Rainbow Currency Webinar recap
November 9, 2017
Presented by: Dan Settgast and Gee DaCosta
(This webinar was only open to current Rainbow Currency holders at the time of the meeting.)

Welcome everybody! For those of you who do not know me, I am Dan Settgast, and I am one of the co-founders of the Unicorn Network—the network that has initiated the Rainbow Currency. Today we will talk about the mission of the Rainbow Currency, and you will understand that the Rainbow Currency will never be owned by a certain company or individual.

When we created the Rainbow Currency, and when we shared it with our business partners and founding members at the Unicorn Network, of course we hoped that this project will fly high, but we are breaking every record right now, and this is so amazing! We have seen up to 15 signups in 1 minute, and we have orders and payments coming in, literally every minute. We are checking every single payment received because we learned from the experiences of other ICOs and crowd-funding projects; they have faced a lot of fraudulent attempts to get into the system, to make credit card payments, to open accounts under false names, and so on.

So the main message I have for you today is that the Rainbow Currency is DIFFERENT! It is not about 3 students in the Silicon Valley creating another cryptocurrency, because that is the trendy thing to do right now. The Rainbow Currency has been created by more than 3000 internet users from 157 different countries. That means that for the first time ever, a cryptocurrency is launched by the people, for the people. To make that even clearer, we have changed the content in the top box of the website, so now you can see some happy faces of people from different ages and races. This is the spirit of Rainbow Currency. Rainbow Currency is not about technology—some fancy ideas that might, or might not succeed in the future. Rainbow Currency is about the people, it is about you and me, and it is about making life easier for people like you and me.

When we’re talking about the word cryptocurrency, we need to ask, “What is a currency”? A currency is a monetary instrument.  In other words it is money, and money has been created centuries ago, of course even thousands of years ago, to make trading easier. You know in the old days it was more like a swap market—I have one cow and I want three sheep or whatever, and then you would swap. And then someone thought about having something smaller, to make things easier, and TA-DAAA, money came into the picture.

That is what money is there for, money is there to pay for goods and services. There are one or two cryptocurrencies out there, that have been created to be money, everyday money, but for sure when you look a little bit behind the scenes for bitcoin, and the same for ether, and literally all the other cryptocurrencies that I checked out, they are not made to be a currency; they are made to establish new technologies; they are established to finance a certain project. 

Literally, it’s like crowd funding, except instead of looking for one big investor, now the companies collect money from people like you and me. None of these currencies are really built for the old fashioned function of currency, and that is to make payments—everyday, online, or locally at a point of sale or a service, at a gas station, in the supermarket—that is where we all use money.

Of course we use money as well, when we want to buy a car or a house, but how often do you buy a house, and how often do you buy bread? So definitely, most transactions on this planet are small amounts, and are paid from person to person. That is what money is there for. 

At the same time we all know the current financial system with fiat currencies, where the currencies are produced, released, and controlled by governments. Well, that system is some kind of rotten. Most governments, most countries on this planet have huge financial problems. And as long as they can, they solve it by simply printing new money. Printing new money, plus the weak economy, that leads to inflation; and that means nothing else than the money that we have in our hands loses value. Of course some fiat currencies lose value faster, for example right now there’s very high inflation in Venezuela, and in some countries the currency loses value a little bit slower. That means that the prices that you have to pay for products and services go up; slow or fast, but they go up. There is not a single country on this planet where the prices go down, long-term; and I’m talking about the average of prices, not for a specific product.

Of course when a government decides that they need 10 billion more money to pay their bills, they simply print it. And, as long as they do it like that, our money will lose value.

So now with the cryptocurrencies, we have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to make it better! Now, for the first time we have the chance to create a currency that is not dependent on the economy, and on the decisions of a certain country or government. Of course, all the countries will keep their own currencies long-term, because those are their instruments, their financial instruments. But, imagine a currency, imagine a digital cryptocurrency that is only related to the economy that is created by the people who own the currency, who hold the currency. That is exactly what we are creating with the Rainbow Currency. The more people decide to use Rainbow Currency, the more shops and service providers decide to accept the Rainbow Currency, the higher the value of the currency will be compared to the other currencies, especially the fiat currencies.

As we are creating a more stable and reliable currency with less, or literally zero influence from governments, but as of course globally prices are displayed in the national currency (for example here in the United States in U.S. dollars or in Europe in Euros), you will be able to see that the value of the Rainbow Currency compared to the national currencies, most likely will go up. That means that even if the prices in the national currencies might go up, converted into Rainbow Currency, the prices will go down.

Let me give you an example, and let us use a bitcoin, because that is in the news nowadays. About seven years ago the value of the bitcoin was US$1.00 and today, the value is more than US$7000, but let’s say US$7000. Now, let us take a product that has a price tag of US$7000. So, seven years ago the price tag was US$7000, and because the value of the bitcoin was US$1.00 at the time, you would have needed 7000 bitcoins to pay for the product. So the price tag in bitcoins seven years ago was 7000 bitcoins. Let us say, to make it easier that there was no inflation on that product; so the price stayed the same for seven years. So today the price in U.S. dollars is still 7000, but the price in bitcoins dropped dramatically from 7000 to 1 bitcoin.

Hopefully, you can see the power of the message that is in here; because we are expecting that the Rainbow Currency, the Twinkle, might have even a bigger success story than bitcoin.  That means that the more Twinkles you have in the beginning, and the longer that you wait, there is a high chance that the prices to be paid in Twinkles, no matter for which product, will automatically drop, dramatically.

In 25 minutes we will go our next step in our ICO, going up to US$0.004 per coin. US$0.004 means that for US$400 you will receive 100,000 coins.

Now imagine that one day, the price, the value of one Twinkle is just US$1.00, which is what bitcoin reached after a few months; and seven years ago nobody knew anything about cryptocurrencies. So the value per Twinkle of US$1.00, means that if you see something that has a price tag of US$100,000, you could pay it with 100,000 Twinkles. And what is the price that you paid today for 100,000 Twinkles?—US$400. So what is the price that you paid out of your pocket for this US$100,000 product?—US$400.

We have set up rules for the Rainbow Currency, rules that will make sure that nobody can manipulate; the amount of Twinkles is strictly limited and fixed to 100 billion coins. Now you might say that it is a lot! Well, try to find out in the country you are living in, how many coins or units of your national currency are out there. You will be surprised—trillions and multi trillions; and one trillion is 1000 times a billion.

By the way, we already have cryptocurrencies out there that have five or six times more coins than our Rainbow Currency. So you see we have not picked any crazy numbers, it is all for a reason because you need a big amount of coins available if you want to tell the world, “Hey, businesses, it would be smart if you would accept Rainbow Currency as a payment!” That won’t work with just 20,000,000 Twinkles out there.

Additionally, we want to give every person on this planet the opportunity to participate. And the Rainbow Currency is not just a monetary or financial instrument, the Rainbow Currency is a movement; Rainbow Currency is a message! And you are one of the lucky first few thousands to know about it. So after the webinar, say THANK YOU to the person who invited you.

And I told you that the Rainbow Currency will never be controlled by a single person, or a company for their goals; that is why we decided to give the Rainbow Currency into the hands of a nonprofit foundation, that is in the process of being founded right now as we speak. We will go the first main step here today, together. The Rainbow Foundation will have a board of seven people from seven different continents or regions. All seven will be holders/owners of Rainbow Currency, they will be elected by the currency owners, and each Twinkle will be one vote. So this is definitely by far the most democratic way. So in other words, the Rainbow Currency will be represented, managed and controlled by YOU. Of course, not all of you may be willing or able to contribute, so therefore we have this board.

I would suggest (and we will open the chat in a moment for your feedback and input), that we decide today, to pick one person to be in charge for organizing the elections, to collect the names of the candidates, to set up the whole procedure, and as the Rainbow Foundation will be registered here in the United States, we need a second person from the United States to be the Secretary of the Rainbow Foundation.

So if we would pick these two people today, we would be able to register the Rainbow Foundation, and the President for the Rainbow Foundation (this first person) would be able to start all the needed steps for the election of the board.

I think that a realistic timeframe would be something, maybe 6 to 8 weeks, so just to be sure I would say that the people that would be nominated today, would keep their positions for a maximum of three months, and within the three months there would need to be an election. So that means that the Rainbow Foundation would have someone to represent it, and the Rainbow Foundation would be able to act.

So we will open the chat now and please give me your feedback, by typing YES or NO, as an answer to the question, if you generally agree or not, to pick these two people today?

(90% of everyone said “yes” or “I agree”)

OK thank you guys. Now this is very important. None of the founders of the Unicorn Network will be on the board of the Rainbow Foundation. So, I have seen in our Rainbow co-founders room on Skype, and in other places where the Rainbow Currency and the Rainbow Foundation has been discussed, that we had several names already out there, and one name was definitely sticking out. This name is Shafi Abeid from Tanzania, Africa.

So, this is really just for the process of setting up the election procedure for the board, so this means only for the first three months. Then of course if Shafi decides to be a candidate, and then if he is elected by the majority, then he could be in this position for a longer term. But for now, if you agree, I would suggest him; and of course I did ask Shafi before, if he would accept this position, if he is accepted by you of course, to do this job. Guys, setting up this election process is hard work, and I’m pretty sure he needs a team. Most of you are co-founders and we need a team to set things up, The Power of WE. So therefore, let me ask you, just here in this webinar room, do you agree on Shafi being the main representative, being the president of the to-be-founded Rainbow Foundation for the first three months?

(Resoundingly everyone is answering YES for Shafi to be president for the first three months of the Rainbow Foundation.)

Shafi, Thank you and Congratulations; you are officially the first President of the Rainbow Foundation.

And as I already told you, we also need a Rainbow Foundation Secretary from the United States. That person is just for administrative purposes and the elected board member for the United States and North America, would be automatically the Secretary for the Rainbow Foundation. And of course I have talked with him as well before the webinar, and of course it will be easier if we would take a person that is here in Las Vegas, just for the process for the first three months, where everything needs to be set up. It was a name that was in the rooms very often as well, and that is Anthony Wright. He is here in Las Vegas, so I would suggest to have him as the Secretary just for the first three months, and then the person being elected for this position will be signed into the registers after the election. So my question to you is, “Do you agree Anthony to be the Rainbow Foundation Secretary for the first three months? Yes or no?”

(Everyone is answering with YES)

OK, so Congratulations Anthony! This means that we are able to register the Rainbow Foundation. Tomorrow is a holiday here in the United States, so the registration will be started on Monday, November 13th.

So guys, this is a huge step! Yes, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, applause!

Of course in the back office of the Rainbow Currency website, we will have an area where Shafi will make his announcements; and we just said for a maximum of three months, but of course the faster the elections happen, the faster we have the elected board members, the faster the foundation can fully focus on the Rainbow Currency.

So now let’s talk a little bit about numbers.

You know that our ICO is running right now and the time for the US$0.003 is over now, so the price will be set to US$0.004 which is still a 60% discount off the first trading price of the Twinkle. Now you might say, “Hey, how does he know that the first trading price will be US$0.01?” Well I know this because we already have a cryptocurrency exchange website that agreed on trading the Twinkle, after the ICO. And they have bought currency, exactly 20,000,000 Twinkles to be able to open the trading; and it has been confirmed by them that the first offer price will be US$0.01 (1¢). So based on this US$0.01 price, US$0.004—what we have on our website right now, is a 60% discount. This is huge! Check other ICOs, they give discounts or bonus coins of 10%, 15%, 20%, or 25% in the beginning, and then the percentage goes down. And now for the next 24 hours we are offering a 60% discount; this is huge!!!

And, because if you’re here on the webinar you own Rainbow Currency, so in your own interests, you should get the word out, because guys this will be huge!!!

Now we need to talk about what will happen when the ICO is closed. So we have said that in total we have 100 billion coins, and that cannot be changed by anybody. The board of the Rainbow Foundation are the keepers, they will keep track and they will be in control that nobody is able to release more Twinkles, for whatever reason. So we have a total of 100 billion coins, and you can see on the website that the maximum of coins that we will give away during the ICO, is 38 billion coins. And you can also see on the website that more than 33 billion coins are already sold and paid for. And, because we are receiving payments literally every minute, we still have unpaid or not yet processed payments/orders (for I think right now between half a billion and one billion coins), and then we have our coins that we will put on the market as our daily offers for the next few days (during our ICO), so if we sell out it will be exactly 38 billion. If we don’t sell out it will be a little bit less, but not much, I am pretty sure you could say that about 90% is already gone.

So, no matter if we ended at 36.5, or 37, or 38 billion coins, the difference from that amount to 40 billion, are funds for the Rainbow Foundation. Those are funds for the Rainbow Foundation to be able to fulfill their duties. And let’s say this will be like 2 billion coins, so with the starting value of US$0.01, this will be just 2 million dollars, which is not a lot when you have in mind that this budget is literally endless for the Rainbow Foundation; so bills in 10 or 20 years would still need to be paid from these funds.

And remember what I told you earlier today. The smartest way to cover something that you want/need to buy somewhere in the future, is to have as many coins as possible right now at the beginning. And knowing that, we do the exact same thing for the Rainbow Foundation, as well.

So now we have handed out/reserved 40 billion coins in total, out of 100 billion coins. And you might know from an earlier webinar, that after the ICO nobody will sell any more coins. I’m not talking about trading; if you own coins you can trade them for a car, bread, or another currency, that is trading. There will be no more selling like we’re doing right now during the ICO. Not a single Twinkle will be put on the market by us or by the Rainbow Foundation, by no one, it is impossible. Now I will explain to you why.

The other 60 billion coins, right from the start, we’ll be under control of the Rainbow Foundation; and there are fixed rules set up about how these coins will be given to users, to consumers.

Here is how we will do that. The 60 billion coins will be split into two times 30 billion coins. Now normally for all other cryptocurrencies, you have one out of two systems how you can receive more coins. One is called “proof of stake” and the other one is called “proof of work”. Proof of stake means that you have to pay, and proof of work means that you have to fulfill a job, a task. This proof of work is what you might know as “mining”. The mining might have been a nice idea, giving every participant the chance to earn coins by doing these mining jobs; which is processing transactions. Unfortunately, and I talked about this before, this is now an industry. You have big companies having thousands of computers doing this mining, because they have access to cheap energy, and they have access to cheap hardware, and that’s what they need. So they literally do all the mining and they literally receive all these extra coins. But this is not how we see it should be, if you have a currency from the people, for the people. That is why we have created “proof of activity”. There will be fixed rules, transparent for every coin holder, stating what kind of activity brings remuneration/reward. 

I told you that we will split the 60 billion into two times 30 billion.

The first 30 billion Twinkles will be paid to the users in the form of commissions and family bonuses. It is exactly what most of you know as our We Share Success compensation plan. So that means that you don’t have to worry about any commissions or family bonuses, because the money/the Twinkles are already there waiting for you.

The second 30 billion Twinkles will be handed out for activity within the SafeZone. That will be for specific activities, as well as just for the time spent browsing on websites within the SafeZone. This is because all businesses excepting the Rainbow Currency as a form of payment (accredited Rainbow Currency business partners), will be in the SafeZone; so the more traffic we have within the SafeZone, the better it is for the value of the Rainbow Currency. And the specific activities will be fun stuff, like participating in free prize draws where you don’t have to worry about your data being collected, or your data being sold, or that you will never receive the prize because they don’t pick a winner. The Rainbow Foundation will have an eye on every single prize draw, on every single winner, because they are sitting on the prizes, they are the keepers; so there is no chance for fraud or manipulation, or whatever.

So all of you here on the webinar, you have your own PerNum (your personal number within the SafeZone), and your PerNum is your ticket for prize draws. So, if you are lucky, your PerNum might make you a millionaire! Even if it might be just a Twinkle millionaire, which after ICO should be at least US$10,000—not too bad—but if you would be a winner right away in the first week, you don’t have to spend it; you can keep it! And on the day when the value is US$1.00 per Twinkle, you have become a U.S. dollar millionaire! And if you’re from Europe you would have to wait until one Twinkle is €1.00 in value, and then you would be a Euro millionaire, etc.

The important message is that on these prize draw websites we will display advertising of course; and that means that you are strengthening our economy, the economy connected to the Rainbow Currency, just by taking your time to participate in free prize draws with guaranteed prizes. Because the prizes are already there, 30 billion Twinkles are waiting! 

So besides the prize draws and the rewards for being active, for browsing websites within the SafeZone, we will have specific incentives and of course starting right away. Starting November 16th, which is in one week from now, you will learn about these incentives. Rest assured that we will have special incentives to attract millions and millions of users, and please have in mind that nobody can buy Twinkles after the ICO. Your only chance is to earn them (proof of activity), or of course you can buy them from other Twinkle owners on currency exchanges, but there is definitely guaranteed no other way to receive Twinkles. So we will set up incentives to invite new users into the SafeZone, and again, that means that we are strengthening our economy; and the stronger our economy is, the higher the value of the Twinkle will be. And rest assured that US$1.00 per Twinkle is not the end of the journey.

As we will have incentives to attract users, we will have incentives to attract business partners as well. Those are businesses who say, “Yes, I will accept Rainbow Currency, I will accept Twinkles as a form of payment in my business”—online, as well as locally at points of sale for products, for services, at restaurants, wherever you can pay with regular money. It is our goal, before the end of 2018 to have at least one million businesses accepting Rainbow Currency, and we have already started. I have seen companies already on Facebook announcing that they will accept Rainbow Currency as a payment. And we have many businesses that say that they accept the top 10, or top 20, or top 40 cryptocurrencies is a payment option. And guys, for sure we will be in the top 40, or top 20, and after a certain time for sure in the top 10, as well. How do I know that? Because I know that WE, together, can make it with more than 3000 co-founders and with thousands of members joining during the ICO, and then after the ICO with our incentives.

Those incentives are really for the users, for the people—not for a certain industry, like the mining industry, or for certain people just because they are rich and can buy in. Nobody can buy in, and now you know why our ICO is limited. Hard cap. And why we said that no single person during ICO will receive more than 1% of the currency. We don’t want a situation like we have it with bitcoin, where 4% of all bitcoin wallets own 96.5% of all bitcoins. How crazy is that? Do you really think that is what the creators of bitcoin dreamt of? And 4% of all wallets doesn’t mean 4% of all people, because what do you think, who would have multiple, maybe even hundreds of wallets—the rich and professional guys, or the guys like you and I? So it might be just 3%, or 2%, or maybe even just 1% of bitcoin users, who own 96% of all bitcoins. Is that fair? No! The only chance to get bitcoins is with mining, but not for free because you have to pay a lot of energy for mining bitcoins; and even that is impossible because all the professionals, the cryptocurrency mining companies are doing that. We don’t want that. We want the Rainbow Currency in the hands of the PEOPLE, and that is you. And the more people, the better.

So now it is a pleasure for me to hand the microphone to a person that some of you might know, his name is Gee DaCosta and he was the first, the very first person that started all the buzz, after he learned it like he would say “from the mouth of the Unicorn”. So after he met the Founders in person, he dropped everything in 2011. Some of you (the new members), might be surprised that we are not a company that has just started; we have been here for 6 years now, and that is why my last part is an announcement that we will have a celebration webinar on November 11, starting 11 minutes past 11:00 a.m. USA Pacific time, because exactly in that minute, that is our sixth anniversary. And now say hello to our oldest member, Gee!

From Gee:

Thank you, Dan. Thank you for that warm, amazing, and incredible introduction! I appreciate that very much! I know we have been here for quite a while (almost an hour and a half); so, I will try not to be too long. First of all, we have to start this with our famous salute, and that is:

“Hello everybody! WAAAAAAZZUUUUUUB!”


Gee: Thank you, Dan.

Everyone, welcome, all of you! Thank you for having me here; thank you! My job here today is to help every one of you guys to understand, so you can hit the ground RUNNING!

For those of you who know me already, I don’t have to introduce myself; however, we do have several (quite a few) new faces, and new members. So as Dan said, my name is Gee DaCosta; and I’m here in the beautiful Phoenix, Arizona area. Yes, I was the first (not the oldest, and c’mon—I’m not that old!)—I am the first member of the Unicorn and PI network.

It was six years ago, guys; and I did not want to hear ANYTHING about a startup company. I did NOT want to work today, to get paid next year. A friend of mine told me about it—that this new thing was starting, but it had already been in the making for FOUR years. I said, “You’re not ready, so I want to have NOTHING to do with this!” You know (and I thank him dearly for his persistence!), because he kept bugging me, one day I decided to take a look. I couldn’t believe what I had in front of me! 

I called him up immediately, and I said, “Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” He said, “Gee, I’ve been emailing you and calling you, and you’ve been ignoring me!” That is the truth. But little did I know, that this was what I had been looking for all my life. I am sure that you can relate, that we are, or we have been, in network marketing (MLM) companies. I had been there for one too many years than I care to talk about—digging for gold. I achieved a lot of success, because I was on a mission to find it; but, of course, I jumped from one to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next—so much frustration!

I was there for a little over 20 years, guys; but six years ago, is when I woke up. And, I am still here; and I’m not going anywhere—so help me God. Because from digging so much, from that persistence—here is the gold that I’ve been digging for all my life! Guys, you have found it, like Dan said, you’ve got to thank that person who invited you—do it. Because if you pay close attention to what I’m going to share with you; your financial dreams will all come true—without hard work. Actually without work, because this is not work—this is fun!

I’m going to give you the secrets of my success, so that everyone here who has the ability to do it, will succeed from the get-go. Now, I don’t consider the success I had before, because, like our Rainbow Foundation Secretary, Anthony, says, “We succeed together, or none of us succeeds!” And that is true. So, I don’t consider where I’ve been, making a living, a success.

Now, over HERE, I can truly be successful, and so can YOU, and so can WE—together. As you’ve heard Dan say, the “Power of We;” this is the power of the people—you and me. There’s no “fat cat” sitting at the top, getting fat by us—no! This is an equal opportunity; not only for you and me, but for people all over the world—yes, globally! Our mission is to really help THEM, and by helping THEM we are helping ourselves. And that spells SUCCESS!

Guys, we have one of our great, faithful members of our network from Nigeria. His name is Dr. Ogbonnaya (Okorie). He may be on this webinar with us. He wrote an article for our members; and I’ll share in a little bit, where you’re going to find this article. He said that…

We see the digital currency as the future of financial transactions. It’s better than fiat money, for so many reasons.”

And the big news that affects you and me, and the “Power of We”, is that out of 1,300 cryptocurrencies out there, only the top performers will enjoy this phenomenal change in history; and “history” is talking about the next few years. You have to believe that it’s true. We here, you and me, the pioneers—we are positioned so well with the Rainbow Currency, and believe whole-heartedly that it will be one of the top currencies out there.

You see, fiat money is becoming a thing of the past. People who don’t wake up to the sound of cryptocurrency, sadly they will be left behind. So, it is our job, our mission, or our obligation to do them a favor and wake them up. Guys, some of our members here have created several amazing tools that we can use effectively to spread the word. It is up to us, all of us, the “Power of We”, to create demand; thus making our Rainbow Currency soar like an eagle.

You’ve heard Dan say we have members, family members, in all seven continents; and with these (easy-to-use) tools, we can literally set the world on FIRE with excitement—burning high, so that everyone will come and watch us burn. So, what I’m going to do here is very effective. I’ve done all of it myself, in the past; and it works!

The first thing we need to do, you and me, is be completely sold on the product, and that generates excitement. Guys, there’s a saying that goes like this, “If you’re not making waves, you’re not going anywhere.” You heard Dan say that over 33 billion Twinkles have been sold already. We’re not making waves, we’re making tidal waves! But with you on board, using these tools, we’ll flood the world with these waves—giant, tidal waves. If we’re not excited, no one will be interested in what we have. People want excitement in their lives, and we’re going to give it to them.

Here is the number one strategy I’m going to tell you. You don’t have to write this down. I’m going to give you some information at the end of this webinar, where you are going to go and collect all of this information in one place. I know what you’re probably going to say, “Gee, I don’t want to talk to friends and family.” I know because I’ve done that before, too; because they don’t believe us. They don’t know what our dreams are; and they’re not sold on our dreams. 

We’ve been around for a few years, but they have never seen us succeed. Why would they listen to us? It is understandable. Guys, hear me out. This is different. Like Dan said, this is a message to the world. It’s a message. We, meaning you, your family members, your neighbors, your brothers and sisters—they don’t have to sell anything, or even tell anyone or convince anyone. All they have to do is wake up, see the information, make a decision, buy the Twinkles, and let it rock. That’s it!

Like Bitcoin seven years ago, at US$1.00; and today is worth over US$7,000. But we cannot go back in time here. But, they can open their eyes and see that Rainbow Currency is on its way to becoming a giant; and they can be some of the fortunate ones, like you and me. If they say, “No” it’s not going to hurt you or me; it’s going to hurt them. The good news is, you planted the seed. When they see the changes in your lifestyle, they can never tell you that you never told them. 

We have made it easier than it has ever been before, to let the word out. So, some of our members have created some AMAZING business cards, flyers, banners, and videos; and you can get them all for free. You can insert your Reflink in it, and drop it everywhere you go; anywhere you go. 

This is something that I’ve done in the past. Guys, I used to be a waiter at a restaurant. I had a wife and my little daughter at home. I worked until 11 or midnight; and after that I would hit the neighborhood, dropping flyers and business cards at doors. I remember those days vividly. It WORKED! It was hard work for me, I had to create everything. But for you it is easy and simple now—a walk in the park for you.

So, the key to success is one thing, and one thing only. You don’t need to be a genius—the key is persistence. Nothing can take the place of PERSISTENCE! Wherever I went, I had a batch of business cards in my pocket, a bunch of flyers in my car; wherever I parked my car, there were other cars. I didn’t waste time. I inserted business cards or flyers on every windshield I could! (Now guys, if you’re going to do that part, I encourage you to FIRST know the laws, where you are. There are some places where it is prohibited to do that.)

So, guys I was relentless, and we can all be. Again, we have made it easy. Our goal is to make the Twinkle as valuable as we can make it be—and the more demand we create, the more valuable it will be!

If we all go to work relentlessly, we, for sure, will set the world on fire. We will make our name, our brand, the Rainbow Currency KNOWN, and talked about—all over the world! We start this from our surroundings, our neighborhood. As a result, our currency will skyrocket in value. Realize this, guys. We don’t have to look for another business opportunity. Forget about it! Did I say that this is solid, hot, hot, hot—everybody wants this, they just don’t know it yet? 98% of all the people in the world do not own cryptocurrency. Most don’t even know about it. We are so fortunate to be the first ones here. We will be able to tell our kids, our grandkids that we were the first pioneers of the Rainbow Currency in the early days. How exciting is that?!

So, we also have another amazing member with us for five or six years. We call him the behind-the-scene guy who gets things done, and he wants to help every member here. He created a video that you can get for free, and share everywhere you go. I tell you what, people will watch the video; and if they don’t light themselves on fire, their wood is wet!

Guys we’re done here; but I want to tell you where you will find this info. We’re all together virtually; on Skype we have created a room where you can go to get support; ask questions; share ideas, receive ideas. That is where you will find this video I am talking about. You’ll find info about the business cards, flyers, and all the other marketing that you need.

Let me rephrase that. It’s not marketing. It’s not work. This is the opportunity; your time has actually come! Get excited about this! Look, we are the first ones here, and I don’t remember being the FIRST ONE in something this exciting! I’ve always been left behind. I’m sure you have, too; but, now we have this dream-come-true of an opportunity here!

I have been around, and heard all kinds of opportunities; but none of them ever panned out. This over here, is the true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Guys, we MUST SEIZE this opportunity! We must seize it! I am sure, that in the future a lot of people are going to be saying, “Why didn’t I do more? Why didn’t I earn more Twinkles? Why? I should have; I could have, but I didn’t.” We are the FIRST ones here! The world is wide open! It doesn’t matter where you are. Guys, let’s seize this opportunity, together. Count on me. Count on Dan. Count on Rose. Count on all of our members; because this is the true “Power of We”. It has been like this since the beginning here, six years ago—the “Power of We”. Go see the excitement on the Skype room. Ok? Rose is going to post that link for you. (We also have a Telegram group for those with Telegram.)

RC Skype group


RC Telegram group


Join us over there, because truly, you may be an individual; but you are not alone here. Together, we are the “Power of We”. If some of the information I told you is not there yet, be patient. We are going to post it there in a little bit; and some of the members are going to post their ideas as well. Guys, stick with us because this is the beginning of a revolution. We missed the Bitcoin revolution. Do not miss the Rainbow Currency revolution; and with that I sign off.

Thank you all so much for listening. I hope that this information will hit you right between your eyes, and goes down to your heart; and that you help us to change the lives of those who only dreamed they could be helped.

Thank you, Dan. Thank you, Rose; and thanks to all of you. Welcome to the family! And back to Dan; and I say…

WAAAAZZUUUUUB, everybody! Let’s hit the ground running! Goodbye for now!

From Dan:

Gee, thank youuuuuuuu! Guys, that’s it for today. I just received the info that we have already paid in commissions and family bonuses, millions upon millions of Twinkles! So, it really works, it really works! And we display the commissions and Family Bonuses; and the only thing that you have to do is invite the people, and share the pages. Gee gave you a lot of input here—what you can do; how you can do it. All the best guys! 

WAAAAAAAZZUUUUUUUB! Be proud to be a Unicorn; because you are all Unicorns now, even if you don’t know it. Yes, and always HAPPY HEALTH to all of you. Thank you, guys. Talk to you soon. Remember there’s a public webinar on Saturday, 11/11; 11:11. Thank you guys. Bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support Team


Additional Info from Support:

Log in to the SafeZone for members: www.safe.zone our new Perfect URL! Please note that www.safezonepass.com will now forward to www.safe.zone so either way is perfect to log in or join SafeZone.

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(As of 10/28/2017) There is a project out there using the name "SparkleCoin" for their currency. Even if their project is not launched yet, they have communicated the name of their coins first time in September on their public website.

Of course, we respect their creativity, so we will change the name of our smallest coin to Twinkle.

Please, from now on, only use the name Twinkle. Thank you!


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***Dear Members,

Our Rainbow Currency is a very exciting opportunity for all members and for the future of commerce and financial transactions.

We know everyone is super excited and very eager and innovative in promoting our Rainbow Currency and this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

As always we want to be mindful of the reputation of the company and of course yourself when promoting.  A few things to be mindful of:

A. Whenever translating any information, brand names must be in English. Rainbow Currency, Twinkle, Glitter, Rainbow, SafeZone, etc., must be in English.

B. Always give accurate information using company pages as a guideline for information. Don't mislead by making wild claims or by changing the meaning of anything. If you are not sure what something means, please clarify.

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