell you right now (live during the webinar), is the general process, so you know how to do it.

So what you will do is:

You will transfer your Twinkles from your public wallet (wherever that is – be sure to use your public address connected in PERNUM), and you will send it to a specific address (listed below); and then once the transaction is cleared, it will automatically show in your private wallet (your PERNUM wallet) in the Rainbow Currency website.


Now understand: under no circumstances, NEVER ever, should you transfer Twinkles to the contract address! If you do, you will lose them. There is nothing we can do. So, it is very important to understand that you never transfer your Twinkles to the Twinkle contract address. That is completely wrong; don’t do that!


There is a specific address that you transfer them to, and that will be listed here:



And, all you do is a basic transfer from your public wallet (be sure to use the public address connected in PERNUM) to this address above

That means that you will be responsible for the transfer fees, like any other transfer on the blockchain (you will need ETHER), and then it will take the normal blockchain transfer time for this transaction to complete. You guys know that sometimes it’s quicker than others on the blockchain, so understand that transfer time applies.

Once your transaction is complete, you will automatically see them in your Rainbow Currency account, under your private wallet, or your PERNUM wallet.

So that is fantastic news, and as you can see, we are moving forward step-by-step. We’re making progress.

Now, in other great news—you will be able to see your Twinkle balance history. (This is now complete, with a few small tweaks being updated over the next day or so.) That means you’ll see the Twinkle transfers out to your public wallet, and from your public wallet to your private wallet; and later when purchasing within the SafeZone with Twinkles, you will see those transactions in this same location, too.

So again, that is more great news.

Now talking about the airdrop campaign:

The airdrop campaign is crucial for creating demand, and in order to do that, we need a strong airdrop campaign. Now, please understand that when Rainbow Currency and Unicorn Network originally decided and shared the details about the airdrop campaign, the price for Twinkles was over 1¢ (US$0.01), and well above 10¢ (US$0.10), so you have to understand that the airdrop campaign has a budget, and we want to share it with as many people as possible. We really do Care and We Share.

So if we were to have a value of US$10.00 (for the member airdrop “welcome” bonus) in Twinkles, and today the current market price is US$0.0005, it is like 20,000 Twinkles! If we give out all the Twinkles in the beginning, it means less people can participate in the airdrop campaigns; and we want as many people to participate as possible! You know—you guys know our goals. So, we are making some adjustments. We will have some updates for everyone very soon on that, and we will keep you all posted.

So, that’s it from my end. I want to thank you all very much. We will have another webinar soon, and we will keep everyone posted. We have a lot of great things happening, so stay tuned. And remember to listen to the SafeZone Radio Show every Tuesday and Thursday, from 9a.m.-10a.m. (U.S. Pacific Time), broadcasting on www.AmericaMatters.us ; and you can get there from inside the SafeZone under the RADIO SHOWS hexagon.

All the best to everyone! WAZZZUUBBBB! And we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Shafi Abeid, Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team






Additional Info from Support:


Rainbow Currency past Webinar Recaps are now available again in the Rainbow Currency website, click on the Menu to access them. Also this is the area where upcoming Rainbow Currency webinars are announced so watch for future updates.




CCS UPDATES: Following suggestions from members, the country flags are removed from orders.

CCS has made additional changes and will function as any other trader. Offers posted prior to change have been deleted and restrictions removed. New offers may be placed anytime.





Rainbow Currency is now trading on SouthXchange!


SouthXchange tweeted when they listed TWNKL. Have you shared the tweet yet? https://twitter.com/southxchange

Please be aware that each trading platform will have it’s own exchange rate and each trading pair (TWNKL/USD, TWNKL/BTC, etc.) has it’s own exchange rate. These rates do fluctuate throughout each day.


Remember folks that YOU SET THE PRICE and you don’t have to undercut everyone by huge chunks simply to undercut everyone. As was seen previously, people will buy at much higher prices (and even higher than we have seen so far; all you have to do is ask for it and stick to your decision; people buying want to see the price rising). Also understand the people selling right now are just a small fraction compared with the bulk of circulating supply still being held by currency owners (about less than 50 MILLION being sold compared to 40 BILLION circulating), as well as some people had time invested, for example buying a marketing unit at US$30, putting it into the SMPs, and ending up with commissions, then converting commissions to Twinkles; so for them, (even though we all paid the same rates) they may think their initial costs were much less. UNDERSTAND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING - Don’t sell yourself SHORT! Most people LOSE on cryptocurrency by simply selling at the wrong time where they lose money, or getting scared by what the news says each day, and many other various factors, instead of holding and having patience. Also understand and do not feel bad about those few who are selling, everyone has their own strategies and that is cool. Remember with every situation that might seem negative, there is always a positive opportunity. The opportunity right now is to buy, so share Twinkles, Rainbow Currency, and SafeZone with your friends, family and neighbors; they can find many fantastic deals right now.


Member-created SouthXchange Tutorial (We are not responsible for the content, however it does answer many questions about getting started with TWNKL on the SouthXchange platform. Thank you Angel!):





Looking for more info about TWNKL? Check out Ishaq’s blog; Twinkles Statistics Blog Updated:


We have had some major achievements this week (Jan 22-26).







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So in MEW for example, the value is specified in the top bar in a dropdown list and slider. To get the Gas Price Std (Gwei) to use, visit this site https://ethgasstation.info 


Also, change the Gas Limit in the form itself to say 60000 ... it will only use what it needs to out of that.




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Please follow these steps below if you wish to transfer any Twinkles from your PRIVATE PERNUM Wallet to your PUBLIC blockchain wallet:


1. You MUST HAVE a PUBLIC blockchain wallet and connect your PUBLIC WALLET to your PERNUM Wallet in www.pernum.com FIRST.

Take Note: Only connect one blockchain wallet to any one PerNum, you cannot use the same blockchain wallet with multiple accounts. If you need to change your blockchain wallet ID, contact Support via this link with your free PerNum (starts with “10”):



2. Login at www.rainbowcurrency.com 

3. Scroll down the page and you will see the TRANSFER TWINKLES Button; click to start your transfer.

4. On next page, enter amount of Twinkles to transfer, (note there is a 2 Twinkle transfer fee to transfer).

5. Confirm your transfer and enter your One-Time PIN.

6. You get a confirmation of your transfer and you are done.


***Note the transfer of your Twinkles to your public wallet may take several minutes; you will not see these Twinkles in your account while they are traveling, but rest assured, from Rainbow Currency we have a record of your transfer and if there are any challenges, please stay calm and contact Support for assistance. Please wait 24-48 hours before contacting Support; during heavy traffic on the blockchain transfer times may be extended without warning. Any failed transfers are automatically refunded periodically after 24-48 hours depending on blockchain traffic conditions.


To start trading, you will need to login at SouthXchange or CryptoCoinStreet (see tutorials linked in these support notes for help).






RAINBOW CURRENCY OWNERS PLEASE BE AWARE: There are several ways to create a blockchain wallet, some are more private and secure than others, and they may require you to personally take care for your own security of your funds. If you already have an Ethereum wallet, you do not necessarily need to set up a new one, simply check to see if you can add a custom token to your current wallet (follow the instructions below to add TWNKL).

For more info on the process of how to create your wallet on MyEtherWallet (MEW) https://www.myetherwallet.com/ here are some links and videos:

How to Create a Wallet



How to add a Custom Token




Check here for a complete list of tutorials for setting up your wallets and trading on CCS.





Please be aware of the warning on the top of MyEtherWallet page:


Instead, install EAL or use MetaMask.

Also see the informative presentation on the MEW website to learn more about MEW and cryptocurrency in general.


And here is some more info for those who need it regarding MetaMask, Mist, and others like them...






Once you have decided your public blockchain wallet, use these 3 pieces of info to add Twinkles as a custom token.

1. Token contract address:



3. Decimals: 3


You can see the info displayed here for the Rainbow Currency (THIS IS THE CONTRACT ADDRESS – DO NOT TRANSFER ANYTHING TO HERE):





FOR ALL RAINBOW CURRENCY OWNERS AND AFFILIATES: Please make sure that you have updated your previous promotional material to remove any prior reference of prices for Twinkles as well as any prior timelines, etc. Also, anyone who has previously shared videos created by others, please ensure you update your promotions accordingly as well.


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