[Released March 15, 2018]


To all SafeZone and Unicorn Network members and Twinkle owners,

Following the recent shift of Twinkle assets, it would seem that some members are not clear about the responsibilities of the Board. Therefore, let us give you some clarification, so that that you may better understand how the structure that comprises Unicorn Network, SafeZone and Rainbow Currency Foundation works.

At the top of the Unicorn Network group of companies is Dan Settgast (with the other 2 Founders) who created many of the original concepts, engineered the construction of groups and had the idea of the Rainbow Currency.

The group structure has many components, the most important being Unicorn Network and SafeZone Members, Member private wallets in SafeZone and the currency.

Unicorn Network has its own President, CEO (Cate Kozikowski) and official officers who oversee the day to day activities. Within that group are sections that handle webpages, SafeZone wallet activities, human resources, project initiation and many other activities. Their primary concern is activity on behalf of all members.

The Board of the Rainbow Currency Foundation was elected from currency holders who were members of Unicorn Network to specifically concentrate on finding avenues that would enhance and increase the value of the currency. They do not exist to handle every problem relating to individual member problems with Twinkle transactions. They do however keep a track of member comments relating to repetitive problems and seek out solutions where practical and possible.

The Board has been operative for exactly one month and has literally been working 7 days a week and due to differing time zones practically for 24 hours a day.

RCF has 5 Billion Twinkles for its own budget. And it is awaiting response from the company regarding the Twinkles not in circulation. The RCF intend not to interfere with volumes held by Unicorn Network for its operational requirements.

During that first month it has created its own rules & regulations known as a Constitution, elected within the Board by member vote its Executive Officers, held 3 Board meetings and meetings with the Unicorn Network President, CEO Cate, and 2 with Dan. It has created 2 new Exchanges in cooperation with Stephen Hodgkiss and is in dialog with several others.

Various members have created: a YouTube video explaining ForkDelta exchange operating systems; an intro video for RCF webpage (not yet released), contacts with a legal attorney, the possibility of connection with Bitpay, a banking option in the USA and many more projects in the planning stage. The Board operates to an Agenda created by its own members.

We are constantly aware of our clear and simple Mission Statement: To build the Twinkle into an internationally recognized form of exchange and monetary system that will become a household name and a leading component in the crypto-currency world.

We have a major task ahead of us to achieve that ultimate objective and it cannot be achieved overnight. Please be assured that while you enjoy your rest, relaxation or work filled day, there will be at least one board member somewhere on this planet very busy pulling strings, slotting minor achievements into the larger plan, creating concepts, running a seminar in a foreign language or talking to someone about our currency.

In the end it is you the member and owner of Twinkles who will enjoy the greatest benefits of our labors and until such time, please have faith that we know what we have to do and give us the space and time to make things work.


RCF Board