Public Joint Announcement

Released on June 21, 2018


The Rainbow Currency, also known as Twinkle (TWNKL), has been created by more than 3,200 Co-Founders from 157 different countries. It has been created for the purpose of being globally used as a secure and easy-to-handle form of payment at participating businesses. By combining the benefits of blockchain technology with the advantages of the SafeZone, Rainbow Currency has the potential to become the new ‘everyday money’ all around the world.


The non-profit Rainbow Currency Foundation consists of seven board members from seven different (sub-)continents, which have been democratically elected by the currency holders. The foundation is globally representing the Rainbow Currency, as well as being in constant contact with governments and authorities regarding acceptance and tax treatment of transactions.



Since the release of Twinkle to the public, we have been constantly analyzing the market and especially the trading of cryptocurrencies.  We found out that the market is very volatile and can be easily manipulated. Additionally, the anonymity of the blockchains allows hackers and fraudsters to play their dirty games. On top of that, most exchanges do not share any info  about the owners, the location, and most important, about their legal status.


For our currency holders, this means the lack of options to trade TWNKL at fair prices, and in the worst-case scenario, the loss of valuable currency due to phishing, hacking, fraud, and closures of exchanges. Thus, we decided to protect Rainbow Currency, and to strengthen the everyday value of our Twinkles.


Action #1: TWNKL will be withdrawn from all exchanges except CryptoCoinStreet (CCS). From now on CCS is the only official exchange recommended by the Rainbow Currency Foundation.

Action #2: The minimum trading value of 1 TWNKL is fixed at US$0.01 and BTC0.00000150. The minimum value for TWNKL/BTC might be adjusted from time to time.

Action #3: A direct connection between SafeZone and CCS will be established. Thus, every member can participate in trading activity without putting any TWNKL at a risk on the public blockchain.


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Since 2011 we are striving for the perfect Internet experience for our members - maximum privacy, maximum security, and high quality content. Unfortunately, we had to learn that the current market for cryptocurrencies is not safe: hacked wallets, phishing attempts and fraudulent exchanges make it impossible for us to keep our high security standards.


We highly welcome the decision to limit the number of exchanges to just one reliable partner, as well as establishing a direct connection between our SafeZone and the exchange. Now our members can even trade TWNKL without exposing their coins to the risks on the public blockchain, and at the same time, the process for new members and business partners to buy their first TWNKL is much easier and comfortable.








The SafeZone is all about privacy and cyber security. While developing the project, we realized that it is impossible to make payments or transfers with maximum privacy and maximum security. Blockchain technology opened a new path for us, but a global currency would need to be independent. Thus, we suggested to our members creating a stand-alone, non-profit, global currency, and the Rainbow Currency was born.


Today’s step is crucial for all existing Twinkle holders as well as for the future development of our SafeZone. Price stability plus a convenient way to trade Rainbow Currency makes joining the SafeZone and accepting Twinkles a no-brainer for small and medium businesses all around the world.










 CryptoCoinStreet is an exchange where all traders have to go through an identification process. On top of that, unique security features make CCS very unattractive for hackers and fraudsters. All fiat currency transactions to and from CCS are processed by 2Pay4You, a leading provider for global payment solutions, authorized by Czech National Bank for provision of payment services under the Payment Services Regulations 2009.



© 2018 Rainbow Currency Foundation, Unicorn Network, Inc., SafeZone, Inc. All rights reserved.