Rainbow Currency Webinar Recap
November 29, 2017
Presented by: Dan Settgast

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Thank you for being here with me today! Let’s start right away. Today, we’ll make it short.

I would like to give you some updates on our progress.

Update #1. The Rainbow Currency Foundation (that’s the official name) is finally approved. We have received the final approval from the Secretary of State, and together with that info, we have received our business license. We are officially registered as a non-profit foundation, and have received our tax ID. So, the Rainbow Currency Foundation is now legally, fully operational. That means, we will see a major update on the website, very soon.

That of course, is great news, because now the foundation can officially start with the election process for the board of directors; and the foundation can start to work on the constitution. They can start working on marketing strategies; strategies generally representing the foundation in the public. So that is all great news. Of course, this is exactly what we need, so that is good.

Update #2 is related to CryptoCoinStreet and the status there. I’m pretty sure at least some of you have seen that we are now officially on their main page, before login. So, it says now:


Official Rainbow Currency Exchanger

CryptoCoinStreet is official exchanger for Rainbow Currency

Exchange your Rainbow Currency into EUR or USD, or simply buy the attractive and promising coins directly here. As one of the few providers, we enable customers bank pay-outs, or wire-ins, in order to purchase. This service also applies to the Rainbow Currency. Store and manage your coins with CCS’ wallets, and send or receive them easily. We are one step ahead of others—and you, too.

For the first time ever, a cryptocurrency is launched by the people, for the people, controlled and represented by a global non-profit foundation. This is your chance to join the movement right from the beginning—together with us.


Just in those two paragraphs, those of you that are a little bit more experienced with the cryptocurrencies, understand what a big step this is for us, and how important this is for us that we are starting right away. Even if we start with a fairly new, and small exchanger, an exchanger where it is not just about exchanging Rainbow Currency into other cryptocurrencies; but we have a full service provider here, enabling trading Rainbow Currencies for Euros and for U.S. dollars, as well as having a full, wallet service. So this is BIG! This is REALLY big, and I can explain to you why.

Because, when we connect with the more established exchangers, their first question is: Is your currency already traded somewhere? And the answer is: yes! “Yes” is the answer that opens doors; and this will make us listed faster on other exchanges as well.

Talking about being listed, we have received many messages like, “Hey, when will we be listed on the website CoinMarketCap?”

This is nothing that you can apply for. As a currency, you need to be traded on several currency exchanges, you need to reach a certain volume, and there is a certain time frame. So, Bitcoin Gold was created, and started trading on October 25th; and they were listed on www.coinmarketcap.com  about a month later, around November 25th.

So, that means if we start trading now around November 30th, it will be in late December, or maybe in early January, that our currency will show up on CoinMarketCap. That is an automatic process, because the exchanges trading us, are reporting to CoinMarketCap, and they automatically pick us up, and list us, when we fulfill all the requirements. We can REST ASSURED that we will fulfill all the requirements they have.

About the start of being traded, I had a meeting this morning with the guys from CryptoCoinStreet. They are still in the process of fine-tuning their system; like when we were overwhelmed during our ICO. They had not expected that so many people would open accounts; and, especially, they obviously have a lot of accounts, where it is about BUYING our currency.

They are right now in the process of setting up TWO options to buy Rainbow Currency. One will be the regular way that you close a deal as a buyer; then you would do a bank transfer which is needed to pay for the order. Additionally, they are setting up a second way to buy, and this would be an EXPRESS BUY button for those members who have already paid in funds, UPFRONT. Obviously, many of their members do that. We, obviously, already have some kind of a waiting line there of people who want to buy; and, of course that is very, very great news for the VALUE of our currency.  The more people who want to buy the currency, the higher the price will go; and it is still the same—nobody knows what will happen.

The cryptocurrency market shows us every day that, literally, everything is possible. Of course, everything is possible in both directions; but, you know Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as well, are breaking records, literally, every day. Yesterday in the news, bitcoin for the first time hit US$10,000; and this morning in the news, for the first time, above US$11,000; which would be doubling the value within the last month; already, on that high level.

So, right now, bitcoin is back down to US$10,500 (per coin) and that is typical fluctuation—but the general direction is up, up, up. The higher the quality of the cryptocurrency offered is, the higher the chances are that the prices go up even FASTER compared to other cryptocurrencies. So, that is again very, very exciting, and very, very promising.

Update #3. We activated our 2-Wallet System yesterday; so, since yesterday, our Rainbow Currency holders are able to transfer Twinkles from their private wallet into their public wallet, which is the blockchain wallet. We have seen some reports of error messages. I have been told that most of these error messages are not related to our software; but are related to the public wallets not being properly setup, or the wallet IDs not connected properly to PERNUM; or, that our Rainbow Currency, the Twinkle, is NOT set up in the public wallets.

So, based on this feedback, of course, we will optimize our procedure for the transfer between private and public wallets. Here, the good news is that our software works properly. With all transactions, where the software has been able to process, we can see that all transfers have been processed 100% correctly; and, of course, for a Financial System that is absolutely crucial.

Two things here that we have to talk about:

1. The timeframe. Our software is executing the transfers immediately; but please have in mind what I told you about the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology needs TIME to process the transaction; and in most cases I have learned it is within less than 5 minutes that you can see Twinkles in your public wallet after transfer, but it can take longer. It depends on the traffic in the blockchain, and that is nothing where we have any influence.

So, while transfers within our private wallet system will be literally, immediately (which means within a fraction of a second, and without fees); whenever you make a transfer that is related to the public blockchain wallet, there will be fees and waiting time involved. So, you just need to know that, and to understand that. So don’t send a support request when you have initiated a transfer from a private to a public wallet, and when you can’t see it immediately. Just wait some time, and you will see that it will work fine.

2. The fees. We have received some questions as to why we’re charging 2 Twinkles as a fee for the transaction from private to public. It is because when you are transferring Twinkles from private to public, we initiate for you a transfer within the blockchain; and therefore, a fee needs to be paid. This fee is to be paid in ether. We pay this fee for you, therefore we refinance this fee in Twinkles, which is about two U.S. cents (US$0.02), and in the currency is something like 1.8 or 1.9 U.S. cents in ether.

So, it is not that we are making money with your transfer. It’s really just to cover the fees that need to be paid. When YOU make transfers within the blockchain, you will need to pay the fees from your blockchain wallet. And those fees, because we are on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need to pay them in ether; because that’s their official currency. That is another thing that we cannot change. We have no influence there. It’s just one more thing that you just need to know, and that you just need to understand.

Someone already asked, “Well, so when the Twinkle value goes way up, and instead of US$0.01, it might be US$0.05, or US$0.10, or US$1.00, or even more, would you keep the fee at 2 Twinkles, or would the fee go down?

Of course, the fee will go down. We don’t want to make any money at this point. It’s just about covering the fee that we have to pay, to execute your transaction.

So, for this update the great news is that our 2-Wallet System is live and working! Of course, that is very great news!

Update #4. At first you might say, “Well, this has nothing to do with Rainbow Currency,” and I will explain to you why it has to do with it—and that is, that on Saturday, here in Las Vegas, there will be the recording of our yearly Most Famous Award Show. This will be our third Most Famous Award Show— 2015, 2016, and now 2017. We will have a wide variety of great artists on stage, and musicians; for example, our current Biggest Talent winner, Letty; as well as our last year’s winner, Maya.

We will have on stage a variety of acts; tribute artists for Elton John and Cher. We will have a magician and a comedian onstage. So, this will be a great show, and the show is by invitation only; and it will be recorded for our Internet TV Entertainment. So that means that the Most Famous Award Show 2017 will be one of the first Entertainment Products that you will be able to see as a video-on-demand, and you don’t have to pay U.S. dollars, or Euros, or any other fiat currency for it. You can pay with your Twinkles, to watch this fantastic show.

The second reason why the show has something to do with Rainbow Currency is that during that show, we will announce the first daily shows on the Las Vegas Strip where you will be able to buy TICKETS with Twinkles. So, when you come to Las Vegas (and I know that some of you are planning to come to Las Vegas soon), you can spend your Twinkles for show tickets.

News like this will create some buzz around the Rainbow Currency because right after we start trading, we will have news, after news, after news about businesses accepting Rainbow Currency for their products and services. That is exactly what we need to get the word out, and to show the world what makes Rainbow Currency different.

That brings us back to when, finally, will the Rainbow Currency be traded at CryptoCoinStreet?

They told me this morning at the meeting to ask all of you to please be patient for about 24 more hours. They want to offer the perfect service for buyers, as well as for sellers. They want to make the process easy, comfortable, and fast—that is why they added this “Express” option for buyers. What they told me, as well, based on the requests and feedback from potential buyers that they have already received, is that it is most likely that even the FIRST rate for Rainbow Currency will be HIGHER than 1¢ (US$0.01). 

So that means, really, for those of you who are planning to buy currency, it seems that you need to be FAST to pick the best offers. For those of you who want to SELL Twinkles at CryptoCoinStreet; please have in mind, don’t give your Twinkles to the market too cheap. It will cost you a lot of money, if you react too fast, and set your selling price TOO LOW. If you don’t know, if you are not sure, maybe it might be smart simply to wait a day or two, and see what’s happening on the market, before you offer your Twinkles.

At least, what I can tell you, in both directions buying and selling, KNOW what you do—be 100% sure. I don’t want anyone to be UNHAPPY because they acted too fast. So, be well prepared with this extra time, waiting for our first trading. You have the time. Out there on the internet you’ll find tons of info. Read as much as you can. I truly believe that the Rainbow Currency will create thousands of millionaires, and multi-millionaires—and I am very happy about it.

Look—why are we the Unicorn Network, and why is our currency the Rainbow Currency? It is because we want to create HAPPINESS. Of course, we’re talking about business. We’re talking about value. We’re talking about fortunes. This is serious business! But, hey, what is all the business for, if you are not happy about it? So, please do not set yourself under too much pressure. Be focused. Think twice what you want to do, especially when selling; and other than that—enjoy! That is the most important. Feel good, and enjoy what you’re doing.

So, that is my message for today. Let’s have our next update webinar in 48 hours from now; so Friday, December 1st at 11:00 a.m. (US Pacific Time.)

When it is about trading, it could happen tomorrow. Now we know, it won’t happen today. I don’t know, because it is out of our control now; from our side everything is set up. CryptoCoinStreet might need another day for testing, I don’t know. That would mean that we could start trading on Friday; but the most important news is that IT WILL HAPPEN. Everything is prepared. We’re on track; and this is all very, very exciting for all of us! 

So, thank you for your support. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your feedback and input. Thank you, in short words, for the “Power of We!”

So, WAAAAZZUUUUUUB! Be proud to be a Unicorn. Be proud to be a Rainbow Currency owner; and always HAPPY HEALTH! Thank you, guys. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, and

Your WAZZUB Support Team




Additional Info from Support:


Please follow these steps below if you wish to transfer any Twinkles from your PRIVATE PERNUM Wallet to your PUBLIC blockchain wallet:


1. You MUST HAVE a PUBLIC blockchain wallet and connect your PUBLIC WALLET to your PERNUM Wallet in www.pernum.com FIRST.

2. Login at www.rainbowcurrency.com  

3. Scroll down the page and you will see the TRANSFER TWINKLES Button; click to start your transfer.

4. On next page, enter amount of Twinkles to transfer, (note there is a 2 Twinkle transfer fee to transfer).

5. Confirm your transfer and enter your One-Time PIN.

6. You get a confirmation of your transfer and you are done.


***Note the transfer of your Twinkles to your public wallet may take several minutes; you will not see these Twinkles in your account while they are traveling, but rest assured, from Rainbow Currency we have a record of your transfer and if there are any challenges, please stay calm and contact Support for assistance.


To start trading, you will need to login at CCS


After Login, currently you can see they are in process and as soon as possible everything will commence; check the CCS website for details and updates as available.




RAINBOW CURRENCY OWNERS PLEASE BE AWARE: There are several ways to create a blockchain wallet, some are more private and secure than others, and they may require you to personally take care for your own security of your funds. If you already have an Ethereum wallet, you do not necessarily need to set up a new one, simply check to see if you can add a custom token to your current wallet (follow the instructions below to add TWNKL).

For more info on the process of how to create your wallet on https://www.myetherwallet.com/ here are some links and videos:

How to Create a Wallet



How to add a Custom Token






Please be aware of the warning on the top of MyEtherWallet page:


Instead, install EAL or use MetaMask.



And here is some more info for those who need it regarding MetaMask, Mist, and others like them...






Once you have decided your blockchain wallet, use these 3 pieces of info to add Twinkles as a custom token.

1. Token contract address:



3. Decimals: 3


You can see the info displayed here for the Rainbow Currency:





FOR ALL RAINBOW CURRENCY OWNERS AND AFFILIATES: Please make sure that you have updated your previous promotional material to remove any prior reference of prices for twinkles as well as any prior timelines, etc. Also, anyone who has previously shared videos created by others, please ensure you update your promotions accordingly as well.

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Steps for PENDING Rainbow Currency Orders ONLY:


1) Make sure you have chosen the CORRECT Payment Type. Go back into ORDER STATUS and choose the correct type (Only if it is not already there)

2) Did you put your proof on your order? If not, go into ORDER STATUS and upload a copy of the proof for wires, or put in your transaction id for Bitcoin or Ether orders.

3) Was your order originally a CC Order? Then please send us an email with your proof or transaction id, the NAME of the SENDER of a wire, and the Order Number to; service@perfectinter.net

4) Are you having problems with #1 or #2 above? Then please send us an email with your proof or transaction id, the NAME of the SENDER of a wire, and the Order Number to; service@perfectinter.net

5) Do you not know how to find your Transaction ID? Enter your Public Key (Wallet ID) to find your Transaction ID. Here for Bitcoin; https://blockchain.info Here for Ether; https://etherscan.io




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(As of 10/28/2017) There is a project out there using the name "SparkleCoin" for their currency. Even if their project is not launched yet, they have communicated the name of their coins first time in September on their public website.

Of course, we respect their creativity, so we will change the name of our smallest coin to Twinkle.

Please, from now on, only use the name Twinkle. Thank you!




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