Official Press Release of the Rainbow Currency Foundation


Las Vegas, April 17, 2018

First Real Estate Deal in Germany Paid with Cryptocurrency

On March 16 a real-estate contract has been notarized in Aue (Saxony) regarding an apartment. Now the responsible land registry office reports that the new owner has been registered.

     Las Vegas/Berlin (ds) - A rented condominium in Meerane (Saxony) changes ownership. What does not sound like a headline at first glance turns out to be a sensation in the still young crypto currency market: for the first time the complete purchase price for a property in Germany was paid with digital money.

     Although a purchase price in Euros is stated in the notary contract for tax purposes, payment in crypto money was contractually agreed upon at the request of the seller and buyer (see below). What is surprising here is that Bitcoin, Ether or another leading digital currency was not used; the hitherto largely unknown Rainbow Currency was used.

     "We see a much better price potential than Bitcoin and Co., so we are more than satisfied with the selling price" says Jesko Präckert, employee of the selling real estate company, and further: "we plan to offer further condominiums against Rainbow Currency shortly".

     Dr. Peter Pitz represents the buyer side and is also very satisfied. "Thanks to the appreciation of the Rainbow Currency to date, we have realized a very favorable purchase price. Since we firmly believe in the success of the digital currency, we will now offer the tenant of the apartment to pay his rent in Rainbow Currency in the future."

Rainbow Currency is an international crypto currency created by more than three thousand Internet users from over 150 countries. The Twinkle (ticker symbol TWNKL) is the smallest unit of Rainbow Currency and is already traded on exchanges in Asia, America, and Europe. The current price level is strongly reminiscent of the very early days of Bitcoin with prices of less than one cent per Twinkle. Experts expect a significant price increase, driven by the increasing acceptance of the currency in local and international payment transactions.



The non-profit Rainbow Currency Foundation (RCF), headquartered in Las Vegas, USA, consists of an international committee of crypto experts, democratically elected by the now more than ten thousand Twinkle owners. These seven experts from all over the world are responsible for the Rainbow Currency worldwide and to protect the interests of the steadily growing number of Twinkle owners to business and governments.




Market Overview:

Contact:                       Lora M. Bilger
                                    Vice President and Spokesperson of Rainbow Currency Foundation




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Dr. Peter Pitz (left) and Jesko Präckert in front of the notary office
after signing contracts


                       Pic 2

                                                                                                Extract from notarized contract


                            Pic 3

                                                                                                                                                  Apartment building in Meerane (Saxony)

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